It's a game i like since i bought my PS3 and i've decide to try hacking something for it cause the codes doesn't seem to work.

These were made with EUR game v1.10 and were testing at prologue from Ellen, didn't try Keith yet to check.
Infinite HP
001448C0 60000000
OGP: 409D0008780B0420B16300004E800020
COP: 409D0008780B0420600000004E800020

Infinite MP
0014490C 60000000
OGP: 409D0008780B0420B16300044E800020
COP: 409D0008780B0420600000004E800020

Max Item on Get(Not seems to be Infinite)
00171B54 60000000
OGP: 7C1F07B42F9F0063409D000C3BE000633B600000
COP: 7C1F07B42F9F0063600000003BE000633B600000

PS: they were tested with Ellen only. They didn't seem to affect enemy(at least) cause i still could kill them with it active(even if they were made noob way), i'll continue trying to give a look on it later, probably items next or karma points if it works the noob way.

Easy Karma Release ON(Only works using Netcheat/CCAPI and in real time modding)
0 0006BC38 3BE00063

Easy Karma Release OFF
0 0006BC38 7C0007B4
Note: It's a change in the area, to always that you absorb an ID, it'll add 99 of that ID. But i'm still trying to figure out how to make this code work without giving illegal commands when return to game menu...(you can pretty much activate it while inside the map, rush farming the ID's you want, save game then close game with XMB option and re-open, because pressing Reset on Start Button/Leaving the map will result on a freeze. Saving the game after farming is ok. It would work with eboot too if i knew how to make a joker though x.x.
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