"Full Option" Dreamcast mini VGABOX

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Hi All,

I'd be interested to know your opinion on this "Full options" mini VGABOX for our cherished Dreamcast ! :mrgreen:

let me explain the particularity of it...

Conventionnal Dreamcast VGABOX do NOT incoporate RGB (Scart) output, but only Composite and S-video. Therefore, when you put your hands on a NON VGA compatible game, you face two options:

1. you switch your conventional VGABOX in "TV mode" and you play through S-video or Composite :sick:

2. you unplug your VGABOX/cable and you put back your old SCART RGB cable which image quality is much better than S-video and Composite

and here we come to the point: this is the main difference of my original VGABOX with others, it incoporates SCART RGB output !
you can thus select the video mode you put the Dreamcast in simply via a tri-state switch (1:VGA, 2:RGB, 3:S-video+Composite)

Moreover, in addition to the classical "line" audio output, this box incoporates an amplifier and +/-volume buttons dedicated to headphones.

here are some pics...

the VGABOX with its SCART cable

audio line output & amplified headphone output (vith +/- volume buttons)

RGB (SCART), S-Video and Composite sockets (from left to right)

Everything connected !

3 positions - "3 colour retro-lit" video mode selection button (1:VGA, 2:RGB, 3:S-video+Composite)

size! (pitty I had no classical VGABOX for comparison when I made the pictures) :mrgreen:

I made 3 prototypes of this mini VGABOX and the design works perfectly !
Sadly, the electronic components inside are quite expensive, the same for the numerous connectors. So I'd like to know if you Dreamcast fans would spend ~60? (production target price) on this item.

depending upon your responses, I might consider to produce it in series...
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