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Galaga: Demons of Death

GALAGA - Demons of Death

1. Game Description

Move the fighters right and left and defend against the missiles and
suicide attacks of the Galaga aliens and the Galaga Commander through
infinite levels of play-with every third level having a challenging stage!
Retrieve captured fighters from the descending Galaga Commander
tractor-beam and double your fire power.

Please read this instruction booklet carefully to ensure proper handling of
your new game. Save the booklet for future reference.

2. How to Operate the Controller

A Button & B Button: use to fire the fighter's missiles.
START Button: use to start or stop the game.
SELECT Button: use to select either one or two players.
Control Pad: Use to move the fighter right or left.

When you press "Select" or "Start," you will move to the "Select" screen.
Choose either one player or two players by using the "Select" button, and
then press the "Start" button. The game will now begin.

Pause - If you wish to stop or interrupt play in the middle of a game,
press the Start button. If you press it again, the game will continue.

Even when you press the "Reset" button, the highest score will not
disappear from the screen.

3. How to Play the Game

Score - The player gets points by defeating the "Galaga." Points scored
vary depending on the type of attacks and the condition of the enemy. It
may be in the waiting position, an offensive mode, or flying in formation.

Galaga - It takes two hits for the player to destroy the boss Galaga.
Among the many other "Galagas" is one special hidden "Galaga" which changes
shape and can split into many pieces. Destroy all of the transformed
Galaga, and gain 1,000-3,000 additional bonus points!

Challenging Stage - The player has a chance to obtain bonus points every
third stage. A total of nine different "Galaga" appear on the screen, and
they all fly in unexpected directions. If you destroy all of them 10,000
perfect score bonus points will be added to your score.

Tractor-Beam - When the fighter is struck by the tractor-beam of the boss
Galaga, the fighter will be captured. When the attacking boss "Galaga" is
destroyed any captured fighter will be released and become a dual
fighter-doubling your fire power. (When you are captured and there are no
fighters left, the game is over.)

Hit Ratio - When the game ends, the score board indicates the number of
missiles fired, the number of "Galaga" destroyed and the percentage number
of targets hit.

The number of stages is indicated in the lower right hand corner of the
screen. The number of remaining fighters is indicated on the right side of
the screen.

At scores of 30,000, 70,000, and every 70,000 points thereafter, one
additional fighter is added.

4. Characters

Fighters - Fighters are the spaceships operated by the player. They move
to the right and left and can destroy "Galaga" by firing a series of
missiles. "Dual fighters" can shoot the enemy with two parallel missiles.

Galaga - The "Galaga" are an unknown alien, which has an insect shape.
They fly in formation and begin attacking. The boss "Galaga," in the
highest position, is the only one capable of shooting the tractor-beam. If
the boss "Galaga" is destroyed, the remaining "Galagas" attack power is
temporarily weakened.

5. Winning Strategies

Fire when "Galaga" is weakened (unable to fire missiles) - When the player
destroys the boss "Galaga," the enemy is temporarily weakened. You should
take advantage of this moment and attempt to destroy the remaining
"Galaga." You need only to avoid the "Galaga" crashing into you.

Escape Plans - Attack the right and left sides of the enemy formation while
they are trying to organize to create escape zones for your fighters. If
not, you may be surrounded by the enemy and lose the opportunity to escape.
(Caution: "Galaga" may still attack in the escape zones.)

"Dual fighters" are the key - If you attack with the "dual fighters," your
fire power doubles. When the enemy attack escalates, it will be very
difficult to defend your position or obtain a perfect score - particularly
during the "challenging stage" - without dual fighters.

The Blue Boss is your Best Chance - When you hit the boss "Galaga" with
your missile and turn it blue, it will be easier for you to destroy it even
if it has captured fighters.

Distributed by Bandai America Inc., Cerritos, CA 90701
NES-AG-USA 1981, 1985 Namco, Ltd.

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