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Buren Wanzer for the OCU story​

Beat the OCU story for the first time.

How to get Alder to join your PARTY​

Alder is at the bar in menasa so go to the bar before you go to the hells wall fight and you talk to him in the bar he says he will join you if you beat him in the arena but don't worry if you lose you can fight him over as many times as you like and thats the way to get alder!

New Wanzers​

To unlock a new Wanzer for both the OCU and USN, beat the corresponding storylines once through.

Next New Game​

Beat the game once.

Sound Test​

Beat the game once.

TCK Assault Wanzer for the USN story​

Beat the USN story for the first time.

x0.5 (overrides x0.8) and x1.5 difficulties​

Beat the game twice.

x0.8 and x1.2 difficulties​

Beat the game once.

x10.0 difficulty​

Beat the game five times.

x2.0 difficulty​

Beat the game three times.

x5.0 difficulty​

Beat the game four times.
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