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The following are known Action Replay Codes for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on Nintendo DS (NDS).

Game ID: AXFE-A12C2099

  1. Infinite Gil
    02073618 3b9ac9ff
  2. Infinite Auracite
    1207350c 000003e7
  3. All Standard Espers Enlisted
    2207321c 00000001
    12073220 00000101
    22073223 00000001
    22073224 00000001
    22073228 00000001
    d5000000 00000001
    c0000000 0000001f
    d8000000 020731fa
    d2000000 00000000
  4. Codes for Vaan
  5. Quick Level Up
    2206cecc 000000ff
  6. Max EXP
    0206cecc 3b9ac9ff
  7. Codes for Penelo
  8. Quick Level Up
    2206cefc 000000ff
  9. Max EXP
    0206cefc 3b9ac9ff
  10. Codes for Kytes
  11. Quick Level Up
    2206cf2c 000000ff
  12. Max EXP
    0206cf2c 3b9ac9ff
  13. Codes for Filo
  14. Quick Level Up
    2206cf5c 000000ff
  15. Max EXP
    0206cf5c 3b9ac9ff
  16. Codes for Llyund
  17. Quick Level Up
    2206cf8c 000000ff
  18. Llyud Max EXP
    0206cf8c 3b9ac9ff
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