Games not found


This is my first post but I am having a problem I have never run into before.
Ive been hacking psp's for a while now, and I recently got a Go. I am running 6.20 pro b8 on it right now, and yesterday I decided to fill up the internal memory with a few more games I put in my .cso's into the ISO folder in the root, and after playing a game and quitting the psp says there are no games in the psp, and that they can be purchased through the PSN. I have reloaded the CFW, restarted the vsh, taken and removed and replaced the games into a new folder Labeled ISO, and still nothing.
I have an 8gb m2 in there as well and they load fine off of that. Any Ideas?

Auto-Merge: HAHA FIXED IT!
Noticed the GAME folder all of a sudden went missing.
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