Geist unreleased GDR found!

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Wow, how couild I miss this!? I have been away from the forums for a few days, and I see that somebody by the name of Donnyk over at Assembler has shown a GDR with a date from 98 and the writting Geist on the front. He claims to be an old school Sega employee and has much to tell. He even said Shenmue 2 was getting ready to hit the shelves for US DC owners, but they grabbed all the retail copies and sent them back to SoJ for destroying.




CRTGAMER messaged me over at Racketboy forums with a thread containing what appears to be a 100% legit unreleased beta of Geist for the Sega Dreamcast! - View topic - Old Sega Veteran just joined Assembler

Here is the forum he posted it in, and you can get to the original page from the thread also.

Error | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure

Here is all the info he said about the game.

The producer was a good friend of mine. I played it.. and it sucked. You could "beat it" in like 3 minutes. I still have an old burn of it on a Katana disc somewhere in my house that I've been looking for and will sell. Even though it's labeled as a Geist TGS disc, the burn of it failed so I don't think there is a game on there but it's a cool piece of Sega history.

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