F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

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Alternate main menu​

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Project Harbinger" main menu background.

Easy "Deadly Ballet" and "Raining Men" trophies​

In Mission 11 - "Keegan", after the firefight outside ends, follow Keegan. Go through the door, and jump down to train tracks. A group of rats will run toward you. Activate slow-mo, then throw a grenade towards the charging rats to get the "Deadly Ballet" and "Raining Men" trophies.

F.E.A.R. reference​

In the underground lab beneath the school, the room with the Reflex Injector hidden under the mechanical arm is a lab assigned to an "N. Mapes", senior software engineer. This is a reference to Norton Mapes in the original F.E.A.R., the computer whiz who tries to evade you.

Intel locations​

Search the following locations to find the corresponding Intel:

Mission 1 - "Sanctuary"
Intel 1: "Security Concern" under "Genevieve Aristide". After Stokes mentions the elevator lock down, look behind her on a cabinet.

Intel 2: "I.M. Transcript #1" under "Genevieve Aristide". At the second area after exiting the elevator, there will be soldiers jumping down the balcony. The intel is below the balconies by the door where Stokes breaks the lock, opening the gate for you to pass through.

Intel 3: "Bad News" under "Project Origin". Immediately after Intel 2, go through the door and look on the table on the left. It is across from a blue and red painting.

Intel 4: "Good Luck" under "Project Harbinger". After sprinting from the helicopter, Genevieve Aristide will start complaining. The Intel is on a table between chairs across from a balcony, surrounded by red ropes. It is across from a violin painting.

Intel 5: "Termination Notice" under "Genevieve Aristide". After the pool cutscene, a soldier talks about programs. There is Intel in the middle of the room where you fight the speaker and his fellow soldiers. It is near the bar/kitchen across the living room with the big television and speakers.

Intel 6: "To-Do List" under "Genevieve Aristide". Immediately after Intel 5, go up the stairs and to the right on the floor after killing the man who kicks the door open. It is near a knocked down shelf and a headless and armless statue.

Intel 7 and 8: "Info: SFC Keegan" and "Info: SGT Becket" under "Project Harbinger". After closing the music player, seeing the illusion, and watching the bookcases open, there will be two Intels; one on the floor and the other on a cabinet directly in front of you.

Mission 2 - "Awakening"
Intel 9: "Memo: M. Becket" under "Hospital". After waking from the surgery, there is a folder holder on the wall across from you by the door you need to use to exit.

Intel 10: "Info: 1SG Griffin" under "Project Harbinger". Just before seeing adult Alma at the corner, turn left into a hallway, then turn right into another patient's room. It is in front of the closet.

Intel 11: "Info: SGT Jankowski" under "Project Harbinger". When reaching the blocked double doors, go around to the left. Enter the room with a lot of machines and boxes, then turn left again to enter a blood covered bathroom floor. Go through it, then go left again to find it on a counter.

Intel 12: "Surgical Notes" under "Hospital". Enter the dead end room with a florescent light hanging down. It is on a knocked over cabinet. The room is next to the bigger room with two sets of double doors.

Intel 13: "Check The News" under "Hospital". After Intel 12, you will watch a body fall in slow motion from above. Enter the small room next to the two bathrooms upstairs to find it on the computer desk.

Intel 14: "Urgent Warning" under "Armacham". After seeing Genevieve again, enter another lab to find the Intel.

Intel 15: "Info: 1LT Stokes" under "Project Harbinger". Look in the women's bathroom stall where the bloody footprints lead. This is in the room where the three ATC officers are trying to get to the woman in the locked office. This is behind that and where you jump down.

Intel 16: "Diode Implants" under "Hospital". After the battle where you acquire the shotgun, there is a computer desk with the Intel. It is located across from a painting of a skull and brain, just before the morgue.

Intel 17: "Admitting Patients" under "Hospital". After going in the elevator, take a right and then the first right. The Intel is in the left cubicle opposite the bloody body cubicle.

Intel 18: "Evacuation Point" under "Project Origin". You will reach a point where Fox speaks of a woman. Locate the two elevators (one is pried open). Across from those is a desk and a wall. Behind the wall is a vent. Go through the vent to enter a room with the Intel.

Intel 19: "T.A.C. Overview" under "Hospital". After the chamber cutscene, go through the stairwell, and look on the railing.

Mission 3 - "Discovery"
Intel 20: "Demolition Plan" under "Armacham". Search the monitor room upstairs after the big battle.

Intel 21: "I.M. Transcript #3" under "Genevieve Aristide". After obtaining the flamethrower, there will be a blocked hallway. Follow the bloody trail to find the Intel.

Intel 22: "I.M. Transcript #2" under "Genevieve Aristide". Enter the room that has an "X" on the outside wall, next to the two soldiers investigating the headless body. The Intel is in the rear by a monitor.

Intel 23: "Dp Guidelines" under "Armacham". It is found directly across from the window when you see an Abomination crawling towards the soldiers.

Mission 4 - "Withdrawal"
Intel 24: "Info: SGT Fox" under "Project Harbinger". It can be found directly in front of you, through the double sliding doors, behind the dead man on the counter.

Intel 25: "Info: SGT Morales" under "Project Harbinger". After a series of similar rooms, you will enter a room with a corpse in red. The Intel is by the body.

Intel 26: "Harbinger Failures" under "Project Harbinger". After an Abomination scares you, keep going down the corridors to find a corpse in red. The Intel is lying next to him.

Intel 27: "Schedule Change" under "Armacham". Reach the tunnels with the big battle. To the right of this room is the Intel. Note: This is after all the explosions and running down the catwalks.

Intel 28: "Info: P. Fettel" under "Project Origin". After the comment by Vanek, you will enter a big room with a lot of boxes. In the middle of the room is a shelf with the Intel and supplies.

Mission 5 - "Replica"
Intel 29: "Replica Upgrades" under "Replica Forces". At the beginning is a room with a corpse in red with windows on all the walls. There is blood on the window near it.

Intel 30: "Testing Reminder" under "Outer Shell". After getting the Reflex Injector, go upstairs to find a medpack and the Intel at the observation windows.

Intel 31: "Combat Testing" under "Outer Shell". After fighting Abominations for awhile, you will go up a ladder into a lab. The Intel is in the lab on the right side, on a computer.

Intel 32: "Threat Report" under "Armacham". You will reach a lab after lifting a box out of the way. In this lab is a ladder that will take you to an upper level. There will be armor and Intel directly in front of you on a table.

Intel 33: "Lift Problems" under "Outer Shell". It is found in an office under where you jump down by the broken ladder.

Mission 6 - "Ruin"
Intel 34: "Replica Activity" under "Replica Forces". Immediately after seeing the plane, go forward into an office, and look on a desk to the left.

Intel 35: "Civilian Threat" under Armacham". Immediately after encountering the remnant civilian for the first time, the Intel in a room that is to the left to one of the first ghosts you see, and the wood cabinet that needs to be moved.

Intel 36 and Reflex Injector 5: "Powered Armor" under "Replica Forces". During the battle around the downed plane, once upstairs, go all the way to the back of this same building. You will find a box with both the Intel and Reflex Injector on it.

Mission 7 - "Top"
Intel 37: "EPA Manual #1" under "Replica Forces". Immediately at the beginning after killing three Replicas, the Intel is in the cubicle on a cabinet.

Intel 38 and Reflex Injector 6: "EPA Manual #2" under "Replica Forces". The Intel and Reflex Injector are both on the same table when you arrive at the closed doors that you have to open. When you exit the power armor, it is to the left, up some stairs, and in the room on the table.

Mission 8 - "Elementary"
Intel 39: "Conference Request" under "Wade Elementary". As soon as you shoot the lock to the grate and enter the school, the first room has the Intel on the floor by the teacher's desk.

Intel 40: "Status Report" under "Armacham". Once upstairs, go straight down the hallway all the way to the end where the stairs are barricaded. The Intel is in front of this.

Intel 41: "School Attendance" under "Wade Elementary". It is in a room you have to go through to progress. You passed this room to get to Intel 40. The Intel is on a shelf by a globe and projector. The room is on the left of the "Canned Food Drive" sign.

Intel 42: "Event Flyer" under "Wade Elementary". Just after defeating the power armor, the Intel in the second room upstairs, in the middle of the classroom.

Mission 9 - "Nurse's Office"
Intel 43: "Updated Schedule" under "Wade Elementary". It is found on a shelf behind a projector in the room that is after the burning bathroom hole.

Intel 44: "Student Essay" under "Wade Elementary". After Intel 43, take a right outside the doors, and go into the other classroom. The Intel is by the projector.

Intel 45: "Supplements" under "Wade Elementary". Immediately after the big fight in the kitchen and the soldiers count to three to come through the door, go through that door. Go straight to find a shelf that has the Intel.

Intel 46: "Updated Orders" under "Armacham". After getting through the ghost part, you will fight more enemies. After this there is a big teal propane tank. Directly next to it is the Intel. Note: This is before you use the elevator.

Intel 47: "Info: Ladybugs" under "Paragon Program". Immediately as you get out of the elevator, the Intel is in the right cubicle of the office by the men.

Intel 48: "Info: Bluebirds" under "Paragon Program". Immediately after getting Intel 47, this Intel is in the next possible room on the right, in the cubicle.

Intel 49 and 50: "Dress Code" and "Strange Nightmares" under "Wade Elementary". After getting the keycard and the principle scares you, jump through the window. Pick the Intel up off the floor, then go to his desk to find the other Intel.

Intel 51: "Info: Treefrogs" under "Paragon Program". After getting the keycard and fighting the Armacham in the classroom, go into the red room. Get this Intel by the windows.

Intel 52: "Paragon Manual" under "Paragon Program". Immediately in the next room from Intel 50, go straight, then through a door, and into a cubicle. It is near the swearing and milk posters.

Mission 10 - "Snake Fist"
Intel 53: "Elevator Checklist" under "Paragon Program". At the very beginning of the mission, go straight to the computers in front of all the screens. The Intel is in plain sight.

Intel 54: "Cancellation" under "Project Origin". After hearing that Sector 4 is on lockdown, you will find a room with broken windows. Jump through, and the Intel will be in plain sight. Note: It is a dark blue room, and the door tag reads "Chem Lab C-400".

Intel 55: "Supplement Notes" under "Paragon Program". Near Intel 54, drop down the ladder. This Intel is on the floor. Note: The ladder is also near the big security doors covered in red light.

Intel 56: "Paragon Findings" under "Paragon Program". After Snake Fist mentions danger and Genevieve releasing specimens, jump or walk through the door of the holding tank. The Intel is on the floor.

Intel 57: "Recommendations" under "Project Origin". Go downstairs from the upper level of where Colonel Vanek orders his men to shoot you. This Intel is in a box covered by glass in a lab/morgue.

Intel 58: "Test Results" under "Project Origin". This Intel is located in the main security center room, in the Abomination jail cell room. It is on the floor. Note: This is after the run in with Colonel Vanek.

Intel 59: "I.M. Transcript #4" under "Genevieve Aristide". Look in Snake Fist's office, on a desk opposite of his.

Mission 11 - "Keegan"
Intel 60: "Auburn Woes" under "Project Origin". When you run into assassins again, look in a small booth, by the rolling bar entrance objects.

Intel 61: "Electrical Hazard" under "Metro Subway". When you reach the tracks, there is a bloody skeleton on a bench on the right. The Intel is next to this and a pillar.

Intel 62: "Line Extension" under "Metro Subway". It is found in one of the subway cars after Stokes mentions the APC and getting out.

Intel 63: "Supply Report" under "Armacham". Just as you go through a hole in a brick wall and down some steps, the Intel can be seen on some wood on saw horses near a big red gas canister.

Intel 64: "Laser Manual" under "Laser". Go to where the Replicas usually get hit by the train that comes smashing into another train. Climb up the stairs on the left, and enter the dark room behind a gate. Note: This is connected to the room with the table saw and couch.

Mission 13 - "Approach"
Intel 65: "Replica Brochure 1" under "Replica Forces". After reaching a stairway that has a Replica pod that opens in front of you with no one in it, look on the floor to find the Intel.

Intel 66: "STS Guidelines" under "Armacham". Shortly after Intel 65, this Intel is on the floor by a yellow and black striped line where all the cargo is located on the tram.

Intel 67: "Transfer Notice" under "Alma Wade": This Intel is by a control panel after crashing the tram and going all the way up the catwalks and ladders. Note: It is found after the second time you see Keegan wandering.

Intel 68: "Replica Brochure 2" under "Replica Forces". Immediately before you see Keegan straight ahead of you past a catwalk that goes down and back up, turn to your right. Drop down the ladder to find the Intel on the floor.

Intel 69: "Project Roster" under "Armacham". Immediately before enter a big room where Keegan stands out in the open on a elevator-type platform, go to the right of the doors. You can find the Intel on the floor by a generator.

Intel 70: "Replica Brochure 3" under "Replica Forces". When facing the platform control panel, turn right and go down a ladder to find this Intel on the ground.

Intel 71: "Replica Brochure 4" under "Replica Forces". Shortly after seeing Keegan, go through the white light doors. He tells you to stay away, and you will find a yellow stairway. Go beneath it to find the Intel. Go through the doors to get it.

Mission 14 - "Climax"
Intel 72: "Containing Alma" under "Project Origin". The Intel is on a computer desk with big monitors in the middle of the room where you meet up with Stokes again, after the turret battle.

Intel 73: "Situation Update" under "Genevieve Aristide". Look in the middle of the room you enter after going up the elevator with Stokes. The Intel is on the floor.

Intel 74: "Power Flow" under "Project Harbinger". Immediately after Intel 73, this Intel is on the floor by the door you must go through, near the machines on the walls.

Intel 75: "Music Box" under "Alma Wade". The Intel is at the end of the bullet-ridden bridge, after going through decontaminating doors, immediately after Intel 74.

Intel 76: "Emergency Shutdown" under "Project Harbinger". After the next airlock, go straight, and go forward on some red boxes to find it.

Reflex Injector locations​

Search the following locations to find the corresponding Reflex Injector:

Mission 2 - "Awakening": After the elevator cutscene, you will find a double door that requires a key card. Go past it, and enter a small room to find the keycard on a dead man. Return to the first set of doors to get into the room with the Reflex Injector, which can be found on a shelf.

Mission 3 - "Discovery": After going through a vent, there will be a worker executed by a flamethrower soldier. Look on the floor of the bathroom in this room to find the Reflex Injector.

Mission 4 - "Withdrawal": Immediately after Intel 26, go down the stairs to the left. The Reflex Injector is on a counter. Once you reach the elevator that goes up, you will see it.

Mission 5 - "Replica": After looking at an Abomination with the monitors, go through the double doors directly across from it. Turn off the valve to a flaming pipe that blocks the room with the Reflex Injector sitting on a shelf before coming into the Abomination monitor room.

Mission 6 - "Ruin": During the battle around the downed plane, once upstairs, go all the way to the back of this same building. You will find a box with both Intel and a Reflex Injector on it.

Mission 7 - "Top": The Intel and Reflex Injector are both on the same table when you arrive at the closed doors that you have to open. When you exit the power armor, it is to the left, up some stairs, and in the room on the table.

Mission 8 - "Elementary": It is hidden under a projector in a room in the hallway with yellow lockers and where ghosts start to appear. It is the room on the right after the trophy case.

Mission 9 - "Nurse's Office": After seeing two soldiers get incinerated, look in the bathroom on the right in the hallway, where there are some corpses over a barricade.

Mission 10 - "Snake Fist": After returning power and stopping the lockdown, go back to where Intel 54 was found. Go down the ladder where the mechanical arm is moving. It will uncover the Reflex Injector for you to pick up.

Mission 11 - "Keegan": When you walk upstairs, go to your right and back down the stairs. You will find the Reflex Injector and armor seen earlier.

Mission 12 - "Epicenter": Just before you enter the theatre, enter the room where the laser man breaks down the doors. The Reflex Injector is to the right on a counter.

Mission 13 - "Approach": Look in a little nook away from the major part of the same room as Intel 70. You can reach it by going up the platform, going straight off it, turning to the right, and dropping down a ladder and climbing up another one. It overlooks where you initially came in the room.

Mission 14 - "Climax": Immediately as you exit the tunnel after seeing "the tree", the Reflex Injector is directly in front of you.


Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies.

TrophyHow to unlock
All Juiced UpCollect all Reflex Injectors in the game.
Bad RobotDestroy 2 enemy Powered Armor units in the same ranked round with a carried weapon.
Bank ShotKill 10 enemies using combat opportunities.
Blinding TruthSlice up 10 enemies with the Laser.
BloodbathGet 20 kills during a ranked match.
City PlannerDestroy 100 combat ops while piloting a Powered Armor unit during ranked play.
Complete: ApproachComplete Mission on any difficulty: Approach
Complete: AwakeningComplete Mission on any difficulty: Approach
Complete: ClimaxComplete Mission on any difficulty: Climax
Complete: DiscoveryComplete Mission on any difficulty: Discovery
Complete: ElementaryComplete Mission on any difficulty: Elementary
Complete: EpicenterComplete Mission on any difficulty: Epicenter
Complete: KeeganComplete Mission on any difficulty: Keegan
Complete: Nurse's OfficeComplete Mission on any difficulty: Nurse's Office
Complete: ReplicaComplete Mission on any difficulty: Replica
Complete: RuinComplete Mission on any difficulty: Ruin
Complete: SanctuaryComplete Mission on any difficulty: Sanctuary
Complete: Snake FistComplete Mission on any difficulty: Snake Fist
Complete: TopComplete Mission on any difficulty: Top
Complete: WithdrawalComplete Mission on any difficulty: Withdrawal
Control FreakDefend a control point 10 times during a ranked Control match.
Dastardly DisarmerDisarm a C4 charge 3 times in a ranked FailSafe match.
Dead EyeHeadshot 10 enemies with the Sniper Rifle.
Deadly BalletKill 4 enemies with one Slow-mo use.
Demolitions ExpertSet the C4 charge 3 times in a ranked FailSafe match.
EnlistedPromoted to rank: Private
Finishing FirstBe the highest scoring player for 3 consecutive ranked matches in any game mode.
Five Star GeneralAll multiplayer achievements unlocked.
Flash DanceKill 3 players while blinded from a shock grenade during any ranked match.
Four Star GeneralPromoted to rank: Four Star General
Gotta Cap 'Em AllCapture a control point 10 times during a ranked Control match.
HistorianCollect 50% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game.
Home WreckerUse 50 pieces of interactable cover.
I'll Take Those OddsHave more kills than deaths at the end of any ranked match.
Kiss the CookRoast 10 enemies with the Napalm Cannon.
Monogamous FraggerKill the same player 5 times during any ranked match.
MVPIn a ranked Blitz match that your team wins, be the only player on your team to capture a PHLAG.
Officer and GentlemanPromoted to rank: Second Lieutenant
OracleCollect 100% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game.
PaparazziCollect 25% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game.
Raining MenKill 4 enemies with one Grenade
Snake Fist!Kill 10 enemies with Melee
StalkerCollect 75% of the journal intelligence found throughout the game.
Stick AroundPin 10 enemies to the wall with the Hammerhead.
Suicidal TendenciesKill yourself 5 times.
The Mad CapperCapture a PHLAG 10 times during a ranked match.
Time well spentPlay 8 hours worth of ranked multiplayer.
UntouchableSurvive an entire ranked deathmatch match.
VeteranComplete all Missions on the hardest difficulty.
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