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Re: Go Go Beckham

Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure On Soccer Island

Gameplay FAQ for Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure On Soccer Island for the GBA system
by Mento

Version History:

v1.00 - Full Guide - 28/08/2006


Introduction (xxINT)
Controls/Moves (xxCON)
Level Features (xxFEA)
Collectibles (xxCOL)
Enemies (xxEN)
Level Overview (xxOVE)

Tutorial Stages (Soccer Trials) (0.1, 0.2, 0.3)
World 1 - The Enchanted Forest (1.1 - 1.A)
World 2 - The Creepy Caves (2.1 - 2.A)
World 3 - The West Coast (3.1 - 3.A)
World 4 - The Frozen North (4.1 - 4.A)
World 5 - Mister Woe's Castle (5.1 - 5.A)

Introduction (xxINT)

Go! Go! Beckham! is the odd combination of a soccer star's license (namely,
the hugely popular international soccer star David Beckham) with a non-soccer
game. Well, it's soccer-related anyway. You control a very cute "chibi" form of
the Beckster as he adventures across the world of Soccer Island defeating evil
and collecting treasure, platformer style. While not the most original platform
game around in terms of gameplay and graphics, it does play very well and the
weirdness of seeing Beckham in a Japanese-inspired Konami-esque platformer was
enough to pique my interest.

For the one or two people who actually checked my FAQ history, my previous
walkthrough was for another platformer game starring a famous sport personality
- Michael Jordon in the Windy City. It's a coincidence. Really. I'm not going
around finding these sportstar licenses to FAQ. I don't even care for sports if
I'm going to be honest. Rather, it's because they were both interesting
examples of the platformer genre that weren't too horribly generic for me to

So, onto the guide. With this guide, you should be able to pass the levels and
find all the treasure for each stage (though not necessarily on the first go,
see "Controls/Moves" for the reason why). I'll also help with bosses and tricky
areas. If you're stuck on one stage in particular, use the quick search things
in parenthesises above.

Controls/Moves (xxCON)

Standard Controls to move Beckham when he's alone:

Control Pad - Walk
A - Jump
Select - Switch Camera to center on the ball (good if you lose it)
Start - Menu (either Restart, Quit or Continue the level)

*NB: Despite a higher jump, Beckham is completely useless without his
soccerball, so try not to be without it for long.*

Controls when Beckham has his soccerball:

Control Pad - Walk/Dribble the soccerball
A - Jump (jumping height is far more limited when Beckham has the ball)
B - Kick the ball
B + Up - Kick the ball straight up
B + Down - Kick the ball a fair distance along the ground
B + Left/Right - Kick the ball far in that direction
A + B + Direction - Kick the ball while jumping for better distance
Select - Switch Camera to center on the ball (good if you lose it)
Start - Menu (either Restart, Quit or Continue the level)

Moves (+ stage you get them)
Head Control - 0.3 - Instead of the ball bouncing wildly away once it hits
Beckham's noggin, he can keep it in the air for a while by standing underneath.
This is fairly useful to stop the ball rolling away, but otherwise useless.
It's an intro to finding his moves more than anything (which the game calls
"Spells" for some reason).

Freeze - 1.4 - This is a one-off spell, meaning it will only work once wherever
you find it on the level. It freezes all the enemies on the screen for a brief
period, sort of like stunning them (though you still need to hit frozen enemies
twice to kill them). Freeze stars are colored indigo/pink.

Remove Enemy - 1.9 - This is another one-off spell. Slightly more effective
than freeze, this instantly kills all the enemies onscreen leaving their eggs
behind. Very useful when you're trapped in a corner. Colored red.

Recall - Before World 2 - This power allows you to recall the ball by pressing
kick when you don't have it. Not only will this recover the ball if you lose it
but you'll also be able to abandon it to jump to some higher platform and then
bring it back. It's very useful.

Barge - 2.1 - Turns you invincible and allows you to kill anything you touch.
Very useful for areas where there's a lot of enemies roaming around. They run
out quickly though, so be careful. Barge stars are always white.

Stun - 2.1 - Like Freeze, only the enemies actually are stunned. This means you
can go finish them off easily, but if you don't defeat all the stunned enemies
in time they'll get angry, which isn't good. Stun stars are yellow.

Always Dangerous - 2.3 - This makes the ball constantly "active", as if you
just kicked it. This means that it will continue to bash through BBs and hurt
enemies as long as its moving, instead of "going out" after a couple of
bounces. The spell is active for the rest of the stage after collecting the
power-up, which is an orange/brown colored star.

Invisibility - 2.4 - A very short timed spell which turns you invisible,
meaning you can't be detected by enemies. Use it to quickly pass or defeat
enemies nearby. The star is clear colored (i.e. transparent).

Transform - 2.6 - Oooh, annoying. This spell allows you to kill everything like
Remove Enemy, but gives you healing fruit as well. However, it destroys the
eggs the enemies drop so you can't get 100% for that level. If you want to
easily remove danger, go for it, but keep in mind you'll need to come back to
finish the level properly. This star is green.

Bend Kick - Before World 3 - Vertical kicks can now be bent to the left and
right for picking up hard to reach objects in the air. It can be useful in
some instances, but it's nothing like as useful as the previous special move

Invulnerability - 3.1 - Like Barge, only you can't kill things by running into
them. You are protected from all forms of damage though which is nifty. Use the
power for good, not evil. Come from Blue Stars.

Ball Trap - Before World 4 - No idea how this works. If you know, e-mail me and
I'll add it to the FAQ.

Grip - 4.6 - Allows you to climb steep inclines. Sort of time-saving, but not
very useful overall. They run out also, making them even more useless. These
stars are purple.

Perma-Grip - Before World 5 - Same as the Grip spell, only permanent.

Level Features (xxFEA)
As the same level features regularly show up in levels, I'll be abbreviating
the more common ones to save space. Check what they are, what they do, and so
on in here.

BB - Breakable Blocks - Blocks that disintegrate when the ball is kicked
against them. Fairly overt, since they all look the same. Sometimes there are
things hidden in them, though just as often they're required to jump on to
reach items, etc.

Locks - You need to kick the ball into these to unlock the goal. Don't ask me
how a soccerball unlocks a keyhole-shaped lock. There's usually a certain
number of them per level, and you need to find them to pass the level and
continue in the game. I'll point them out with (*).

Goal - It's a striped loop suspended in mid-air. It's either "on" or "off".
It's usually off until you unlock all the locks on the stage, at which point
it starts flashing, indicating that it's on. Kick the ball at it while it's on
to finish the level (though make sure you've collected everything you can

? Blocks - Like every Mario-esque platformer since the dawn of time, ? blocks
give you helpful hints about level features or enemies you're about to face. If
you've been reading this far, you'll probably know everything they're going to
tell you. Bash them anyway so you can see your pal Micky again.

Mushroom Blocks - Tiny red things in the ground. If the ball (or Beckham) hits
one of these, they'll be bounced high into the air. Useful for reaching high
coins or platforms.

Flying Platforms - They look like clouds. They can move left to right or up and
down, but they usually need freeing first by smashing a BB blocking their way.

Water - Slows Beckham down and diminishes kicking and walking speed. Jumping,
however, is enhanced as you can keep jumping underwater to gain height. Beckham
doesn't have a breath meter or anything so don't worry about spending too much
time underwater.

Replacement Balls - Occasionally the level will give you a new ball to play
with if you're bored of your regular one. After you start dribbling the new
ball the Recall command will work on it instead and you can leave the regular
one behind. The types of ball you can find are as follows:
* Spare Ball - Just another regular. If you lost your previous one somewhere
and can't recall it, the level will often give you another one. It's identical
to the regular ball.
* Rubber Ball - Like the regular ball only red and orange colored. This ball is
a lot bouncier, rebounding off walls and things a lot after you kick it. It can
be useful for collecting items off rebounds and such.
* Beach Ball - Looks like a striped beach ball. Because it is. This thing is
less heavy than normal soccerballs meaning you can kick it further. Very nice.
* Cannonball - Big black metallic ball. It's a lot slower but it doesn't stop
when it hits an enemy or BB. It's very powerful and will kill anything
instantly, even if you didn't hit the enemy's weak spot.

Collectibles (xxCOL)
Things to collect on each stage. They have their own section called "Treasure"
on the level overview screen. To collect treasure, kick the soccerball at them.

Coins - They're everywhere. Your trainer will note that they're part of the
treasury of Soccer Island and need to be returned. Collecting 100 of these
unlocks a helpful mode called "Golden Boots" which allows you to collect things
without needing to kick your soccerball at them (you still need to have the
soccerball though). They make up the end of level Treasure score.

x-Gem - Gemstones - There's 7 small gemstones and one really big one per stage.
They don't appear in the trial levels. The 7 gemstones are color-coordinated
and I'll make sure to note which color gemstone should be where in case you're
missing one. The "X" will be replaced by R for Red Gems, O for Orange, Y for
Yellow, G for Green, B for Blue, P for Purple and I for Indigo (which is
actually closer to pink). There is also a big gemstone in the first 7 stages of
each world which is often well hidden (despite being so darn big).

Eggs - They show up after you kill something. They're basically a collectible
to prove that you've killed everything on the stage. At the end of each level
the eggs hatch and cute little things fly out a la Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fruit - Grab one of these flashing fruit to heal some of your health if you get
hurt by anything. Good for what ails ya!

Bonus Balls - There's 7 of these per world (besides the Trials) and they appear
in the last 7 levels of that world one at a time. They have the same scheme as
the gems, which means they appear in the seven colors of the spectrum (or the
rainbow) and they usually start with red, then orange, then yellow and so on.
To use one, kick it around like a normal soccerball (keep in mind you can't
collect things, defeat enemies, break BBs, etc. with it) and score it FIRST in
the end goal before finishing the level normally. The letters spell out the
name "Beckham" and collecting all of them gives you

Hearts - Wonderful stuff. Collecting one will give you a permanent extra heart,
which allows you to survive another hit before getting fouled. Make sure to
find as many as possible.

Stars - Collecting these give you one-off spells based on the color (see Moves,
above). They tend to be placed in situations where they're most needed, except
for the stage-length Always Dangerous spell.

Enemies (xxEN)

Sandbag - Met on the Trial levels. Completely inanimate. Just beat it and move

Nippa - Met on the first level of World 1. Steals your ball and kicks it at
you. Otherwise harmless. Hold onto your soccerball until you get a clear shot
and stun it. Then, finish it off for eggs.

Nippas get a speed upgrade for World 2, and are far more likely to steal your
ball. Worst of all, you can't Recall your stolen ball until you've taken it
back off the Nippa.

Nippas are faster still in W3.

W4 Nippas don't even bother waiting for you to kick the ball, they'll just
steal it right off you and run off with it at the speed of light. Annoying if
there's lot of other enemies around.

Fenda - The first potentially threatening enemy you meet, seen in World 1. Hit
it from behind and stay away from its mouth. Sometimes goes to sleep while it's
walking. If it gets angered (stunning them without finishing them off) it'll
run around a lot faster. If it hits you, it'll grin and turn around meaning a
good chance for you to beat it.

W2 Fendas get ornery when you hit them in the face, sometimes increasing their
speed. Make sure to take them down cautiously.

W3 Fendas can now charge you if they spot you, and they're very fast. Make sure
to stay out of their line of sight until you have a clear shot at their butt.
If you find yourself getting charged at, shoot the ball at the Fenda's head -
he'll do his goofy expression and turn around, giving you a perfect chance.

Minki - Look like Nippas, but far more dangerous. If you shoot a ball past them
without hitting them, they'll go on "alert". This means they'll jump in the air
and hover there while throwing eggs at you. Take them down with a vertical ball
kick and avoid the eggs. If you anger them (by stunning them and not finishing
them off) they'll stand where they are and throw eggs at you.

W2 Minkis are far more alert, jumping up even if you're half the screen away.

W3 Minkis appear to have no bonuses to speed or power.

W4 Minkis, likewise, only seem a little faster. They also aim for the ball and
not Beckham, so use this to your advantage.

Keepa - Like Fendas, in that they go left to right and need hitting from behind
to go down. They're taller though, so it's harder to get over them. If you hit
them face-on instead of from behind, they'll deflect the ball like a normal
goalkeeper would, sending the ball flying. This can be annoying. Especially
when the Keepa is standing right in front of the goal (and they do that a lot,
since they're Keepas).

W2 Keepas jump up and down and it's impossible to get over them. You can run
under them however if you time it right.

W3 Keepas have all new tricks. First, they'll kick your ball away if you hit
them face on. Second, they'll jump about if you try and get over them, which
isn't nice either. Make sure to kill them before unlocking the goal because
there's a good chance they'll score it for you. If you're on the same platform
as they are, they'll jump after you. However, you can use this to your
advantage as they'll turn around once they reach the end of the platform. Hit
them then.

W4 Keepas are just as tough. They can't really get any worse at this point.

Strika - Strikas are very not nice. If you go near them (including standing on
top of them) they will kick you. If the ball goes near them they will kick that
too, and grin wildly while doing so. Getting hit by your own ball hurts, so
make sure to dodge. Like the Fendas and Keepas, back attacks are the way to go.

W2 Strikas can spot you, and increase speed if they see you nearby. Stay out of
their way until you have a clear shot of their behind.

W3 Strikas are quicker, can jump higher and can spot the ball from almost a
screen away.

W4 Strikas appear to be quicker still, jumping around like speed addicts.

Winga - Bats, basically. Hit them with a vertical soccerball kick. They're
quick and they swoop a lot, so be careful.

W2 Wingas are faster, and more likely to follow you around swooping. Take them
out or they'll just get more annoying.

W3 Wingas are even quicker and the swoops are lightning fast. Use your new
Bend Kick move to hit them before they hit you.

W4 Wingas take a page from the Minki book of annoying people by throwing eggs
at you like bomber planes. This, at least, stops them swooping, but the
swooping often made them easier to hit so it's a mixed blessing.

Level Overview Screen (xxOVE)

At the start and end of each level you'll see this screen:

Time Taken - This is filled in at the end. Just a record of how long it took to
finish the level.

Treasure - Which has a "0/n" value after it. The n is how many treasure items
are on that level in total. Keep in mind the 0 number will become a number
anywhere between 0 and n once the level is complete, and that you might not be
able to get the full amount on your first try (a special move may be needed).
Keep in mind that you need to collect all the treasure in one go for the final
score to count: you can't pick up half the coins on one appearance of the level
and the other half on a different appearance.

Eggs - How many eggs you've found and how many are on the level in total. This
won't show up on the Trial levels (since they don't have any real enemies).
Bosses don't drop eggs either.

Appearances - How many times you've played that level.

Goals - How many times you've finished that level.

Fouls - How many times you've died (or "been fouled") on that level.

Level Score - Score for that level, sort of explanatory.

Zone Score - Score for that zone, whether it's the Trial zone or World 1 or
whatever. All the scores for the levels in that zone are added together here.

Total Score - Total score for the entire game so far. It'll get pretty big
towards the end.

Upon completing a level, you'll see this screen again only with a lot more
numbers on it. A gold star appears next to Treasures, Eggs and Fouls provided
you obtained the optimum amount of each (in "fouls" case, 0). A flashing
number next to "Level Score" or "Time Taken" means you've set a new record for
that level.

If you got gemstones/a bonus ball on the level, they will also appear on this
screen post-level. Keep in mind the big gemstones only appear in the first 7
levels of any world (i.e. n.1 to n.7) and the Bonus Balls appear in the last 7
levels (n.3 to n.9). There are no big gemstones or Bonus Balls in Trial zone
(World 0) or World 5.

Score Breakdown
Coins = 100 points each.
Getting a 4 coin combo = 500 point bonus. Which is a total of 400 for the
coins and 500 bonus, making 900.
Getting a 8 coin combo = 2000 point bonus. Added with the 8 coins this gives
you 2800 points.
Gems = 200 points each.
Big Gemstone = 500 points.

Enemies and Eggs seem to vary a lot. If anyone has any idea of how much points
they are for each World/Enemy, drop me an email (see the end of this FAQ).


Soccer Island's Official Soccer Trials
After listening to Micky, start the first level of the Trials.

0.1 - 1st try - 20/88 Treasures

Follow the tutorial to learn how to move, jump and how to use the ball.

Get the row of 4 coins with a normal kick. You should be able to get them
all with a single kick and net yourself a combo bonus. Combo bonuses are
available whenever you get a whole row of coins with one kick and they
increase in value depending on how many coins were in the row.

Walk along and get another 4 coins (8), this time going straight up. Follow
Micky's advice and kick straight upwards to get them. Similarly, get the next
4 using his instructions (12). The best way to get the next four is to kick
straight up and bounce the ball off your head (16). You'll reach the goal
shortly after, though continue to the right for another 4 coins (20) on the top
of a few platforms (kick the ball up and follow it to climb up the platforms).

Now go and complete the level. 20 out of 88? Oh man, looks like we'll be coming
back at some point.

0.1 - 2nd try - 88 Treasures

**Come back any time after finishing Trials and have jump/kick upgraded**

OK, go left instead of right to find a ball and a BB (breakable block). Go past
it and down the hole for a lot of coins. Get the first 8 (28) and then another
8 (36) and another set (44) and another (52) and a lot more (84) before popping
back out near the end. 4 to go. Make sure to collect all the other coins on the
level as well. Now, head to where you jumped on the green plant platforms just
before collecting the soccerball originally, and kick up towards the left
corner. It's kind of hard to explain where this is exactly, but if you aim a
high kick up and to the left you'll get them (88). Finish.

0.2 - 1st try - 8/92 Treasures (+ whatever you can reach of the high treasure)

Nothing to your left, so go right. You should get the speed upgrade, meaning
you can now jog at a reasonable speed and jump further without the ball. Go up
the hill to see some annoyingly distant coins which you won't be able to get
yet (you might be able to get the closest one, but don't bother as you'll miss
the bonus). Instead, run down the other side and get the 4 coins down here (4).

You'll now get the jumping upgrade, allowing you to jump higher both with and
without the ball. Use it to get up these next platforms but first go to the
right for a small alcove with four more coins (8). You might be able to see
some coins to the left of the platforms here, but leave them for now.

Go right after the jumps to find your first monster. Kind of. Kick the ball at
it to stun it, and then again to finish it off. Enemies eventually come out of
their stunned state, so you need to be quick with the second shot. Kill it and
move to the goal to finish the level.

Ack, only 8 out of 92 Treasures? Never mind.

0.2 - 2nd try - 92/92 Treasures.

**You need the post-Trial upgrades. I think you also need the Perma-Grip move**

Wow, lots of hidden stuff on this level. Head left first until you come to what
looks like a dead-end. Jump up the steep bits here until you reach the top for
32 coins at the top of the level (and the fall down) (32).

As soon as you reach these green platforms, kick up at the top of the first one
for 8 coins (40). Ditto with the next one (44). And a big one (52). There's a
row of them once you get to the top of this hill (60). You'll pass four you got
on your first trip (64). On the next bunch of little square hills, do the same
trick for (68), then (72), then (76).

Run to the right for the other 4 you got on your first runthrough (80). Go
right at the top of these platforms for another conspicuous square hill with
hidden coins above it (84). Get on top of poor old Mr Sandbag and do the jump
thing again for another 8 coins (92). Finish the level.

0.3 - 1st try - 51/100 Treasures

This level will introduce you to locks. If you kill the first couple of enemies
you'll receive a kicking upgrade, which allows you to get more of the coins
hidden far in the sky.

Get the row of coins in one shot with your new powerful kick (8) and then the
four coins leading to the first lock (12) (*1). It's the only lock in this
level so the goal is now open. Keep going left though if you want more coins
(or forget about it for now since you can't get all 100 yet). I recommend
exploring more of the level to get your first "spell" (or move as I call them).

Get all the rows with jumping kicks and pick up the flashing star object. You
now have your first move - Head Control (check the Moveslist for details). Sort
of useless, but its something. Keep going left to get the rest of the coins
available at the moment (51).

0.3 - 2nd try - 100/100 Treasures

OK, so head left onto Mr Sandbag for another four secret coins above (4). No
coins on the next Sandbag, but there are on the third one (8). Pick up the
obvious 12 here (20) and unlock the exit. Move on to the left for more coins
(28) and another Sandbag surprise (32).

Down the slope, get the row of 8 (40) and the 8 inside the arch (48). There's
another vertical row of 8 (56) and another row (64). Once you're done here, go
outside these little caves and jump up the sides. You'll find more arches with
a Sandbag in them. Keep going left and drop down. Now go right for 8 coins (72)
and another 8 (80) and four more (84). In this room are 8 coins (92) and 4
coins (96) along the bottom.

Keep heading right for the final four coins (100). Finish the level.

Now that you've completed the trials (and received a nifty badge), it's time
for the real game to begin. As far as I can tell the Club House is pointless.
It just has your trophies on display there if you want to make them sparkle.

World 1 - The Enchanted Forest
After hearing all about Mr Woe and his Monster Managers, start the first level
in this area.

1.1 - 64 Treasures. 5 Eggs. 5 Locks.

Hit the ? block to hear about the first real enemy - the Nippa. Get the lock
also (*1). Collect the first gemstone of the game, an R-Gem. Get the 8 coins
here and the O-Gem (8). Kill the first Nippa for an Egg (E1). Get the row of
4 coins and the Y-Gem (12) and also the lock over a BB (*2).

A bit further on, jump up to a box of 8 coins (20) with the G-Gem. Kill the
next Nippa also (E2). Lock number 3 is next (*3) and smash the block
underneath for goodies (28 + B-Gem). Grab the 8 coins in the air here (36).
Smash the BBs for four more coins (40) + the lock (*4) and another Nippa (E3).

4 more coins going straight up here (44) and another four leading to a P-Gem
and a BB (48). You might get the next lock accidentally as well (*5). Another
Nippa later (E4) and keep heading right. Smash the BB in your way and get
another 4 coins (52) and the final gemstone, the I-Gem. The final Nippa is up
next, who gives you the last egg for this stage (E5). Pass the exit for now,
get another four coins (56) before an entrance blocked by a BB. Break it and
get the final 8 coins for this level (64). Also break the BB on the bottom
right for a big gemstone (it's red).

If you got everything, the level should turn into a gold star on the world map.

1.2 - 64 Treasures. 7 Eggs. 6 Locks.

Four coins at the start here (4), plus the R-Gem and the first lock (*1). Not
to mention an ominous warning about the Fenda enemy. Talking of which, you'll
see one after the next four coins (8). Kick the ball at its yellow behind to
stun + kill it (E1). Hey, a mushroom block! You don't need it, but have some
fun bouncing off it. Go up the platforms for lock 2 and the O-Gem (*2). Get 4
coins here (12), kill another Fenda (E2) and get four more coins (16).

Up the next hill is a Y-Gem and the next lock (*3). There are two Fendas here,
be careful not to get fouled (E3, E4). If you do, there's a strawberry power-up
nearby that will heal you. Four more coins, a lock and a G-Gem await you
(20 *4). Use the mushroom blocks to get the next four coins and B-Gem (24).
Break the BB for another Fenda (E5) and a lock (*5). You can use the next
Fenda to reach the platforms, but you don't need him. Kill him for the egg (E6)
and head up and to the left for a P-Gem and a lot of coins (40).

Avoid the BBs down here, and jump up. Get the 8 coins (48) and the fruit if you
need it, and continue down to the other side of the tunnel beneath you. Free
the Fenda and DON'T kill it, but instead ride it to the far right of the level.
If it falls asleep, wait until it wakes up. At the end, jump up the steep
inclines and get 8 coins (56) and the I-Gem. If you jump here and kick the ball
so it goes as high as it possibly can, you'll also get the big gemstone. Now go
back to where the Fenda was and kill it (E7), while also getting the final 8
coins of the level (60) and the last lock (*6). Complete the level.

1.3 - 68 Treasures. 11 Eggs. 4 Locks. Red Bonus Ball.

Micky suggests to leave enemies alone until you have more power and experience.
Sage advice, considering a lot of these levels can't be "perfected" until later
on in the game. Still, the guide will assume you want these misfits KO'd. Get
the four coins next to this warning (4) and another 8 near the first lock (12)
(*1). Grab the R-Gem too.

See the advice about the Minki enemy, and go on to kill 2 of them (E1, E2). Get
the floating coins here with the O-Gem (16) and another set with the Y-Gem (20)
Get the lock too (*2). Smash all these BBs for a G-Gem and a big Yellow one
also. Get the four coins above you (24). Down the pit is a B-Gem and two more
Minkis (E3, E4) as well as another 2x2 coin set (28). Four coins, a lock and
some fruit are here (32) (*3). A little further on is the P-Gem and four more
coins (36).

Hear a warning about the Keepa, and kill two more Minkis (E5, E6) while
collecting more coins (40). Get 8 coins here (48) and watch out for the Keepa
(E7). Hear about the Bonus Balls and get the final lock (*4). Head down for 4
coins (52), the I-Gem and the Bonus Ball you just heard about. Kick the Bonus
Ball into the nearby goal after defeating the Keepa (E8) and Minkis (E9, E10)
and head back to the regular soccerball, collecting the 4 coins here (56).

Continue past the exit to find four coins against a wall. DO NOT collect these
just yet. Instead, jump onto the BB over them and continue up to find the final
8 coins and the last Minki (64) (E11). Now collect the four coins you saw and
finish (68). Another "perfect" level for you on the first try.

1.4 - 68 Treasures. 7 Eggs. 5 Locks. Orange Bonus Ball.

What? No soccerball? No fear, it's just a little to the right under the first
lock (*1). Get the coins here too (4). Behind this next BB are four coins (8)
and two Nippas, who seem a lot quicker this time around (E1, E2).

A floating platform introduction now. Go around and collect the 8 coins and the
lock first of all (16) (*2). Now free the white cloud looking thing by breaking
the BB on top of it. Get on the cloud and follow it up for a R-Gem. Go right,
and find another Nippa (E3). Get on top with the mushroom block and aim up to
get eight coins (24) and the O-Gem. You can see the points zip up if you got
all of them.

Head in the tunnel underneath where you met the Nippa to find 8 coins and a
Fenda (32) (E4). Four more coins and the second ? about spells. You'd think
there'd be one coming up with all this foreshadowing. And you'd be right, it's
on a BB just ahead. The Freeze Spell is a one-off that freezes enemies briefly.
Not very useful but if you're having trouble with the Fenda we just passed go
for it.

Continue right collecting two groups of four coins (40) and snag another lock
(*3). One more Nippa (E5) and you'll go down a big pit area with four flying
platforms. At the bottom of this pit you can go left and bounce around down
here to get the big gemstone and some fruit. Get on the flying platforms and
head in the second bit going left slightly higher than the big gemstone tunnel.
You'll find four coins (44) and the Y-Gem. On the opposite side of the flying
platforms you'll find four coins (48) and the G-Gem. Now ride the platforms to
the top right. If you're having trouble getting on the platforms from the
ground, try kicking the ball onto them and then using your improved jump to
board them (since you jump higher without the ball).

Down the slope, four coins and the second-to-last lock (52) (*4) await you.
Go underneath the next platform and bash through the BB for another four coins
(56) and the B-Gem. Back on the platform (using the mushroom block if you wish)
ride it up to the next one and jump on that, then jump off to the left for
coins (60) and the P-Gem. Kill the Fenda and the Keepa (E6, E7) and get four
coins in the corner (64).

At the top here, after you've freed the flying platform, get the I-Gem and
score with the Orange Bonus Ball first. Be wary of the mushroom block in the
top left corner (kicking the ball into that will bounce it into the goal, which
is not a good thing if you still have the Orange Ball to score with). Now

1.5 - 60 Treasures. 8 Eggs. 4 Locks. Yellow Bonus Ball.

Right at the start you get told about the Strika. The Strika looks remarkably
like the Fendas and Keepas, only bigger and more annoying. Whack it on the
backside and get the egg (E1). Get the four coins and R-Gem too (4). Four more
coins up ahead (8). Some corn if you need it, acts just like fruit. Drop down
for the O-Gem and four more coins (12).

8 coins down here (20) and a couple of Strikas, so be wary (E2, E3). Get the
lock (*1) and bash to the left for another 8 coins (28) and the Y-Gem. Continue
on to the right for four more coins (32) and another lock (*2). At the bottom
is four coins (36) and the G-Gem. There's a Strika here (E4).

Drop down for an insanely helpful Heart Bonus, but beware of the two Strikas
prowling around down here (E5, E6). Get the 8 coins (44) and go right, and be
careful of yet another Strika kicking the Yellow Bonus Ball around. On the
middle platform of this area are four coins (48) with the B-Gem in the air.

Head right and kill the Strika (E7) and get the lock (*3). Take his Yellow
Bonus Ball if you haven't already and go right with it, as well as keeping
your soccerball nearby. Grab the P-Gem and take out the last Strika walking
around (E8). 8 coins around here (56) as well as the I-Gem. Now head back to
where the P-Gem was and bash through the BBs on the ground for the last lock
(*4) as well as the big gemstone and the final four coins (60). Bring the
Yellow Bonus Ball over to score it (shoot it over the BBs if you didn't get rid
of them earlier) and then finish with the regular ball as normal.

1.6 - 84 Treasures. 13 Eggs. 5 Locks. Green Bonus Ball.

Hey, the first lock! But where's the ball? On a platform to your right. Snag it
and then clear out the 12 coins (12), R-Gem and 2 Nippas (E1, E2) here before
going back for that lock (*1). A little further on to the right are four coins
(16) and the O-Gem. There's 8 coins on a platform next (24) and another lock in
the middle of a leafy patch (*2). Head down and right for another four coins
you can reach with the mushroom block (28). Now free the flying platform by
smashing the BB and continue right.

Up here is another eight coins (36) and two Minkis (E3, E4). Further right are
four coins (40) and a Y-Gem. Two more Nippas (E5, E6), four coins (44) and the
G-Gem later and you'll find yourself on top of a bunch of BBs. Kill the Nippa
nearby first (E7) and then bash down those BBs for a Strika (E8). You'll find
another lock (*3) and a big gemstone down here.

Head right and kill two more Nippas (E9, E10). Collect 8 coins (52) and
another lock (*4) and smash through the bottom for 8 coins (60), the B-Gem and
some fruit. Take the above route for four coins (64) and the last lock (*5), as
well as the Green Bonus Ball. Take the path right for four coins (68) and the
P-Gem in the air and then prepare for 3 Fendas coming your way. Always take out
the one at the far end and you'll be OK (E11, E12, E13). Continue on for the
I-Gem and 8 coins right above it (76). A word of warning about these 8: If you
get rid of both the BBs underneath you, you might not be able to reach all of
them. Being this close to the end of the level means this is a very bad thing.
Go past the exit for the final 8 coins (84). Now head back for the Green Bonus
Ball and score it, and collect your regular soccerball and score that too.

1.7 - 64 Treasures. 9 Eggs. 4 Locks. Blue Bonus Ball.

Get the four coins and the lock here (4) (*1) and hit the ? block to hear
about the Winga. They love to singa. About the Moona and the June-a and the
Springa. Well, OK, I'm making that up. Your first Winga is right next to that ?
block so go sort it out (E1). Get the R-Gem too.

Ride the cloud platforms to the right, stopping at the centre platform to get
8 coins (12) and the O-Gem. Smash the next Winga (E2) and get the four coins
underneath you (16). There's four coins here (20) and the Y-Gem. Ride the
cloud platform and get the G-Gem and the lock (*2). Ride the next one and the
coins on the way (24). Four coins and the B-Gem later (28) you'll find two
Wingas and a blue star. Get the blue star as it will help defeat the Wingas (E3

Bounce over the next hill for more coins (32) and the P-Gem. There's a pit up
ahead with fruit and four coins (36). Next is two more Wingas, and you don't
have the blue star to help you out this time. Avoid or kill them (E5, E6) and
go right. Another lock (*3) and another pit with coins (40). There's also the
Blue Bonus Ball here, so make a note and come back for it later.

A hard fight with a Winga on a steep hill here. It's hard enough just getting
up the hill let alone fight a Winga on it (E7). Make the best of it and carry
on going, making sure to get the four coins there (44) and the I-Gem also. The
trouble with these high up items is you can't always tell if you got them or
not, so pay close attention to the score (see "Score" section for what you
should end up with).

There's 8 coins (52) and the final lock (*4) between you and the exit now, so
collect them and fight the Keepa at the end without accidentally scoring the
goal (E8). Get the 8 coins at the end (60) and wait around for a sneaky flying
platform passing by. Ride it for four coins (64), the big gemstone and the last
Winga (E9). Get back down safely without scoring the goal and go get that Blue
Bonus Ball and score it.

1.8 - 64 Treasures. 7 Eggs. 5 Locks. Purple Bonus Ball.

Heading right you can get 12 coins and the R-Gem (12). Head back and do the
underground bit for a Fenda (E1) and 8 more coins (20). Continue to the right
for a lock (*1) and more coins (24). There are 2 Nippas ahead (E2, E3) and some
coins on platforms (32) as well as the O-Gem. There's a Fenda down here too. If
you're not going for the clear this time, make sure to use the Fenda to get
onto the next platform, as the alternative is very annoying. If you did kill it
(E4), kick the ball up to the next platform, and go climb all those platforms
you passed and jump onto the next bit from up there.

However you get here, there's a lock right in front of you (*2). There's two
Wingas up ahead, if you missed the Fenda I strongly advise you miss these guys
out too. Otherwise kill them for the eggs (E5, E6). There's a notice about
water up ahead (sounds fun...) and some coins (36) and a Y-Gem below.

Continue on for another lock (*3), a Keepa (E7) four coins (40) and the G-Gem.
Get the lock across the water (*4) and prepare to dive. Everything is sluggish
underwater, but besides that there's no real difference. Get the coins down
there and "swim" back out (44). Head right and get four coins (48) and the
B-Gem as well as the last lock (*5). There's four coins across the water (52)
and a P-Gem. Bash through the BBs on the ground for the I-Gem and 8 more coins
(60). Continue to the end for 4 coins under some BBs (64). Back to the Purple
Bonus Ball you passed, go and score it. And then finish the level.

1.9 - 53 Treasures. 11 Eggs. 4 Locks. Indigo Bonus Ball.

To the left is a very long line of vertical coins with the R-Gem on the top. If
you manage to collect all of them you should have 3100 points (900 for the
coins, 2000 bonus and 200 for the R-Gem) (9). Smash these BBs if you want, and
get the O-Gem and the four coins (13). Before reaching the next lock, you
should find three Nippas closing down on you. Get rid of them (E1, E2, E3). Now
get the lock (*1) and the Y-Gem and coins too (17).

There's a Strika wandering around this next area (E4). Kill it or avoid it and
get the four coins over some BBs (21). Smash the BBs for the next lock (*2) and
the G-Gem. There's another Strika to the right, make sure you kill it before
it falls down the hole you just made (it'll be tougher to beat if its down
there) (E5). Keep going for a ? block about a new spell and a lock (*3). Jump
up and head for the BBs and drop down to collect the new spell and get rid of
3 Strikas and 2 Fendas (E6, E7, E8, E9, E10) (25). Get the B-Gem here too.

Get the P-Gem up the platforms, and more coins (29). Get the last lock (*4)
and head back around to where you got the P-Gem. Get the 8 coins, making sure
you did get all of them (37). Another 8 coins, being careful to avoid scoring
(45) and kill the Keepa here very carefully. The Keepa has a habit of
deflecting shots, meaning you could very well end the level prematurely. At the
end here, get the final 8 coins (53) and score the Indigo Bonus Ball. You can
now end the level.

1.A - Monster Manager "Flappy the Penguin" (16 Treasures)

Collect the coins first, there's eight on either side (16). Now, to fight
Flappy. Using Micky's advice, aim for the ends of the perches. Keep hitting
either end: doesn't matter which, just stick with the same one. Flappy will
slip down to the opposite side. Just keep hammering away at the end you've
chosen without letting Flappy have any chances to get back on his perch and
the fat guy will eventually fall off with a "thud". And that's it, Boss 1 is

World 1 Complete.

World 2 - The Creepy Caves
At the start of this next level you learn the Recall move, which is great if
you lose your ball somewhere. I'm not entirely sure if Micky teaches you this
automatically at the start of World 2 or if its a reward for clearing World 1.
Probably the former.

WARNING: All the enemies are tougher now, with new powers and tactics. Check
the "Enemies" section for details.

2.1 - 112 Treasures. 14 Eggs. 6 Locks

Entering the big leagues now with that massive treasure score. Follow the cave
around to get your ball and read some messages about hitting the ball off
things. This is a warning about the stalactites in this level, which can be
both your best friend and worst enemy. Beat the Fenda down here (E1) and get
the first lock (*1) and coins (4) of this world. Also the R-Gem.

Read about the Barge spell and continue into this room for another lock (*2)
and coins (8). Head down and get the barge spell (the white star) and run right
as fast as you can to take out as many Strikas as possible before the spell
ends. Don't worry if you didn't get any, I'll cover them later.

There's a Fenda down here, so hopefully you got it with the Barge (E2). There's
the two Strikas as well (E3, E4). Get the yellow star down here by kicking the
ball at the mushroom block, which will Stun anything nearby.

Head back and go the top route, dodging the stalactites (which I'll just call
spikes from now on) and collecting the O-Gem, Y-Gem and 12 coins (20). Reach
where the two paths meet for a G-Gem and an annoying Winga (E5). Hit the BB
here and drop down for a lock (*3). If you go left, you can see a maddeningly
close big gemstone that you can't get yet. Head right instead and get the Fenda
(E6). Get another lock this way too (*4).

Keep heading right for a dead end with a mushroom block, four coins (24) and
the B-Gem. Head back to the last lock and go up and left. Get four coins (28)
on the way until you reach another lock (*5). Drop down for the P-Gem and more
coins (32). To the right are two Wingas (E6, E7) and the I-Gem. In the next
room are three Minkis (E8, E9, E10) and the last lock (*6). There's a Keepa
blocking the goal, so run under it and hit it from behind (E11).

This next bit is very tricky. You need to lose the ball first (just leave it
somewhere) and jump up the alcoves on the right side. After reaching the top,
Recall your ball and break the BB and drop down getting ALL the coins
(otherwise you need to walk back and do that tricky jumping bit again) (64).
Drop in the water and go left. Collect lots of coins before reaching one way
out of the pool in a big underwater room (88). Take this exit if you missed any
coins on the way down, or keep going left if you got them all.

Four coins (92) and a Fenda here (E12), keep going left. A group of four (96)
and then a group of 8 (104) and another Fenda (E13). Finally you'll reach the
last room with the final coins (112) and that big gemstone you saw earlier. Get
them all and head back to the exit to finish.

2.2 - 36 Treasures. 10 Eggs. 7 Locks.

Wow, low treasure value. Head right past the BB to a flying platform and some
coins (4). Down the cliff on the other side is a Winga (E1) and the first lock
(*1) as well as the R-Gem. Get another 4 coins and free the flying platform
(8). Go through the BBs again and head down the other side of the hill for the
O-Gem. At the bottom is another Winga guarding a lock (E2) (*2).

There's four coins here (12) and a little further on is the Y-Gem. If you're
having trouble with these steep hills, try getting a run up first. If Beckham
has a yellow trail of stars behind him, he should be able to climb the hills
with ease.

A little further on are two Minkis (E3, E4) and four coins (16). Then, another
lock (*3) and four more coins (20). There's a Strika here so watch out (E5),
also a G-Gem and four coins (24). Start smashing your way through these BBs for
another lock (*4).

In this big BB area, there's a trapped Fenda (E6) as well as four coins (28)
and a big gemstone near the top. You'll have to carefully carve out a trail to
reach them. Head right after getting the above things and open the next lock
(*5). Go left and up to get the B-Gem and go right for the P-Gem. At the
bottom is an enraged Nippa riding a Fenda for some reason, so kill them both
(E7, E8). Get the penultimate lock above them (*6).

Aim for the BB high in the wall, getting the I-Gem and four coins also (32).
Beat the two Keepas (E9, E10) and collect the last four coins (36) before
hitting the final lock (*7) and getting the heck out of there.

2.3 - 52 Treasures. 10 Eggs. 4 Locks. Red Bonus Ball.

The R-Gem is right above you, so drop down to collect your ball, then abandon
it so you can jump back up to it. Recall the ball and grab the gem. Now, head
left to find out about the Always Dangerous spell. Collect the orange star for
this useful (but temporary) upgrade.

There are two Strikas patrolling the next area, so get rid of them (E1, E2).
Directly above you are 16 coins (16) and the O-Gem and on the opposite side is
a similar set-up with another 16 (32) and the Y-Gem. To get the combo bonuses
with these, try hitting the mushroom block with Beckham first (he should bounce
into the first 8, collecting all of them) and then shoot the ball at the
mushroom block, getting the other 8 and the gems.

Past the row of mushroom blocks down here is a Winga near a spike (E3). Head on
to find a ? block that tells you about the stun spell. You may have already
found it on level 2.1, but this is the level that gives you its description.
Head down to find four coins (36), a Fenda (E4) and the G-Gem and B-Gem behind
two BBs. Head back up and get the first lock (*1) between two spikes.

Drop down for 8 coins (44) and two Minkis, which you can easily take out by
collecting the Stun star and finishing them off (E5, E6). Go up the next slope
for another 8 coins (52) and a P-Gem. Down and up another slope for a lock (*2)
and a Winga (E7). Head right for an I-Gem and a Winga in an enclosed area (E8).

There's two locks down here, a Winga and a Strika (*3, *4) (E9, E10). That
should fulfill all the requirements for the level. Head right for the big
gemstone and make sure to score that Red Bonus Ball before finishing the level.

2.4 - 68 Treasures. 10 Eggs. 6 Locks. Orange Bonus Ball.

Past the BB is the first lock of the level (*1). Use the MB (mushroom block) to
spring up to the ceiling for coins (4). Fight the Winga to your right (E1) and
go over the water collecting all the coins (16) and get the lock too (*2). Upon
reaching the ? block, go back and drop into the water for the big gemstone for
this level. Swim back out by continually pressing the jump button (A).

Take the high road first, collecting 8 coins by rebounding the ball off the MB
(24). Keep going and take out the Winga from this vantage point (E2). Get the
lock here (*3). Now, head left and collect the R-Gem and drop in the water.

Use the Invisibility star here to quickly head right and wait near the red star
(Remove All) until you can get as many of the Strikas down here as possible.
Don't wait too long, otherwise the invisibility will wear off. There are a
total of five Strikas here (E3, E4, E5, E6, E7). There are also 9 groups of
four coins around this mini-mountain (60), the O-Gem and Y-Gem as well as
another lock (*4).

Head right underground and get the G-Gem and eventually reach a Strika (E8).
Continue on past the BBs for another Strika and a lock (E9) (*5). Head up these
platforms for the B-Gem. Head right and left down some empty corridors (get the
P-Gem near the top) until you reach the goal room with the Orange Bonus Ball
and the I-Gem. There's a Keepa to beat (E10) and another 8 coins and the final
lock to the right (68) (*6). Score the Orange Bonus Ball and then finish.

You'll unlock the shortcut to the Enchanted Forest here. Sort of useless, but
it's there if you need it.

2.5 - 40 Treasures. 14 Eggs. 4 Locks. Yellow Bonus Ball.

Drop down for your soccerball and four coins (4). Free the Strika (E1) and keep
going right. There's four coins here (8) and the R-Gem. Break through the BBs
to the right to free another Strika (E2) and get another four coins (12) with
the O-Gem. Another freed Strika later (E3) and another (E4) leads to a room
with another four coin and gem combo (16), the gem being the Y-Gem as well as
yet another Strika (E5). Smash the BBs on the ground to reach a G-Gem to the
left (and fruit) and continue breaking downwards to get four more coins (20).

Head right to find yet another Strika (E6). There's another breakable floor in
here, and to the left is the B-Gem (lots of deja vu on this level...). To the
right is an enemy that isn't a Strika, thank Jebus, but a Minki (E7). There's
some coins too (24). Be very careful not to hit the two MBs here, as they'll
bounce you right into a Fenda (E8). Rejoice, for another HEART is up here, as
well as the P-Gem. You'll finally reach the first lock (*1) down here.

The second lock is nearby (*2) as well as two Wingas (E9, E10). 8 coins (32), a
Fenda (E11) and another lock is just ahead (*3). You'll also see the Yellow
Bonus Ball. Just above it are four coins, but also a spike so be wary (36). Go
right to see an enclosed Fenda guarding the big gemstone (E12). Get the I-Gem
before entering the next room. In here, take out the Winga and Keepa (E13, E14)
and collect the final four coins (40). Unlock the last lock (*4) and go score
the Yellow Bonus Ball. Now, finish.

2.6 - 68 Treasures. 10 Eggs. 4 Locks. Green Bonus Ball.

Drop down here, it doesn't matter which path you take. Collect the 8 coins (8)
and keep heading downwards. In this tunnel are two Nippas (E1, E2). Keep on
going right and then upwards through the BBs. You'll need to use Recall a lot
while getting up here. Defeat the Nippa at the top (E3) and break through to a
room with 8 coins and the first lock (16) (*1). Heading up, you'll come into a
big room with two Wingas (E4, E5) and coins (20).

Use the platforms to reach the top route for four coins and the R-Gem (24).
Head down for another four coins (28) and the O-Gem. Break downwards for the
Y-Gem. There's a fruit to your right, which I'll refer to for getting back to
this point (there's a fall coming up). Head left down these platforms, getting
the Green Bonus Ball down to the bottom (otherwise you'll need to go around to
get it). Continue with the regular soccerball to fight a Winga (E6) and collect
four coins (32) and another four (36).

Go right at this point for 12 coins (48) and the G-Gem. There are more coins
above you but we'll need to come back for them. Head left and go up where you
saw coins earlier for another bunch of four (52). There are lots of angry
Strikas above you, so take your time with the next jump and take them out
carefully one at a time. Or run for the Transform star if you're not collecting
eggs (E7, E8, E9, E10). In three of the corners are the rest of the locks (*2,
*3, *4) and the B-Gem, P-Gem and I-Gem are at the very top. There's also 8
coins here (60). I think the big gemstone is here too.

Now, before ending the level, go back outside (using that fruit shortcut I told
you about earlier) and head right for the final 8 coins (68). At the bottom,
collect that Green Bonus Ball I told you to knock down to the bottom of the
level and go and score it. Use the bizarre replica soccerball in that room to
complete the level.

2.7 - 40 Treasures. 12 Eggs. 4 Locks. Blue Bonus Ball.

There's four coins here (4) and a ? block about rubber balls. Go down the steps
to fight a Strika (E1) and get the R-Gem, being careful of spikes. Go up now,
and fight two Minkis (E2, E3) with more coins (8). Before heading down the gap,
go up and break the BB to collect the O-Gem. Head down the gap now.

There are two Fendas (E4, E5) and the first lock (*1) in here. A little further
on are four coins (12). Break the BB to reach a lot of MBs and another lock
(*2). There's a Strika to beat too (E6). Head right, passing the BBs for now,
and go up the flying platform you can see to collect 8 coins and the B-Gem (20)
before heading back to the BBs and breaking them. You'll fall on top of another
four coins (24).

Go left and get the Y-Gem and four coins (28). You'll make it back out close to
where the Strika was. Head right down the hole now for the G-Gem and a Strika
(E7). You'll also see a Fenda here kicking the Blue Bonus Ball around (E8).

Head back up with the platforms to where the B-Gem was, and ride the next cloud
to the right. Get the lock (*3) and the P-Gem with four coins and two Wingas
nearby (32) (E9, E10). Jump down for the big gemstone and keep going for the
I-Gem and a Minki (E11). Get the last lock also (*4). Follow the platforms up
to find 8 more coins (40) and a way into the final room. Beat the Keepa (E12)
and come back here with the Blue Bonus Ball and score it. End the level.

2.8 - 48 Treasures. 8 Eggs. 4 Locks. Purple Bonus Ball.

Head down to collect your soccerball, and go right at the bottom to fight a
Nippa (E1) and get four coins (4) and the R-Gem. Head up the slope for more
coins (8) and drop down here to see the Rubber Soccerball. This thing is
bouncier so you may want to use it instead of the regular one. Head left for
the O-Gem.

Get a good run-up and head up this next slope with whichever ball you chose.
Clear out the BBs at the bottom and get the coins (12). Head right and up for
more coins and the Y-Gem (16). Go right and get four coins after the BB (20)
and another four coins with the lock up ahead (24) (*1). Head right and down
onto the MB, and go left for more coins (28). Down and left again for 8 coins
(36) and a G-Gem.

Head right still, and get four coins (40) and a B-Gem. There's also a Nippa
here (E2). Get another four coins ahead and the next lock (44) (*2). Next is
another Nippa (E3) and a Fenda (E4). Up the slope are the final coins (48) and
the last two locks (*3, *4). Head up and drop down the inclines for the P-Gem
and I-Gem. Continue on a little bit up here and take care of the Winga (E5).
Head back and kill the Fenda under where the last two gems were (E6). In the
next room you'll see a bunch of octagonal platforms and two Nippas, so get rid
of them (E7, E8). Score with the Purple Bonus Ball nearby and then finish the

2.9 - 40 Treasures. 9 Eggs. 4 Locks. Indigo Bonus Ball.

Grab the ball and listen to the advice. Drop down the hole (it's a big one) and
make sure to get the R-Gem by positioning yourself in the middle of the fall.
If you miss it, you can climb up the platforms to the left of where you land,
or just restart the level (which is a lot quicker, believe me).

At the bottom, collect the O-Gem and take care of the Strika to the left (E1).
Go right and collect the coins while smashing the BBs (4). You'll get another
four coins when you leave the water (8). In the next room is a Strika and more
coins (E2) (12). There's two Wingas and more coins up here (E3, E4) (16). Go
right for more coins (24) and a Minki (E5). Heading up still, get the Winga
(E6) and more coins (28).

Eventually, you'll reach a hole and drop down for a Y-Gem. Now, make sure you
break the BB to the right to drop the Indigo Bonus Ball, otherwise you won't
be able to score it (which is bad). Drop down after it once it's been dislodged
and drop into a room with lots of BBs, as well as coins (32) and the G-Gem.

Break the blocks, remembering to bring the Indigo Bonus Ball with you. There's
another soccerball down here if you somehow lost the last one, so use it to
unlock the first lock (*1). Snag the B-Gem down here and head out of the water
for 2 Fendas (E7, E8), four coins (36), the P-Gem and the next lock (*2).

The I-Gem is in this next room with a lot of BBs above you. There's also one to
the right leading to water. Go down this water one first for four coins (40),
breaking the spikes to get past them. Now break the BBs on the ceiling. There's
a Keepa here (E9) and the other two locks (*3, *4) along with the exit. Open
the exit and go back for the Indigo Bonus Ball to score it. As usual, finish
the level after this is done.

2.A - Monster Manager "Hoppy the Rock.. Thing" (16 Treasures)

Get the Treasures, avoiding the big Hoppy guy. This guy is like the Fendas and
Keepas, in that back attacks are the way to go. When he stops, he's about to
jump so use this to get under him before he traps you in a corner. Avoid the
spikes that come down once he lands and hit his weak point. Do this 3 times to
defeat him. Aww, poor guy.

World 2 Complete.

World 3 - The West Coast
New world, new move. This time you can bend it like... well... Beckham. Kick
the ball straight up and direct it with the left and right buttons. It's sort
of useful, I guess.

3.1 - 72 Treasures. 11 Eggs. 6 Locks.

Go left to be introduced to the Beach Ball. It's tons of fun so go ahead and
use it. You might notice it goes a lot further than the regular ball. Go right
and collect the first coins, R-Gem and lock of this level (and world) (4) (*1).

Moving on, there's another four coins and the O-Gem above a BB (8). Smash the
BB for the next lock (*2). Down here are 2 Nippas (E1, E2) and a Fenda (E3).
Keep in mind the enemies have been upgraded again, and the Fenda can now charge
you at a high speed. There's 8 coins down here, and another 8 above you (24).
Get the O-Gem too. Use the BBs here as a barricade to take out the next Fenda
(E4) and head up the platforms for coins (28).

Head right past the Fenda for coins and a G-Gem (32). There's a Winga here
(E5). Another 8 coins up ahead (40), with the B-Gem and a second Winga (E6).
Break the BBs to get the lock (*3) and coins (44). Past the Winga is another
lock (*4). Further still is another Winga (E7) more coins (48) and a lock (*5).

Find the 8 coins (56), P-Gem and obvious big gemstone further ahead. Read the
? block about invulnerability and drop down for coins (60). Avoid the Strikas
and go up the platforms. Get the 8 coins first (68) and then the blue star, and
use your immortality to kill the three Strikas (E8, E9, E10). Now, just beat
the Keepa collecting the last of the coins (72) and the I-Gem, then unlock
that lock you passed to finish.

3.2 - 68 Treasures. 10 Eggs. 4 Locks.

Grab the ball and head up and left for 8 coins and the R-Gem (8). Go right
until you see water with BBs on it. Get the lock (*1) and go into the water for
coins (12). Swim out over on the right and go back for four coins on a hill
(16). Go right now and collect four coins (20) while beating 3 Nippas (E1, E2,
E3). Get another four coins and a Y-Gem at the end of the path (24). Head back
and get on those high platforms to reach 8 coins and the O-Gem (32).

Soon you'll find a mound of BBs, with the G-Gem underneath. Beat the nearby
Wingas also (E4, E5). There's a row of 8 coins here with a lock (40) (*2).
There's a B-Gem next, and some coins after three BBs (44). At the top of the
next hill are coins and a Winga (48) (E6). Get the lock too (*3). Climb the
next group of platforms, blasting the BBs blocking your way. At the top is a
"Always Dangerous" spell, four coins (52) and the P-Gem. Good timing, as
there's four Fendas to beat down here (E7, E8, E9, E10).

Down here are four coins and the last lock (56) (*4), and if you keep going
right you'll find the last 12 coins (68). Go back and take the upper road for
the I-Gem and break all the BBs to find the big gemstone for this level. Drop
down and finish the level if you got everything above.

3.3 - 72 Treasures. 11 Eggs. 4 Locks. Red Bonus Ball.

Head right and collect the ball. Get the coins over the water (4) and take out
the two nearby Minkis (E1, E2). Get the next four coins (8) and the R-Gem over
the next pool. At the top of this next hill is a lock (*1). Drop down and get
the 8 coins in the pool (16). Use the cloud to get out, and keep riding it to
the top of its path for more coins (20) and the O-Gem.

Collect the Barge star and get rid of the three Strikas wandering around (E3,
E4, E5). Climb the platforms above where the Barge star was to get the Y-Gem.
Head right and drop down onto the cloud platform directly underneath you. Use
it to get into that little alcove with the G-Gem, four coins (24) and the big

Head right now until you reach the B-Gem. Take care with the two Fendas down
here (E6, E7) and collect the 8 coins (32) and the lock (*2). Use the cloud
over the water to get the next 8 coins in a row by dropping through them (40).
Get the next lock and more coins (*3) (44). Beat the Winga (E8) and another one
(E9) and drop down the second pool for 8 coins (52). There are 8 more coins on
top of these BBs (climb up them by smashing the left top one and middle one)
(60). The P-Gem is also here. Continue on for 8 more coins (68) on either side
of the BBs and the last lock (*4).

Ride the cloud platforms up to the top and take care of two Keepas (E10, E11).
They're tough but you should find an opening if you're patient. Go past the
exit to find the last coins (72) and the I-Gem. The Red Bonus Ball is here too,
so go score it and then complete the level.

3.4 - 76 Treasures. 10 Eggs. 4 Locks. Orange Bonus Ball.

You start underwater. Head straight up and bust the BB for an amazing 36 coins
in a secret room (36). Swimming along, you should find four coins (40) and the
R-Gem before meeting a BB wall with a Fenda behind it (E1). There is another
Fenda nearby as well (E2). Hit the lock (*1) and keep going to find two groups
of four coins (48) and two Strikas (E3, E4). Get the O-Gem too.

There's four coins leading up, so get them and head back down and right past
the BBs for another four (56). Now head back up and break through to beat two
Fendas (E5, E6) and get a lock (*2). There's four coins close to the ceiling in
here (60). There's also a Y-Gem trying to blend in with some little BBs, so get

Head down this slope for some coins (64) and some BBs above you. Past them is
another lock (*3). There's two Strikas in this big room, which you can take out
using the Stun star around here (E7, E8). Swim to the top of the room here for
the G-Gem. Keep heading across these high platforms for 8 coins (72) and the
B-Gem and P-Gem. Drop as far as you can to the bottom left for a big gemstone
behind a BB. Keep heading right at the bottom for another Strika (E9).

Now, swim to the platform above the last Strika for the I-Gem and head right
to see the last lock surrounded by BBs. Kill that pesky Keepa first (E10) and
unlock it (*4). Grab the coins (76) and score the Orange Bonus Ball to your
right before completing the level.

3.5 - 36 Treasures. 9 Eggs. 5 Locks. Yellow Bonus Ball.

There's a Fenda to your right (E1) and four coins with the R-Gem above him (4).
Keep going that way and get the lock here (*1). If you want, you can drop down
and try out the Cannonball. Go right and get the O-Gem after breaking through
the BBs and getting more coins (8).

Swim down and get the four coins (12) and lock (*2) after bashing more BBs.
There's a Strika here (E2) and more coins (16) as well as the Y-Gem. There's
another Strika ahead too (E3). After a lot of nothing, you'll reach the G-Gem
and a lock (*3) with some coins (20). There's a Fenda ahead (E4) and a valuable
HEART too.

Take the high path for a lock (*4) and coins (24). There's a B-Gem ahead and
the big gemstone is on top of a platform ahead of you. At the bottom here are
two Fendas (E5, E6) and if you swim up there's a P-Gem. Break the BBs for yet
another Fenda (E7) and the last lock (*5). Get the 8 coins here and the I-Gem
(32) and down the pit is a Keepa (E8).

Keep going down, dribbling the Yellow Bonus Ball with you, until you reach
another Keepa (E9). The Cannonball makes short work of these guys. Get the
final bunch of coins (36) and score the Yellow Bonus Ball after bashing the
BBs. End the level.

3.6 - 56 Treasures. 16 Eggs. 4 Locks. Green Bonus Ball.

Head right and drop down the BB into a pool for the R-Gem and four coins (4).
Now, head right and take out 2 Wingas for the lock (E1, E2) (*1). There's two
Nippas up next (E3, E4) and 8 coins in a "V" shape (12). Past that is a BB with
four more coins behind it (16).

OK, be very cautious now as there are 4 Wingas up ahead. Yeah. Keep the ball
up and try and beat one at a time (E5, E6, E7, E8). DO NOT be tempted to use
the Transform star, because you won't get 100%. Two more Nippas here (E9, E10)
and a pool with a lock (*2) and coins (20) and the O-Gem. There are coins where
the Nippas were too (24). Just ahead are four more coins and a barely visible
Y-Gem (28). Four more coins now (32) and two Strikas (E11, E12).

Up the hill are four coins (36), a Winga (E13) the G-Gem and the next lock (*3)
as well as another four coins (40) and the B-Gem a little further. There's
another bunch of coins going downhill (48) and another of those bizarre Fenda
and Minki combos (E14, E15) to tackle. Drop into the water for the P-Gem.

Over here is the final lock (*4) and coins (52) with another set of coins (56)
and the I-Gem on the other side of this ravine. This ravine is too steep to
get out with a ball, so you'll need to kick it over the right side and go
fetch it before the Keepa gets it. Beat the Keepa (E16) and get the big
gemstone underwater to the right. Score the Green Bonus Ball if you haven't
all ready and then finish. Hey look, another Forest shortcut! Wow.

3.7 - 108 Treasures. 8 Eggs. 4 Locks. Blue Bonus Ball.

Ouch, 108 Treasures. Better get on with it and get those 4 coins where you
start (4). Go left and free the cloud platform to reach another 8 coins and the
R-Gem (12). Get the O-Gem after freeing the next cloud platform, and bust your
way onto the sky of BBs up here. Head left for 8 coins (20) and right for lots
of coins. Two bunches of four (28) followed by the Y-Gem and another four (32)
followed by another 4 (36) and the G-Gem before coming to a wall of BBs. Smash
through to collect another 8 (44) before the second wall of BBs.

There's another 8 this way (52) and a Fenda (E1) and you'll hit the big
gemstone before reaching the end of this long line of BBs. Now, I'd head back
to the very start. It'll take some time to backtrack but at least the rest of
this guide will be easier to follow. Don't worry, I'll wait for you.

OK? OK. Continue past where you got the O-Gem so long ago. There's also a lock
here (*1) and a Strika (E2). Use the cloud platform to go right and you can
jump and kick up for another four hard-to-spot coins (56). You'll eventually
meet another Strika (E3) as well as the next lock (*2) and some coins (64). Get
the next bunch of coins too (68).

There's three cloud platforms ahead with 16 coins (84) and the B-Gem and P-Gem.
Past them are two Minkis (E4, E5) and some coins (88). Ride the cloud up to
meet a Winga (E6) and a lock under the BBs (*3). There's four coins before a
small pool here (92) and you'll eventually meet another Winga (E7) and a lock

Head right. There are four paths through this hill now, take the top one first
for 8 coins and the I-Gem (100). Take the second path up for 4 coins behind a
BB (104) and, finally, the third path up (or second path down) which has four
more coins (108) and the Blue Bonus Ball.

Attract the attention of the Keepa and hit the Freeze star to stun him
sufficiently long enough for a beatdown (E8). Score with the Blue Bonus Ball
then finish the level.

3.8 - 60 Treasures. 14 Eggs. 5 Locks. Purple Bonus Ball.

Go right and get these coins (4). Your ball might not Recall itself because of
the two Nippas here, so take them out (E1, E2). Go back to that first row of
coins and continue upwards for four more (8). Go right across the inclines to
find the R-Gem, O-Gem and an Always Dangerous star. You can drop down and find
the Y-Gem too, along with more coins (12).

Continue right now for the first lock (*1). Below all these platforms are a
Minki (E3) riding a Fenda (E4) with two Nippas for back-up (E5, E6). Go up the
platforms to get 8 coins and the G-Gem (20).

There's another lock now (*2). There's a funny looking pointy hill up next, get
on top of it and do a jump kick to get all 8 coins (28). Check your score to
see if you got all of them (you should net a huge 2000 point combo if you did -
if you missed the points boost, kick again until you're sure you got all of the
coins). Go under the hill now by going down and right for another 8 (36).

Guarding the next lock (*3) are two Wingas (E7, E8) with a Fenda nearby (E9).
Climb these platforms and go right for 12 coins (48) and the B-Gem. There are
two Minkis (E10, E11) and a Fenda (E12) coming up, along with four coins (52).

Get the lock after the above monsters are dead (*4) and climb the hill to fight
a Winga (E13). Climb to the top and drop down the other side for the P-Gem.
Head right and knock out that Keepa (E14) before unlocking the last lock and
heading up the platforms (*5). There are 8 coins up here and the I-Gem (60).
There's also the Purple Bonus Ball, so go score it. Now finish up.

3.9 - 44 Treasures. 12 Eggs. 4 Locks. Indigo Bonus Ball.

Last coast level and it's an underwater one too. You start right next to the
goal which is a bit odd, so go up and get the ball. Now keep swimming up, since
the goal is cut off, and get four coins (4) and the R-Gem. Eventually, you'll
reach the top where four coins (8), the first lock (*1) and two Fendas (E1, E2)
await you. Go right for the O-Gem.

Take the four coins (12) and Y-Gem and follow the bottom route for another 8
coins (20). Keep heading right and eventually you'll find the G-Gem and a Fenda
(E3). Shortly after are 4 coins (24) and the next lock (*2) with a BB blocking
your way down. Destroy it and go down to fight a Strika (E4). Swim up to
collect four coins (28) and fight another Strika (E5).

Unlock the next lock along (*3) and go right collecting coins (32) and the
B-Gem. Drop down until you see the Invisible star and use it to beat the
nearby three Fendas after getting the coins first (36) (E6, E7, E8). Go left
defeating Fendas until you see the P-Gem.

Get the next four coins (40) and unlock the last lock (*4). Take the Indigo
Bonus Ball along with you. There are two more Fendas down here (E9, E10) and
you'll eventually meet a Keepa (E11) and the final four coins (44) along the
ceiling. Use the Indigo Bonus Ball to distract the Keepa while you finish him
off with a sneak attack.

You'll find the I-Gem just before the second Keepa. Use the same tactics to
beat him (E12) and then score with the Indigo Bonus Ball and end the last
level of this World.

3.A - Monster Manager "Lumpy the... Lump " (16 Treasure)

Get the Treasure, and make sure you do get all of them otherwise you'll have to
fight this guy again. Lumpy gets around with his balloons, and he's very high
up so it's hard to burst them with regular shots. This is why you were taught
the Bend Move early on. Stand underneath where he's about to move to (while
obviously dodging his fireballs) and kick the ball straight up with a bend to
knock out those balloons. Each burst balloon drops him closer to the ground,
making him easier to hit but more dangerous as the fireballs have less distance
to travel. Burst all three balloons and the fat guy's toast.

World 3 Complete

World 4 - The Frozen North
Ah, the ball trap move. I never figured this one out truth be told. Something
about holding B down after kicking the ball. It just makes it Recall when I try

4.1 - 60 Treasures. 11 Eggs. 4 Locks.

Go right for the first lock (*1) and a new and improved ball-stealing Nippa
(E1). Drop down the first hole for 8 coins and the R-Gem (8). Drop down the
next for more coins (12) and the Cannonball. Yay! Go right and bash the BB and
Nippa (E2) in one shot. Head back up by going left and up the platforms,
getting the O-Gem on the way.

Go down the third hole along this time for more coins (16). Back up again by
taking the platforms just to your right and drop down the next bit for four
more coins (20) and the Y-Gem. Back up again, and down the next bit for more
coinage (24). Smash the BB to the right and use these platforms to get up and
head right again for another drop with coins (28). Beat the Strika down here
(E3) and get the G-Gem.

Head right until you can't go any further without destroying the next BB
halfway up the wall, and take the platforms up once more. Get the four coins on
the left (32) and the 8 coins on the right (40) before heading up and breaking
through the BB I just mentioned. The second lock should be here (*2).

Get the B-Gem and head up, and then right. Get the 8 coins here (48) and head
down for more coins (52). Bash through the BB here while falling and continue
right. The next lock (*3) and the P-Gem are in here. There are 8 coins over a
hill above you (60) and there's two Nippas running around (E4, E5).

Head up more platforms and grab that I-Gem before turning left and jumping over
a few pits to reach the first big gemstone of this world. Go right to fight
Wingas (E6, E7). A Fenda is up next, followed by two more Wingas (E8, E9, E10).
Don't forget the final lock here (*4). Defeat the Keepa (E11) and finish.

4.2 - 40 Treasures. 8 Eggs. 5 Locks.

Yup, there's the goal. Two ways to go too.

Head right. Unlock this lock (*1) and get the four coins (4). The passage is
too high to follow so go left and get another four coins (8) while clearing
these BBs out.

Big pillar of platforms here. Stop off at the first floor where there is a
Fenda behind the BB. Go kill it (E1). Get the coins here (12) and the R-Gem and
go back out. On the second floor get the lock (*2) and coins (16) and ride the
cloud platform up for the O-Gem.

Back on the platforms, jump up to the third and final floor at the top. Get the
coins (20), beat the Minki (E2) and drop down past the BB here for coins (24)
and the Y-Gem. A tricky jump onto the cloud platform going up later, and you
can get those coins and the G-Gem to your right (28). Go left to beat a Strika
(E3) and open a new lock (*3).

Going up these platforms are four coins (32) and yet another lock (*4). Head
right and hold left while falling to break the BB for the big gemstone. Then
get the lock here (*5) and B-Gem. Ride down the big slide and jump over to the
next part of the level. There's a Strika here (E4). Drop down behind it.

There's a P-Gem behind the BB halfway down this drop, as well as coins (36).
Grab the Barge star down this next slide to get rid of the Fendas down here
(E5, E6). Also quickly head up the slope and take care of the Wingas too (E7,
E8). Drop down for the last coins (40) and the I-Gem. You're now where you
started, so finish the level.

4.3 - 44 Treasures. 12 Eggs. 4 Locks. Red Bonus Ball.

Weird level. Head up the platforms to find the exit and then jump off the right
side to land on a platform with 2 Nippas (E1, E2) and 12 coins (12). Get the
big gemstone at the end and also kick a ball straight up at the end to bring a
Red Bonus Ball down. Bring the Bonus Ball to the foot of all those platforms
you just climbed for easy access later on.

Head right under the platform you were just on to reach a cave with a Minki
(E3), four coins (16) and the first lock (*1). Climb the platforms here to
find the R-Gem and more coins (20). Go right now, and take out two Minkis (E4,
E5) while getting the coins (24). Head right over the MBs and past the BB to
reach a pool with coins at the end (28).

Jump up the platforms here for the O-Gem, and then up more platforms to find a
Strika (E6). There's two more Strikas around here also (E7, E8) and get the
coins here too (32). More platforms and the Y-Gem is yours. Yet more platforms
and you'll find the Barge star, so use it to take out 4 Strikas around here
(E9, E10, E11, E12). Collect all the coins, as well as two locks and the G-Gem
(40) (*2, *3).

More platforms now with the B-Gem on top. Keep heading left past all the
obstacles and collect a P-Gem. At the end are the last coins (44) and the last
lock (*4). Right at the end is the I-Gem and a biiiig slide to the start of the
level. Score the Red Bonus Ball you left nearby and finish the level.

4.4 - 56 Treasures. 9 Eggs. 4 Locks. Orange Bonus Ball.

Lots of BBs around here. Work your way right and up to find the R-Gem. Keep
heading up and at the top are four coins (4) and a Fenda (E1). Head left into
a small icicle cave with four coins (8) and the O-Gem. Head up the platforms
and take a small detour past the BB for more coins (12) and the Y-Gem. You can
either take the cloud platforms or the MBs to the next area, which has 2 Nippas
(E2, E3), 8 coins (20) and the big gemstone. Head right for the G-Gem.

Down the hole all the way until you find the first lock (*1). There's a
replacement ball here too. Break the BB and take out the Strika (E4). Use the
Invisibility star for stealthily taking out the next three Wingas (E5, E6, E7).
Collect the B-Gem and coins (24) and a Fenda's to the right (E8). There's four
coins with the B-Gem on top, but there's an icicle above that so watch out

Heading right, take out the Minki (E9), get the coins (32) and head down
through all the BBs. At the bottom are 16 coins (48). Get the next lock on the
way up (*2) and another one (*3) and the four coins above the MB (52). The
Orange Bonus Ball is here so take note. The final coins are here also (56) and
the last lock (*4). Get the I-Gem too. Standard procedure - get the Bonus Ball
here and score it and then end the level. Whaddaya know, a shortcut to the
Creepy Caves.

4.5 - 40 Treasures. 14 Eggs. 4 Locks. Yellow Bonus Ball.

Head right and jump up the MB. Get four coins (4). Go through the BB here and
get more coins heading up the platforms (16) with a Strika (E1) and the R-Gem
at the top. Little known fact about Strikas - you can stun them from attacking
them from below. Go back down and take the long trek to the right.

You'll drop down on two Strikas, which isn't fun (E2, E3). There's another
Strika around too (E4). Use the nearby Remove star to get rid of all of them.
Get the coins (20) and O-Gem behind the BB and head up the platfroms to the

Eventually, you'll reach a room with two Strikas (E5, E6) and two Minkis (E7,
E8). There's also a lock here (*1). Break the BBs for another Strika (E9) and
go up to get 8 coins (28) and HOORAY a new HEART. Go down and right now. Get
the Y-Gem above the BBs over here, then head down. Get the next lock (*2) and
keep going right until you see another one (*3). Clobber the two Nippas down
here (E10, E11) and then ride the cloud up.

Stop off on the first floor for coins (32), ditto with the second floor (36).
At the top, get the G-Gem on the left and the B-Gem on the right, beating the
Fenda here also (E12). Head back down to the ground floor and go right and up
the passage. Go through the BB to the left for a P-Gem over a MB. Go down these
stairs, making a detour for the big gemstone above you, until you find the last
lock (*4) with coins (40) and the Yellow Bonus Ball.

Go right and up the MBs, getting the I-Gem on the way up. There's a Strika
around here, jumping up platforms, so beat it (E13). Take care of the Keepa
here and go back for the Bonus Ball and score it (E14). Finish the level.

4.6 - 36 Treasures. 9 Eggs. 4 Locks. Green Bonus Ball.

Wow, a ? block. It's been a while. Here we learn about the Grip spell, which is
borderline useless. You can actually jump up these slopes if you wanted, or
simply run up them with a run-up. Head up the first slope to find a BB to the
right. Smash it and follow the caves for the R-Gem, 12 coins (12) and two
Wingas (E1, E2). Back out and head up for the next useless Grip star.

Keep heading up until you find four coins (16), the O-Gem and two Minkis (E3,
E4). Another BB higher up, which has a new Grip star and the Y-Gem. At the top
of the hill, go down the other side and break the BB to the left. Beat the
Nippa here (E5) and get the G-Gem. Down the hill again, go left again and get
the next Nippa (E6) and a B-Gem, as well as coins (20).

12 more coins in the next alcove (32) along with the P-Gem and another Nippa
(E7). And yet another alcove to the left with coins (36) and the I-Gem. At the
bottom of the hill you'll find the first lock (*1) and you can go left for a
new area, with another lock (*2). Two Fendas are trapped right ahead, so free
them and kill them (E8, E9). Keep heading left for the last two locks right
next to each other (*3, *4). Score the Green Bonus Ball, get the big gemstone
and finish this rather bizarre level. You'll also get a new shortcut.

4.7 - 52 Treasures. 15 Eggs. 7 Locks. Blue Bonus Ball.

Go left here and get the coins (4) and lock (*1). Defeat the Nippa running
around (E1). Go right down the slope and take out two Strikas around these ice
platforms (E2, E3). Collect the Always Dangerous star at the top and go to the
right for coins (12) and the O-Gem. You can't get down there yourself, but
since your ball is always dangerous it can roll down the slopes and collect
them all. It may take a few tries.

Under the platforms is a lock (*2) and a BB. Break it to continue down to some
more BBs, and a Nippa (E4). Head up the barely visible platforms here to reach
a Fenda (E6), coins (20) and the O-Gem. Get the lock past these BBs (*3) and
head up and right for 8 coins (28), the Y-Gem and a Fenda (E5). Another BB,
another lock (*4), another Nippa (E6). Down the slope and up to the right is
another Fenda (E7), four coins (32) and the G-Gem.

Get the next lock (*5), break the BBs. Jump up here for two Strikas (E8, E9),
some coins (40) and the B-Gem. Head down and right for another lock (*6).
There's a Strika and Nippa on this slope (E10, E11). Jump up to fight another
Strika (E12) and get four coins (44). Follow the path up to get the P-Gem,
and head up further still using the niches to the left to get the big gemstone.

Head back down and open the final lock (*7), and get the Blue Bonus Ball and
score it. Beat the two Minkis guarding the goal (E13, E14). Before finishing,
break the BBs on the floor to get the I-Gem and the last 8 coins (52).

4.8 - 60 Treasures. 7 Eggs. 4 Locks. Purple Bonus Ball.

Interesting. You have to race your ball to the point where you meet before it
falls too far. If you manage to stop it, you can go right and get 28 coins (28)
a Nippa (E1) and the Always Dangerous star. Make sure you do get all these
before dropping to the next bit. If you missed the ball, just restart the

At the bottom of this pit are four coins (32) and the first lock (*1). Beat the
Strika here (E2) and head up for coins (36). Beat the Fenda (E3) and score the
R-Gem up here and some coins (40). Go back down and right. Get four coins and
the O-Gem here (44) and another four coins with the Y-Gem (48). Get the lock
(*2) and the Nippa (E4) and also the Winga coming up (E5). Four more coins here
(52) and the G-Gem and also the B-Gem very close by. There's a lock here with
coins (*3) (56) and a Winga (E6).

Head right for the P-Gem and onwards towards the lock and more coins (60) and
the I-Gem nearby. Free the Purple Bonus Ball, it'll fall to the bottom of the
stage. Unlock the lock after defeating the Keepa (E7) (*4). Score the Bonus
Ball and finish.

4.9 - 40 Treasures. 12 Eggs. Locks. Indigo Bonus Ball.

Last normal level. Or so it would appear. The ball will come to you in a moment
so get it and beat the Fenda you just saw walking off (E1). Get the coins and
R-Gem (4) and break the BBs. There's the O-Gem here, and another 4 coins (8)
and Fenda (E2). Get another Fenda and the Y-Gem (E3). Down here is another
Fenda (E4) and the G-Gem with coins (12). And yet another Fenda (E5) awaits
you with four coins (16) and the B-Gem.

Down here is another Fenda (E6) and coins (20), drop down for the first lock
(*1). Get the Minki through here (E7) and the next lock (*2). There's coins
(24) and the P-Gem up this alcove. Bust through the next BBs for a Strika (E8)
and a pit with a lock (*3) and coins (28).

Two Nippas next (E9, E10). Use the MB to get to the next area. Two more Nippas
through here, playing with the Indigo Bonus Ball. Take it off them (E11, E12).
Get the I-Gem to the right too. Climb the platforms and go left to get 8 coins
heading downwards (36) and more coins on the right side (40).

Get the final lock (*4) and score the Indigo Bonus Ball. Everything should be
complete so finish the level.

4.A - Monster Manager "Gobby the Tentacle Demon" (16 Treasures)

Get the treasures, avoiding Gobby as he pops up from under the water. Gobby
has two attacks, one is the fireball spit (which you avoid, obviously) and the
second is the soccerball spit which is what he does to your ball if you kick it
into his mouth. Make sure to avoid this attack also. After kicking the ball
down his gullet three times, Gobby gives up.

World 4 Complete

World 5 - Mister Woe's Castle
Neat! Warp pads! Even more neat! Permanent "Grip" spell! I didn't think that
spell could get any more useless but I guess I was wrong.

5.1 - 28 Treasures. 6 Eggs. 0 Locks.

Get the eight coins and R-Gem (8). Now head out and prepare for four Strikas
(E1, E2, E3, E4). Get the O-Gem and head right and head up to get the Y-Gem,
coins (12) and Beach Ball if you want it. There are 8 coins (20), the G-Gem
and the Rubber Ball if you prefer that instead. Up and right are 4 coins (24)
and the B-Gem.

There's two Fendas up here and the P-Gem and I-Gem (E5, E6). Get the last coins
(28) and finish the level. Short, but not sweet.

5.2 - 20 Treasures. 7 Eggs. 0 Locks.

Follow the path up and right to get your ball and four coins (4). Drop down for
more coins (8), the R-Gem and the wonderful Cannonball. Smash through the next
BBs and go right for coins (12), the O-Gem and the Y-Gem.

Go up here to fight 5 Strikas (!) (E1, E2, E3, E4, E5). This is why you need
the Cannonball. Go right for the G-Gem. Go left for coins (16), the B-Gem and
the P-Gem. In the next room, kill the two Fendas (E6, E7) and grab the I-Gem.
Get the coins to the right before finishing (20).

5.3 - 24 Treasures. 13 Eggs. 0 Locks.

Get the R-Gem and run across the BBs for the O-Gem. Break one and go down to
fight 3 Fendas (E1, E2, E3) and get four coins in the bottom left corner (4).
Take the Rubber Ball if you want it. Head up and beat the Nippa (E4) and grab
the Y-Gem. Keep going left for another Nippa (E5), the G-Gem and coins (12).

Get the B-Gem and head right to fight a Winga (E6). Fight another one (E7) and
head right for the P-Gem and eventually a line of four coins (16). Head up and
get the I-Gem and break through the right BB to reach an area with 2 Strikas
(E8, E9) and some coins (20). Go left now where the other BB was for two
Minkis (E10, E11) and coins (24). Head to the very centre top to fight 2 Keepas
which is pretty much the hardest fight in the game, especially considering you
could easily score prematurely (E12, E13). If you beat them, pat yourself on
the back and score that goal.

5.A - Mega Monster Manager "Mister Woe" (16 Treasures)

Whoa, end of game boss warning. This little guy is tough. First, he'll drop a
Strika down to annoy you. If you beat the Strika he'll make another one so
don't bother, since he can't be hit while doing so. While he's flying around,
he's visible so hit him then. Like Lumpy, the best way to do this is with
vertical kicks.

After three successful hits (he'll cry if you hit him), he'll start dropping
bombs. Avoid these, they have too short a fuse to be useful. Another three hits
sends him bonkers, as he starts fireballing you. If you hit him again he'll
retreat into his little ship and start flying around blind. He won't replenish
the Strikas any more, so take out the current one.

As soon as he charges you (he'll fly off-screen first) he'll pop up to see
what happened. Nail him now. If you see which side of the screen he left on,
hug the wall on the same side so he misses you with the swoop. Three hits of
this mode and the guy goes down and stays down.

So that's three hits with regular flying, three hits with bomb throwing, one
hit with fireball throwing and three hits with the swooping for ten hits total.
That's a pretty tough boss! I really hope you got the Treasures as well.

You get... a rainbow? That's it? Well, the gameplay itself was all the reward I
needed... I guess... I'd say spoiler warning but "a rainbow" probably doesn't
need one.

World 5 (and game) complete!!

However, you may still have those Trial levels unresolved, so go finish them.
You can tell when Adventure or Trials are complete because there's a star icon
on the ground leading to them on the "The Club" screen.

Well that was a fine mess. You don't seem to get anything for finishing all the
levels. Or for getting all the gemstones. Or the eggs. Or the Treasure. Ah

If you have anything to add to this guide, like a boss strategy or what have
you, please e-mail it in using the address below.

Don't ask me about putting the guide up elsewhere: you can have it, as long as
my name's on it. Just check GameFAQs for updates.

Don't ask me about anything already in the guide. Everything is in here
somewhere so tell me I've missed off any item or gemstone or whatever.

Don't ask me about typos. In a document this big there's bound to be several.
If a typo is actually prohibiting you from understanding that part of the
guide, you can e-mail me, otherwise don't bother.

DO email me to tell me how that darn head trap thing works because I'm still

In the off-off-off chance that the real David Beckham is looking for help to
finish his miniature counterpart's game, you can send several thousand pounds
to my PayPal address at spento at gmail dot com (only with @s and .s) by way
of thanks. I mean, if you want to. It's sort of a drop in the ocean for you ;)

Kidding aside (kind of), anyone can use that address to send me cash or Qs if
they so wish. But it's not required.

* Denki, for being Konami's cuter younger brother.
* Nintendo for licensing this game and for making the GBA to play it on.
* David Beckham. Except for that one time, you've done this country proud in
the soccer arena and prouder still with this little gem.
* Anyone who actually read this far.

Email again is: [email protected]
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