Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System

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[h=3]New game plus[/HEADING]
UnlockableHow to Unlock
Strong mode
Clear the game once
Weak mode
Clear the Trial mode
Contributed By: sephirosuy.
[h=3]F-I-N-A-L F-A-N-T-A-S-Y Weapons[/HEADING]
These are some of the new weapons added to the International version of Final Fantasy XII. Note that the letter at the end of each weapon name make the words FINAL FANTASY.
Aldebaran YBuy From Bazaar After Selling 8x Earth Crystal, 2x Emperor Scale and 3x Silver Liquid (120000 Gil)
Blood Sword ABuy From Bazaar After Selling 15x Dark Crystal, 3x Vampyr Fang and 2x Solid Stone (4444 Gil)
Dragon Whisker LRare Drop From Evil Spirit (3% Chance)
Durandal ABuy From Bazaar After Selling 4x Ring Wyrm Scale, 1x Leshach Halcyon and 3x Lifewick (21600 Gil)
Gastrophetes SChest on Pharos - Those Who Thirst Not (100%)
Hunter’s Blade FRare Drop From Larva Eater (3% Chance)
Masamune IBuy From Bazaar After Selling 2x Gemsteel, 2x Mallet and 3x Orichalcum (350000 Gil)
Orochi NBuy From Bazaar After Selling 3x Cancer Gem, 2x Coeurl Whisker and 2x Sickle-Blade (90000 Gil)
Sagittarius ABuy From Bazaar After Selling 3x Beastlord Horn, 3x Moon Ring and 4x Sagittarius Gem (100000 Gil)
Scorpion Tail FBuy From Bazaar After Selling 3x Charged Gizzard, 4x Scorpio Gem and 3x Wyrm Bone (70000 Gil)
Volcano TChest on Henne Mines - Phase 2 Shaft (100%)
Whale Whisker NBuy From Bazaar After Selling 4x Aquarius Gem, 3x Corpse Fly and 3x Mythril (60000 Gil)
Contributed By: Z0D1ARK
[h=3]Getting Invisible Equipments[/HEADING]
These equipments are all very rare and powerful, they also can be equiped without having a licence for it (they don't even appear on Licence Board).
Gendarme (Invisible Shield, 90 MAG EVA, 90 EVA, Absorbs all elements))Chest on The Great Crystal - Where You Fight Ultima, the High Seraph (Rare Item, requires Diamond Armlet)
Seitengrate (Invisible Bow, 224 ATK)Chest on Skyferry (Rare Item, requires Diamond Armlet)
Trango Tower (Invisible 1-H Sword, 153 ATK)Chest on Pharos - Subterra (Rare Item, requires Diamond Armlet); Rare Steal From Zodiark (3% Chance)
Contributed By: Z0D1ARK
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