F-Zero Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

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  • Delete saved games
Hold L + R and turn on the Game Boy Advance. Select "Yes" at the prompt to delete your game saves.
  • Demo Mode
At the title screen, press select.
  • Demonstration mode
Press Select at the title screen.
  • Dirty Joker
Win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks under the standard difficulty setting.
  • Falcon Mk.II
Win any set of tracks while playing the expert difficulty setting.
  • Faster Cars
Press A, B, Left Trigger, A, A, Right Trigger, B.
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  • Fighting Comet
Win the Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Queen tracks while playing the master difficulty setting.
  • Get Queen mode
To get queen mode, beat all the expert settings on pawn, knight, and bishop. Now, when you go to the course select, it'll be there.
  • Hint: Turn sharply
Press A repeatedly while turning to turn without hitting the forcefield.
  • In-game reset
Press Select + Start + A + B during game play.
  • Jet Vermilion
You can unlock Jet Vermilion by unlocking all other cars and completing championship mode 255 times. Or beat every series on Master Class with all other racers.
  • Master difficulty setting
Win the Pawn, Knight, or Bishop series under expert difficulty level in grand prix mode to unlock the master difficulty for that series.
Re: F-Zero

  • Open All Tracks
Press B, Left Trigger, B, A, Right Trigger, B, B, A, A.
  • Password Screen
At the machine selection screen in grand prix mode, press L, R, Start, R, L, Select.
  • Silver Thunder
Win the Queen tracks while playing the expert difficulty setting.
  • Slower Opponents
A, Right Trigger, L, B, A, A, B, Left Trigger.
  • Soft reset
Hold down the A, B, Start and Select buttons.
  • Stingray
Win the Pawn, Knight and Bishop tracks under the expert difficulty setting.
  • Unlock Championship Mode
Not to be confused with the standard Grand Prix Mode, Championship is a hidden option that lets you race a Time Attack challenge against a ghost car on a specialy Synobazz track. The mode also offers the ability to see a replay of the winning run, complete with button commands display. To unlock it, register your name in the rankings of every race in every series.
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