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Geting through South Figaro

When you are at South Figaro with just the thief this part isn't too easy to figure out. What yeah have to do is talk to the merchant in the potion shop and he will fight you. Use steal until you steal something and then you will steal his cloths too. The merchant will run off leaving you with his cloths. You put them on then talk to the little kid in the old mans house. He will let you pass because you look like a merchant. Go out the back door and to the merchant that has cider. Talk too him and he will battle you. Beat him and steal his cider. Bring it too the old man and he will tell you about the secret password is but he forgets. Go down to the kid again and he will ask you what the password is. I forgot what the password is though I know it is the one in the middle. So he shows you the secret place that lets you go past the guards. Then find a yellow troop and fight him. Steal his cloths also so you can walk by the guards. You get in the rich mans house some way. I think by talking to the guard in the front door. find the room that is drafty and go behind the book case by the two beds. Go to the first door and general Celes will be there after the movie thing go in and un chain her. Talk to the guard and you can steal the clock key. Go to the very far door and click on one of the clocks and it will open up a secret door go to the end of it and get out of South Figaro safely.
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Beating the Katana Soul

When in the ancient castle, you will come across a monster in a chest named Katana Soul. Just confuse him with a spell or the Noiseblaster and he will kill himself instantly with Slayeredge.
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Gau tips

Did you know that Gau is actually one of the best characters early in the game? As soon as you acquire him, MAKE SURE he learns the rages of the Trilium, Ghost, and Stray Cat. Why?! Because the Trilium's Rage, Bio, is VERY useful in Zozo, where ALL the enemies are weak against poison! The Ghost's rage, Bolt 2, is good in the Magitek Factory, since all the enemies there are weak against lightning. Finally, the Stray Cat's rage, Catscratch, does roughly 4x the damage that Gau normally does when he attacks! Definitely one of Gau's most powerful rages! On your next visit to the Veldt, try to get the Aspik's rage, Giga Volt (it's about 1.5x-2x as strong as Bolt 2). When you're given the option of returning to the airship from the Floating Continent, say "yes" if you've fought at least 1 Behemoth. Then, return to the Veldt for it's rage, Meteor (at this point, one of your strongest spells is Bolt 2, which does roughly 1/2 the damage of Meteor (1/4 if you target multiple enemies)). As you can see, having Gau in your party will all the rages above will make the first half of the game much easier.
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Tentacles in Figaro Castle

An easy way to defeat the 4 tentacles in Figaro Castle is to first have Edgar use his Bio Blaster tool ASAP! Next, try to cast Regen on everyone (to counter the damaging effects of the tentacles), and each time someone is released from one of the tentacles, have them cure themselves back to Max. health. That's it. The tentacles will all be poisoned from the Bio Blaster, and once the poison starts doing 1000+ damage, the tentacles will die very quickly. If one of them absorbs the poison (I'm pretty sure none of them did), then after the other 3 tentacles die, cast Antidote on it, and then just fight it normally.
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Tip on Kefka tower

When fighting the tower of enemies before Kefka in the final battle, the first thing you should do is have someone with X Magic first cast Haste2, then Regen on his or herself, followed by all the other characters casting Regen on themselves as well. You may even want to cast Safe and Shell on everyone, too. I guarantee you'll find the last battle much easier if you do this (unless you already do this).
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Get both the Genji Glove and Gauntlet from Banon

We all know how to get a Genji Glove at the returner's hideout instead of a Gauntlet but there's actually a way to get both. Reject Banon's offer once then go to the top room with 3 chests and talk to the returner there. He'll give you the Genji Glove. Then accept Banon's offer and receive the Gauntlet when you escape down the river.
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Cast five spells per turn

To cast five spells per turn, equip a character with the Gem Box relic, and on his/her turn, cast the first spell, then Quick. Then you can cast four more spells. You can use this as an opportunity to Regen your whole party, casts Haste and Slow spells, Life3 your entire party, or cause much damage to the attacking party. It would be wise to equip this character with an Economizer so that MP won't be drained.
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Learn spells without gaining levels

If you want characters to learn spells without gaining levels, go to the Veldt or the Fanatics' Tower and fight monsters. You will not gain any exp. points in either of these locations. The Veldt is also a good place to uncurse cursed items, steal and Metamorph enemies to get items, and learn Lore spells. Many Lore spells can be learned from Gau's Rages and Relm's Sketch/Control.
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Opera script

Here is the complete Opera script. If it's in [] that means that's the correct choice.

[Oh my hero], so far away now, will I ever see you smile. Love goes away, like light into day, it's just a fading dream. [I'm the darkness], you're the stars, our love is brighter then the sun, for eternity, for me, there can be only you, my chosen one... [Must I] forget you, our Solemn promise? Will autumn take the place of spring? What shall I do without you. Speak to me once more.

By this time a man will have came out. talk to him, then follow him around. he will turn into flowers. press A on the flowers then climb to the top and walk to the end. you will get a party invitation.

Locke will be watching from the side. Get the letter. It is from Ultros. Tell the owner and you will have 5 minutes. go to the very right and talk to the stage manager. (The guy in the control room. press A on the far right switch. go to the left and you'll be on the frame-work. You'll have to fight Were Rats and others before you get to Ultros. When I did it, I used Locke, Sabin, and Edgar.
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Level up in the World of Ruin

How to make level gaining a little easier in the World of Ruin: Have 3 characters + the character you want to gain levels with. Cast stone/petrify on all characters except the one you plan to gain levels with. Now put 2 exp. eggs on the person who is gaining levels. Fight in the forest of dinosaurs to get heaps of experience. The dinosaurs will usually fight the petrified people (which takes out an affordable 0 HP), so you will not have to worry too much about getting hurt.
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Where is the secret button that opens the passage in the underground castle

To activate the secret button that opens the passage you first must enter the main throne room. This is straight north of the main entrance. Then, you must walk up the two thrones (You must have taken the statue, who is the magicite), and then stand in front of the Right throne (your view) and walk five steps down. You should be on the third set of stairs from the top. Now press A. You should hear a 'Thump'. Go down a little, and to the right to where the passage is. You will see a set of stairs. That is where is secret passage is.
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Cyan's Dream

In Cyan's Dream, if you take in Terra, she will have all of her formally Magitek powers, Tekmissle, Xfer, etc. And if Gogo goes in (I believe that they both have to go in) a bit later in the dream, sometime after the Magitek part, Gogo will appear in a Magitek suit. This is simply a glitch I believe, because he can't use it and it will disappear in a bit. It's very strange though! And remember meeting Seigfried in the Coliseum? His double will fight you if you bet the Megaelixier.
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Heal rod

Many people don't realize the potential of the heal rod. All you have to do is switch weapons in battle to get it when you are low on HP and hit yourself, then just switch back. Plus, undead enemies are hurt a lot from this. Also, Umaro has MP but can't use magic. Use this to your advantage by cast Osmose on him when you need MP (Note: if Gau just rages, do this to him to). Last, there are two versions (probably more) of the game. In the early one it is easy to glitch, game genie works, and you can morph/steal certain things. Morphing boxed sets gives you gem boxes and samuria's yield offerings. You can steal a Ragnorok/Atma weapon from doom in Kefka's tower. In the new version, it is the opposite. Also you can only steal the swords from the final battle. There are other minor differences. In other words, hope that you have the old version, it is much easier.
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Invincible character

How to make an invincible character (while I list several ways, only one can be FULLY done at a time, but you could do a partial way): Equip Celes, Locke, or Terra with 2 of the following: an Illumina (bet Ragnarok at the colosseum, my 1st choice), Ragnarok (in Narsh weapon shop WOR or stolen in the final battle, my second choice), Atma weapon (always 9999 hp if your over level 80, stolen in final battle, and found in the sealed gate, for any time you don't have the other two), and Valient knife (causes 8,000 hp and up at level 80 depending on how hurt you are, found in Fenix cave, only use with Locke, and if you got the esper instead of the sword). Have Genji Armor and a Circlet (while it is bad for defense, you'll never be hit with the Illumina equipped and this puts up stats). Last have a Genji Glove and an Offering (all previous amounts I gave on damage were per hit with an offering equipped). Now ANY person in the game will die in a hit if you're at a high level. Alternately, equip Mog with an Aura Lance (beat Poltergiest in Kefka's Tower) or a Pearl Lance if you don't have an Aura Lance. The Paladin Shield (get a Cursed Shield in Narshe and wear it for 255 battles strait, I recommend on the velt), a Circlet, a Snow Muffler (he only takes 5 HP damage the most with this and a Paladin Shield, bet a Behemoth suit at the Colosseum), Gem Box (top of Fanatics Tower), and an Economizer (randomly win one from a Brontosaur, or steal one in the Fenix Cave). Also, know Ultima (or Merton) and quick. Now start a battle and cast Ultima (Merton) and then quick. Now either heal your whole party or cast Ultima (Merton) 4 more times. And, you'll never get hit (thanks to the Paladin Shield) and if you do, you don't take damage (thanks to the Snow Muffler).
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Get a Tintinabar

Here is how you can get another Tintinabar in the world of Balance. Once you have the Airship and at least 3000 GP to spare fly to Mobliz and read the letter from Lola to the soldier. Then send one for him to Maranda. Fly there and talk to Lola. Fly back to Mobliz, stay at the inn and another letter should arrive. Continue to do this, you should end up sending: a letter, a record, some tonic, another letter, and a Book. After sending the book, sleep in the inn one more time, then talk to the soldier. He will thank you for sending all the stuff in his name and give you another Tintinabar.
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Location of Shadows dreams

There are seven of Shadows dreams! Here are the locations:

1) Thamasa
2) Jidoor
3) Collesium
4) South Figaro
5) Narshe
6) Koholing
7) Vector
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Darill's Tomb tip

In Darill's Tomb where you find the Airship for the World of Ruin. There is a tomb stone you carve "The world is square" in backwards it will tell you where the Exp. Egg is in the Tomb. The correct order for the carving would be 1.WETH 2.DLRO 3.QSSI 4.ERAU.
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Warp out of the Phoenix Cave

You can find a warp out of the Phoenix Cave near the Red Dragon. It looks like a red save point.
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20,000 experience

To get level ups quickly go to the island with Doma Castle on it and wear the Experience Egg and cast the spell Vanish on your character. Also, bring one person and the only thing that would hurt you is Lifeshaver cast by Tumberweed. Every battle will give you about 20,000 experience.
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Drainer Sword

When you are Celes and your ask to save her little boy. On the first floor bottom right hand corner of this floor you will find a Drainer Sword.
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Attack first

At the end of a fight, the battle gauges will still go up while it shows how much exp. you gained. If you wait for the gauges to go all the way up, then in your next fight you'll get the first attack.
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How to get Raiden

Take a ride on the Figaro castle, next, select stop and explore. Then go on the path through the prison keep exploring until you reach the underground castle. Find Odin the Esper learn his spell, Meteor. Come back and take 6 steps from the left chair and press "A". If you here a loud noise then go in the library take the steps down and then talk to the statue. Odin will gain a level and become Raiden!
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Special attack

When a character is low on HP, their is a small chance that they'll do a "special" attack that does a lot of damage and looks cool. It can only be done if the character is using FIGHT when their HP is low. It is very random. It's going to be: Character/name of the attack/what it looks like

Terra - Riot Blade - Green, half moons hit enemy
Locke - Mirager- Jumps toward enemy and makes the sound of the "Bumrush"
Edgar - Royal Shock - Light rays hit enemy
Sabin - Tiger Break - Leaps toward enemy in a tiger head
Celes - Spin Edge - Attacks enemy with sword like a chainsaw
Cyan - BackBlade - Jumps at enemy, screen turns black, and you see a sword slice Mog - Moogle Rush - Similar to Sabin's pummel
Setzer - Red Card - Throws three sets of cards at enemy
Shadow - Shadow Fang - Jumps on, and slashes the enemy
Relm - Star Prism - Three orange stars spin around the enemy, killing it
Strago - Sabresoul - Jumps at the enemy with a sword slash, killing it
Gogo - X-Meteor - A gigantic meteor hits the enemy

Gau and Umaro can't do these attacks since they don't have a FIGHT command.
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Strago's Lore, and what enemies you can learn them from

Aqua Rake - Chimera, Rhyos, Vectagoyle, Anguiform, Darkforce, Actaneon, Enuo, BlueDrgn, Suriander
Aero- Harpy, Darkforce, Sprinter, Tyranosaur, StormDrgn, Rhyos, Poltrgeist, Doomgaze
Big Guard - Dark Force, Earth Guard, Guardian, Mover
Blow Fish - Cactrot, Brain Pan, Dark Force, KatanaSoul, Phase, Phunbaba, Presenter
Clean Sweep - Atma, BlueDrgn, Dark Force, Enuo
Condemned - Critic, Dark Force, Nerapa, Still Life, Veteran
Dischord - Chaser, Crawler, Dark Force, Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Pipsqueak, Scullion
Exploder - Balloon, Bomb, Dark Force, Grenade, Junk, Pipsqueak, Scullion
Force Field - Brachosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Grease Monk, Master Pug, Mesosaur, Pug, Tom Thumb
Grand Train - Hidon
L.3 Muddle - Apokryphos, Dark Force, Dante, Goblin
L.4 Flare - Apokryphos, Dark Force, Dueller, Goblin, Trapper
L.5 Doom - Dark Force, Didalos, Dueller, Goblin, Sky Base, Trapper
L? Pearl - Critic, Dark Force, Dullahan, Innoc
Pearl Wind - Abolisher, Curley, Dark Force, Ogor, Peepers, Sprinter, StormDrgn, Vectaur
Pep Up - Dark Force, Flan,Intagir, Junk,Muus
Quasar - Dark Force
Reflect?? - Dark Force
Revenge - Borras, Dark Force, Dragon, Gigantos, Pan Dora
Rippler - BlueDrgn, Dark Force, Enou, Atma
Roulette - Critic, Dark Force, Pipsqueak, Veteran
Sour Mouth - Dark Force, Evil Oscar, Mad Oscar
Step Mine - Brachosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Grease Monk, Master Pug, Mesosaur, Pug, Tom Thumb
Stone- 1st Class, Brawler, Dark Force, Guardian, Iron Fist, Poppers
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Play with ghosts

When you first enter the Phantom Train go to the rear car. Talk to the ghost and he will help you through the train. You can have two ghosts without Shadow and one ghost with him.
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Character Stats

Name: Age: Height: Weight:

Terra Banford 18 5'7 105 lbs.
Locke Cole 25 5'9 147 lbs.
Mog 11 4' 94 lbs.
Edgar Roni Figaro 27 6'2 169 lbs.
Sabin Rene Figaro 27 6'3 233 lbs.
Cyan Garamonde 50 5'10 158 lbs.
Gau1 35 '3 69 lbs.
Celes Chere 18 5'9 165 lbs.
Setzer Gabbiani 27 5'9 136 lbs.
Shadow ?? 5'10 145 lbs.
Relm Arrowny 10 5' 88 lbs.
Strago Magus 70 4'11 94 lbs.
Gogo ?? 5'5 132 lbs.
Umaro 46 '10 436 lbs.
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9999 on Kefka

When fighting Kefka try equipping a Genji Glove and Offering, and the Atma Weapon and Manslayer. 9999 every hit.
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Get the Experience Egg over and over

Here's a way to get the Experience Egg's as many times as you want! Just get as much megaelixers as you can. Then go to the colosseum and bet them. Each time you win you get a Tintanabar. Bet them and each time, you win you get an Experience Egg each time.
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Do easy blitzes

To do easy blitzes, you can just do a combo of directions.
For Aura Bolt push D, D, T.
For the Fire Dance push T, T, D, D, A.
For the Air Blade push U, U, A, A, D, D, T.
For the Bum Rush push T, T, U, U, A, A, D, D, T.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

See all of Shadow's cut scenes

In the World of Ruin, if you've saved Shadow, go to Doma and sleep there with Shadow in your party. You'll see all of Shadow's cut scenes. The first one won't appear until your second nap.
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Moogle Charm tip

Right when you find Mog in the World of Ruin, stand in the spot he was standing, face the wall, and press A. You'll find the Moogle Charm which will prevent random enemies from attacking. After that, go immediately to Kefka's tower. Send over three parties of one person each (with Mog as one of the parties) and equip Mog with the Moogle Charm. Then loot Kefka's tower. You'll have to do it 3 times in order to get as many of the treasures as you can without using the other parties. I recommend you do this ASAP, as it really helps with everything else!
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Dice and Fixed Dice tip

Many people are turned off by Dice and Fixed Dice (these are in Kefka's tower, see hint above) since it puts your Battle Power at 19. However, when Setzer can do 9999 damage with the Fixed Dice, and he can do the same with regular dice at a higher level! The way these work is when Setzer rolls the dice, the higher the numbers on the dice and the higher his level, the more damage you'll do! Once you have the Offering and a Genji Glove, put it on Setzer, give him fixed dice and the dice, and go fight Tyranos and Brachiosaurs in the dino forest.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Snow Muffler

Fight the Behemoth Sr. in the Veldt in the World of Ruin to get and Behemoth Suit, the strongest armor for Strago and Relm. Bet the Behemoth suit to get the Snow Muffler in the Colosseum.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

99 Gengi Gloves

You must have the Ragnarok esper in order to do this. Go to South Figaro Castle and in the basement where you can fight. Use Ragnarok to turn the enemies into items. Some of them will give you a Gengi Glove. You can have up to 99 Gengi Gloves!!!
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Hidden Memento Ring

I found another Memento Ring in the second story of Strago's house. If you look up against the wall on the left side and press "A" you will eventually find it. This comes in handy if you save shadow cause he can wear it too.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Ragnarok Sword and Cursed shield

While in Narshe in the World of Ruin, go to the store with the bed in it (not the INN) and talk to the guy in the bed. There are 2 shops like this. One guy gives you the Cursed shield, and one guy asks you if you want him to make a sword out of the magicite "Ragnarok." The Ragnarok Magicite will let you learn Ultima, but tell the guy to make it into a sword. You get the Ragnarok Sword. Bet it at the colosseum and you will get the Illumina Sword. With the cursed shield, equip a person on your team with the "Ribbon" relic and equip the same person with the cursed shield.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Steal Megalixers

Form a team with Locke in the group. Go to the Island on the World of Ruin where you start, and fight the monsters with 1 HP. Have Locke steal from some of them, and you can steal Megalixers! This is very helpful at Kefka's tower.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Hidden items

After the imperial banquet, if Gestahl opens the weapons storage, there is a Flame Sabre in the stove AND, an Elixir hidden in the lower-right hand corner. Also, in Kefka's Tower there is a room with a hero ring. There is some kind of machine in the lower part of this room, and below that is a LONG passage that leads to an Aegis Shield. There is a White Cape in the Returners Hideout, in the Northern room go behind the crates, there is a hidden passage to the right. When you fight the first time with Locke and the Moogles, Mog is in one of the parties. Just before this battle is over unequip Mogs Mithrill Shield and Pike. Edgar can use the Pike and the shield will also help. When the first airship first crashes, you can see a cut scene in the engine room about Daryl.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Win an Econimizer

Fight a Brachosaur in the forest north of the velt to win an Econimizer (he has around 55,000 HP, so cast something like Vanish and X-Zone or Doom.)
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Zozo clock

The time of the clock in Zozo is 6:10:50.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Get a Genji Glove from Banon

In the returner cave when Banon asks you "Will you become our last ray of hope?" Say no. Then leave the screen come back again and he asks you "Will you become our last ray of hope?" Say no. Leave the screen and come back again and he will ask you again. Say no again and instead of the other relic, he will give you the Genji Glove!!
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Peace talk questions

Here are the answers that give you the best results at the peace talk dinner.

Question 1 For country.
Question 2 Jail Kefka.
Question 3 Can't be forgiven.
Question 4 Celes is an alley.
Question 5 Ask all three questions, but don't ask a question more than once.
Question 6 Esper's are to strong.
Question 7 Do rest.
Question 8 End war.
Question 9 Do go together to Albrook.
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Tzen and Espers

To save money, don't buy the esper behind the building in Tzen, wait until the World of Ruin and they will cost a lot less!!!
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Atma weapon

Need the Atma weapon? This is how to get it: it is in the cave of the Sealed Gate. You have to hit every switch you see in the cave to get this awesome weapon that does more damage when you have a lot more hp. The cave is located next to the Imperial Camp.
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How to enter Kefka's Tower

When you are ready to go to Kefka's Tower land your airship ON-TOP of the tower. You cannot land next to it and walk in.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Mage Master tip

To easily muddle the Mage Master, use Beserk on him early in the fight so he can't cast spells on you and terminate your existence.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Fighting the Phantom Train

To end the Phantom Trains reign of pain very quickly, use Revivify or phoenix Down on him and he will automatically die.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Attack eight times

If you equip both the Offering and the Genji Glove to a character, he will attack 8 times every round! 4 times with one arm, and 4 times with the other.
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Chest tip

When you first go to South Figaro, don't pick up any of the chests in the cave you go through. Then, after you first get Celes and have to go the other way, pick up all the chests. One of the treasures will be the Thunder Rod. Use this against the Tunnel Armr and it will be defeated in one shot!!
RE: Final Fantasy 3

Cure Ring tip

You can equip the Cure Ring to counter the effects of the Thornlet.
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