FreeDO was planned as commercial for Dreamcast ?!

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Browsing FreeDO forum i came accross at one interesting post from feb.2007:
Hello everybody.
It was long since our last update. As you've probably noticed, i'm not visiting forums as often as before.
There was a lot of load and time pressure in my company. Yet there are some news on FreeDO side.

* we've been approached by far-eastern game publisher, for custom 3DO game ports development. They will be redistributing FreeDO with games for Dreamcast, win32 and MacOS X (UBI)

* for all Dreamcast and MacOSX fans out there -- those 2 ports are ready.
* Currently we're holding the release until game publisher will release their games.
* Despite commercial release of Dreamcast and MacOS X ports, they still be available to download from our web-site for free.
* There will be no difference between commercial and free ports, except for the games, they're tailored for.
* free port will have no extended and improved graphics on selected games. Such games will appear as original 3DO games.
* commercial port will have extended and improved graphics and sounds with attached game.
* At the moment we're developing GP2X port, and soon new board will be opened, specific to this port.
* Win32 release is being updated and scheduled to be released soon.

I cannot help of posting this because it could be awesome... What do you think ?
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