Frogger: Helmet Chaos (Nintendo DS)

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Afro Wig​

Enter Finnius, Frogger, Frogger, Wani as a password.

Baseball Cap​

Enter Frogger, Frogger, Frogger, Berry as a password.

Bunny Ears​

Enter Lily, Frogger, Frogger, Lumpy as a password.

Camouflage Costume​

Enter Lily, Wani, Lily, Wani as a password.

Cowboy Costume​

Enter Frogger, Lily, Lily, Lily as a password.

Croc Hat​

Enter Lily, Lily, Wani, Lumpy as a password.

Mohawk Wig​

Enter Berry, Lily, Lumpy, Lily as a password.

Pirate Hat​

Enter Frogger, Berry, Finnius, Frogger as a password.

Santa Costume​

Have the Game Boy Advance game Frogger's Adventures: Temple Of The Frog in the cartridge slot.

Santa Hat​

Enter Lily, Lily, Wani, Wani as a password.

Unlock hidden Costumes​

While playing "Frogger: Helmet Chaos" with one of the following GBA games in the second cartrige slot you will unlock hidden costumes in the "Costumes" menu.

With "Frogger's Journey:
The Forgotten Relic" you get the "Punk Costume"

With "Frogger's Adventures 2:
The Lost Wand" you get the "Pirate Costume"
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