Fast Striker for the Dreamcast Now Available for Pre-Order

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I was kind of surprised to see this hadn't been posted yet, Fast Striker a game by the NGDev is now available for pre-order.

There is a regular edition, and a limited edition. The limited edition will have a soundtrack bonus disc and probably like a poster or something. Who knows.

They do have different box art too.

Anyway, you can buy them separately, or together. If you buy them together they give you a discount, so I went for it.

The link here: NG:DEV.DIRECT

Assuming they actually release it in December of 2010, then that will mark the only Dreamcast release of the year, and if that happens it will mean that at least one game a year has been released since 1998. If not, 2010 will mark the darkest year in Dreamcast history.

Any-who, go buy the game guys.
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