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[h=3]Four Player Adapter[/HEADING]

Typed out by Martin Nielsen


Thank you for purchasing the Four Player Adaptor for the Nintendo GAME BOY
compact video game system. Now you and up to three others can play
simultaneously on specially designed games displaying the Game Link symbol.
Just plug in your GAME BOY systems and get ready for incredible competition
and fun!

To use the Four Player Adaptor, you need:
1. One to four GAME BOY compact video game systems
2. One to four GAME BOY Game Paks of the same title
(one Game Pak for each GAME BOY)


Nintendo Consumer Hotline
Mon.-Sat., 4:00am - 12:00 midnight, Sun., 8:00am - 5:00pm
Pacific time.



1. Make sure the power to all the GAME BOY systems are turned off

2. Insert the light grey connecta plug of the Four Player Adapter into the
first (now called #1) GAME BOY system's EXT. CONNECTOR. This is the same
connector that is normally used for the Game Link cable.
(See Drawing B.)

3. Connect up to three (3) GAME BOY systems (#2, 3 and 4) to the Four Player
Adapter by first plugging one end of a Game Link cable (acoessory #18100,
induded with each GAME BOY when purchased) to the EXT CONNECTOR of each
GAME BOY. Then plug the other end of each of the Game Link cables to The
connector sockets on the Four Player Adapter.
(See Drawing B.)

4. Insert the same Game Pak title into each of the GAME BOY systems.

5. Turn the power to GAME BOY #1 ON first. Then turn the power to the other
GAME BOY systems ON last. (See Drawing C.)

6. For additional instructions, read the Game Pak manual for the game you
are playing.


* Make sure the power switch on the GAME BOY systems are turned off when
connecting or unconnecting any cables or while loading or un-loading the
Game Paks.

* Insert the same title of Game Pak into all the GAME BOY systems.

* After hook-up, make sure that the power to GAME BOY #1 is turned on first.

* Avoid exposure to high temperature, humidity or severe shocks.

* Keep in a clean, dry place. Water or foreign substances in the connectors
or plugs will adversely effect operation.

* Use a soff damp cloth to remove any stains. Do not use abrasives, alcohol
or solvents to clean.

* When disconnecting a cable from any socket, grasp the connector and pull
slowly. DO NOT pull on the cord as damage may result.
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