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Hey all.

In the dungeon: "thE rZA! You as a brave fighter will reach the next level. Uuaaaaaaahhh. *Katzing*" *g

I tried to repack some of my original GDIs for fun and pleasure. I don't remember which bridge I took. But I could do a working Marine Fishing NTSC for SD. Changed nothing. Just repacked.

So I want to it with Bass Fishing PAL, too. It didn't work yet. Black screen.

Q: If I extract IP.BIN and create DUMMY.DAT must it be placed into DATA folder? And manualy edit the order.txt like so AFTER resorting?

..>/DUMMY.DAT 30002 <<<< 1st line
..>/IP.BIN 30001 <<<<< 2nd line

And then MKISOFS?

Q2: How can I find out the LBA value of Track03.iso? I ripped my org disks with Dshell. I think Marine has 45000. Others create 0 kb files if I use 45000. Could be 11702 or something....

Q3: Is patching IP (or 1ST_....) with 96 00 00 00 two times A MUST? Or can I leave this step out?

Sorry for beeing a noob.
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