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Air ducts warning

When you get to the air ducts and onto the top row, you will see a skull with two green eyes implaced in the wall. Do not go into a door that is near the Skull!!!! You will fall right through the middle of the air ducts to instant death. Only go to the ones that aren't near the skull.
RE: Ghoul School


After you get the Spring Shoes and Towel, go outside of the gym. Equip the Spring Shoes and Towel. Now enter a locker, hold down the Up button, go to your Equip screen, and equip the Shoes and Bat. When you unpause, you will be permanently in the locker. The cool part is that you can move freely as if you were not in a locker, and you can hit enemies. Essentially, you are invincible! If you accidentally enter a locker like this, just repeat the steps above. You can still die if you fall, so be careful!
RE: Ghoul School

Secret room

After getting the Spinal Zap and gaining access to the elevator, you can access Room 00. From the 1st floor, enter the elevator and push up. You will start to go up in the elevator. After the arrow goes past the midpoint between Floors 1 & 2, push down. Keep doing this until the arrow stays between Floors 1 and 2. You can now enter the secret room!
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