Flintstones: Treasure Of Sierra Madrock

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final kaoss

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Level 2 With 30 Lives​

Enter the following password:

Left arrow, Left arrow, Barrel down, Gold nugget, Cake.

Right arrow, #3 Egg, Gold nugget, Soda, #3 Egg .

Left arrow, Left arrow, Left arrow, #1 Egg, Cake.

Level 3 With 50 Lives​

Enter the following password:

Cake, #2 Egg, Left arrow, Barrel down, Bowling ball.

Hamburger, Soda, Gray Heart, Right arrow, Barrel up.

Left arrow, Gray Heart, Cake, Bowling ball, Bowling ball.

Level 4 With 64 Lives​

Enter the following password:

Star, Barrel down, Barrel down, Left arrow, Soda.

#3 Egg, #3 Egg, Cake, Cake, Sun.

Hamburger, #3 Egg, Right arrow, Star, Gold nugget.

Level 5 With 80 Lives​

Enter the following password:

Soda, Cake, Gray Heart, Left arrow, Cake.

#1 Egg, #3 Egg, Star, Barrel down, Star.

Barrel up, Sun, Gold nugget, Star, Barrel up.
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