Final Fantasy 4 save game please?


This is the second PSXtoPSP game ive had problems with.
I found that Final Fantasy 4's music glitches after the scene where Golbez shows himself for the first time; Baron's attack on Fabul. Not only that, the gameplay itself slows down to about 50-60% and when you try to save, it freezes as youre selecting which memory card to save to. I cant get cwcheats to work at all so i cant do that save game trick that involves PC-PSX emulators.
heres my questions:

1. can anyone give me a saved game (psp compatible of course) for after the attack on Fabul?

2. can anyone give me a saved game for Jade Cocoon (psp compatible of course) for after the dragonfly forest, the second dungeon?

sorry. ignore this thread people and, admins, delete if you want. i got cwcheats working now. im gonna attempt to convert my psx emu save data to psp
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