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Unlock Mini Game
While in the Snowcraft on the Snowplains, hold B and press A 22 times to unlock a game of memory.
Re: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • Altair Point of Peril
Similar to the Pravoka enemy area in the first game, FF2 has a place where high-level monsters roam near a town early in the game, resulting in massive death (and XP gain).

From the game's starting point in Altair, head directly South (down) until you hit the very end of the peninsula. The end of the peninsula is 1x3 squares, and by walking on the peninsula, one will encounter very powerful enemies early on in the game.

Some of the monsters encountered on FFII's point of peril:

Black Flan
Red Mousse
Killer Mantis
Behemoth (VERY rare)

Please note that you should not take on these enemies until everyone in your party has at least 300 HP, and until one member of your party has got their Fire, Ice, and Thunder spells to at least level 4.

Fighting these enemies this early on in the game is an excellent way to earn gil (each battle typically yields around 700-1500 gil) or to bring up your party's stats (though brining up your party's stats might be tough if you can't survive one hit). Some handy spells to have while fighting these enemies are Protect, Shell, Blink, and Berserk when you have more powerful weapons, and of course the three basic elementals.
Re: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • Easy Level Gaining
You go in front of one of the treasure chests in one of the places where you find monsters.(Only on certain treasure chests) You`ll find a monster. Then you move away, then go in front of it again,and you`ll end up finding a monster again. Just keep doing it over and over again, fighting and defeating the monsters to gain levels quicker. For example, in the Cavern of Earth B1,go in front of one of the two treasure chests and you`ll find an Earth Elemental 1. Defeat it to claim 384 EXP and 768 gil. Move away from the spot and move back to the spot. You`ll find the same monster again, and defeat it to claim the same experience and gil. This is also a way to get loads of money. Repeat this strategy to gain levels quicker.
Re: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • Easy items+weapons
This isn't a cheat but in final fantasy 2 when you get minwu go to fynn and use his magic move protect on your strongest person(must be in front every one else in back) now u are almost invincible and when u kill the captain guy u can get the flaming bow,(best weapon ive seen)golden armor,curse tome,or toad tome,and lots of exp(stats point things) easiest way to kill him is with,fire,blizzard,etc
Re: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • FF1 Mini Game
While on the ship, hold down A and keep tapping B. Soon, a sliding tile minigame will appear. The aim of the game is to put the numbered tiles in order from 1 to 15. If you do well, you gain items and money.
  • Final Fantasy 9 Reference
In the Water shrine, go in it and find the area with all the dancers. Talk to alot of them and you should hear some say something about the Tatarus theater and the "I want to be your canary" play which is all Zidanes theater group in FF9!
  • Final Fantasy II Leveling Up
In Final Fantasy II, there is no way to really "level up". Instead, there is a realistic stat system that makes you stronger in certain areas based on how you fight. There is an easy way to manipulate magic and weapon levels in this game.

When you enter a battle, select the spell (or, if you wish to strengthen your weapon proficiency, select attack) you wish to level up and confirm your target(s). When your next character comes up, press B to go back to the person you are working with. Continue this as long as you wish to easily gain a level with your magic and/or weapons. Note that you can only level up each spell and weapon skill one time in every battle.
Re: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • Here lies Link
In Final Fantasy I when you visit Elfheim, press A on the left most tombstone behind the inn. It will say "Here lies Link." Link being the famous elf star of the Legend of Zelda series.
  • Reference
In Hellfire Chasm, on the floor that has lots of NPC's blocking your path, one of them tells you, "This is private property. Trespassers will be burninated!"
  • Kingdom Hearts
Not really anything special, a reference to Kingdom Hearts. On the 27th Floor of the Whisperwind Cove is a boy in "toy Town" (the place with all the houses, in and out) The character with blonde hair says, "I've Been having these weird thoughts lately..". Just like the Intro to Kingdom Hearts.
  • Map Screen
Press B + Select on the map screen to view the World Map. This shows your position and locations.
  • New Game+
Beat the game once and wait until it tells you to save after the credits.
  • Peninsula of Power
This 2x2 piece of land is Northeast of the town of Pravoka. From Pravoka, head South to the mountains, then East until you see a dock, then from there, head North. The monsters you can find is a whole lot stronger then ordinary monsters around. Other then leveling up skills quickly, the equipments the monsters drop is the best you can get for quite a while; Winter Wolf drops the Ice Shield! Minotaur Zombie drops the Great Axe.
Re: Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls

  • Peninsula of Power 2
In Final Fantasy 2 go down from the first town to a peninsula and move around till a foe come out. There you fight very hard foes like Brains. You get major stat boosts if you survive. Great if you started a new file.
  • Ride a Chocobo
In Final Fantasy II, directly South of Kashuan Keep is a forest, and within the forest is a small patch of grass. Walk over the grass to enter the hidden Chocobo's Forest, a large field of grass. If you find a Chocobo in it, you can ride it.
  • Secret Dungeons
Defeat the four fiends to unlock each new dungeon. Each features random maps, exclusive items, and bosses from other Final Fantasy Games. Beating all four fiends before venturing into the dungeons is recommended.

Lifespring Grotto - Defeat Kraken. Located near the canal by Melmond.
Earthgift Shrine - Defeat Lich. Located near Temple of Chaos.
Hellfire Chasm - Defeat Marilith. Located in the Dragon Islands.
Whisperwind Cove - Defeat Tiamat. Located in the rivers near the Ice Cave.
  • Soul of Rebirth
After you've completed the main story, an additional option will appear at the Final Fantasy II main menu. Select Soul of Rebirth to begin a new journey.
  • Tile Game
In FF II there is a match-the-faces tile game that gives items and cash prizes. When you are on the ice sled, hold A and keep pressing B to bring up the game.
  • Toad Mini-Game
If someone in your party has the Toad spell and levels it up to level 16 - the snowcraft mini-game will change to the Toad mini-game. The difference is that you get better items/gil and if you can finish the mini-game with no misses, then you will get the almighty Masamune sword. You can also get other powerful items such as the Genji armor/gloves.
  • Tougher Monk/Master
In FF1 it says the monk and master specialize in "bare knuckled attacks" and it isnt jokin'. Take the weapon off your monk or master and they should be a lot stronger.
  • Trance Kuja FF9 Reference
In the whisperwind cove, on the floor where you must find a certain boy, there is one boy that says he wants a "Trance Kuja" doll.
  • Trogdor
In ff1 go to the Hellfire Chasm. When your in the room with a crapload of people one of them says "Private Property Violators will be burninated" which might be a reference to's Trogdor the Burninator.
  • Unlimited super weapons and items
Every time you go trough one of the elemental caves you find accessories and weapons that can be used during combat as an item. But the thing is that you can go back and finish over and over those caves to get an unlimited supplies of Healing Staffs, Lightbringer,Rune Axe and or other powerfull weapons except the ultima weapon unfortunatly. It's long but it's worth it at the end.
  • Unlock Sound Test
Beat Final Fantasy 1 and 2 once to unlock a sound test.
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