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(help request + opinion thread)
Gauntlet Legends - I LA PRESION DEL DRAGON - YouTube

hey, anyone else tried that game? I personally didn't have the opportunity to play it back in the days, but recently a new Gauntlet game was released and I remembered there was one for the dreamcast so I thought I tried it.

And as a PSO addict, I find it AMAZING! I really recommend it for any PSO lover. from my point of view it is a simpler game and not as good but nothing will ever be as good or better than PSO lol so for a game to come close to it is really good in my book.

But I'm having an issue. I don't have the manual so there's a few things I'm having trouble with and like some input from you. for instance, I don't know how to use potions. which made me unable to kill the first boss. which sucks.

also not sure what most of the things you can buy after each level. are they all items or some are to increase stats?

and last that I can think from the top of my head, what exactly is the tower for? besides warping. the "spooky" ghost that is in the center doesn't seem to do much.

and I'm obviously missing the controls. what I figured out is A is attack obviously, X is magic and right trigger seem to be dash/protect? not even sure how that works, if you switch to one another with another button or what.

yes im a complete noob lol.
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