F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin - 2009

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I bet every fps gamer remember this abbreviation along with game title.
First FEAR was delivering intense horrific experience along with great graphics, brutality and physics. Project Origin starts just 30 minutes after end of FEAR one.
Plot didn't changed much since first part it just got kinda deeper.
Becket's squad missions was to save Genevieve Aristide but it got interrupted by nuclear explosion, which sent Becket to hospital surrounded by devasteded city, demons, wraths, zombies and soldiers that's want to clear up the city... from every living form.
We still got girl able to destroy entire world, we got delta squad, we got another nuclear explosion, we got time
slowdown ability... so what's new?

First Impression

I was positively suprised when I've seen new graphics in Project Origin.
Style isn't entire new, it reminds first part of the game but...
Effects, texures, animation are fresh and well made wich make playing this game
more and more addicting and fun.
Modified F.E.A.R game engine ( Lithtech Jupiter Ex ) is capable of delivering next gen graphics without any
problems and it's scalling is definitely incredible.
Game requirements are pretty low for next gen production.
You can play it with comfort on mid-end and low-end pc.
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