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Hello, Dreamcasters! One of my friends has a YouTube channel! And I don't!... :(

He mostly does gaming videos, and sometimes with guests. But other times, he does video blogs and reviews. He uploads a video either daily or once every two days. Who knows, you might start seeing me on the channel. (don't worry, I'll get to that later)

Since he doesn't have a game footage recorder or nothing "fancy" like that, the quality of the games he and his friends play is not the best. But you don't need high quality to enjoy a video, right? Well, maybe in some cases, but here, no.

Now, here's some news you guys will love.I might appear on the channel. Yeah! I might be doing a series on that channel called either "Flashbacks with Hud" or "Retro Replays with Hud". If you couldn't tell from the title, it's about me talking about stuff from the past. Since almost everything on the channel is about modern things, this series will bring more diversity to the channel and help it expand to anything retro.

His YouTube channel name is G.E.N.A.R. It stands for "Games, Entertainment, News and Reviews". Here's a direct link to the channel: King Will
- YouTube

Thanks for reading,
hudsthinking1999 :mrgreen:
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