Goddamn SONY Firmware Updates!!! Anyway around them?


Great, so I purchase 4000 Yen worth of PSN cards in order to buy Dreamy Theater 2, I downloaded and installed the game on my PS3, downloaded the PSP app to make it work and guess what, PSP firmware required, f$%^#!!!

This will totally kill my custom firmware that allowed me to play my games that I dumped in ISO format.

Having to carry around a PD1 and PD2 in my PSP pouch is not that bad (they have timing issues in ISO) but I don't see why I should have to carry my entire library, it really blows chunk! UMDs are big, bulky and fragile, I hate them and I only own them because as a collector, I go for physical over digital.

Anyway, does anyone got a way around all of this like a firmware update bypass or something. I'm using 6.20 PRO-B4 and the app requires 6.39.

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