Full brick or semi brick??


Hi all

I have a psp 1000 which belonged to a cousin of mine. Recently,when he turns it on,the green light comes on for about 3 seconds and then gone.

I have a magicstick and a pandora battery so i tried to help. Here's the problem...

I removed his battery and ms and inserted my magicstick and pandora as how it's supposed to with the L button pressed and all. The same thing happens. The light comes on for 3 seconds and then gone.

I tried again but this time with no ms in the slot,just the pandora battery.
This time the light comes on and remains,but the screen remains black. Even the umd won't start.

I have recovered a few PSPs before but this is just different. I cannot access the recovery menu or the XMB. And I do not know which CFW or OFW that he previously had. So is this the full brick or is there still a chance of recovering it?

Please advise...
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