First playable web game on Dreamcast?

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I was playing with the XDP Browser on Dreamcast and was looking if I could find anything cool to do with it. I remembered that in elementary school I would go on this website called funbrain and would play simple math games and some non-educational games one of them being Mighty Guy which was my favorite game, so I tried going on the website and see if the game would play/load up. And to my surprise the game actual did load up but sadly as I tried pressing/clicking the start button to play the game the page would reload. I did notice though when I would but hover over the game screen for it it would highlight it in red and the mouse hand would change like with its index finger pointing on it like advance to the next page/next part. Once I couldn't do anymore with that game I tried another one this time more simple it was a math baseball game where you would just type in the number and click the swing button to advance and it did work, the batter went on base. The last game I tried was Mighty Guy 2 and this one needed a newer version of Adobe Flash Player to play it, I thought this was an interesting thing though to talk about. This does work on dial up too





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