Fossil Fighters: Champions

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Beat Zongazonga​

After you beat the game, you unlocked Zongazonga's Castle. Once you go in there, Talk to the the staff and pay 3000 G.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Z-ElasmoBeat Zongazonga Again.
Z-PteraBeat Zongazonga Again.
Z-RexBeat Zongazonga Again.
Z-TriceraBeat Zongazonga Again.
ZongazongaBeat Zongazonga Again.

Get all 3 dinurians and dinomaton​

To get all the dinurians you have to go to the multiplayer option and then choose wi-fi connection. There you will see the bonus data option select it and you will get a dragon message (*note. you will only get the dragon message if you already passed the game) When you get the dragon message you go to petrified woods and there you will fight Duna. After you beat her she sends you to hot spring heights to fight Raptin. When you beat him he will send you to fight Dynal in the pyramid this is the last dinurian and when you beat him you get the dinurians.


After beating the game, go back to the Bonehemoth and beat Robinson.


First beat the game. Then meet the requirements.

UnlockableHow to unlock
B-BrachioBeat Lola
B-LambeoBeat Cole
B-PteraBeat Lester
B-RexBeat Lola
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