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New Game+ and BGM Play​

After defeating fifth Stratum boss and watching the credits, the "New Game" buttons will have a star on it. If chosen, you have the option to bring Guild Members, Money, Inventory, Shop Stock, Registry, Floor Tiles, Walls, Icons, Annotations, and Auto-Walk information to the new game. Each option can be selected separately at your discretion. A button "BGM PLAY" is also displayed in the left of "OPTIONS" button. Now you can listen to all 33 BGM used in the game.

Submit Rewards​

Various rewards can be obtained when registering certain amount of maps, monsters, and items in the Council Hall.

RewardHow to unlock
Item #1 - Copper IngotRegister 10 items.
Item #2 - 3 Copper IngotsRegister 50 items.
Item #3 - 2 Silver IngotsRegister 100 items.
Item #4 - Gold IngotRegister 150 items.
Item #5 - 3 Gold IngotsRegister all items.
Map #1 - 4 Mountain CoppersSubmit 1F map.
Map #2 - Luck NecklaceSubmit 1st Stratum (1F - 5F) maps.
Map #3 - 3 Zepheria CoinsSubmit 2nd Stratum (6F - 10F) maps.
Map #4 - Brio WristSubmit 3rd Stratum (11F - 15F) maps.
Map #5 - 25000 enSubmit 4th Stratum (16F - 20F) maps.
Map #6 - Comet OrnamentSubmit 5th Stratum (21F - 25F) maps.
Map #7 - 3 FormaldehydesSubmit 6th Stratum (26F - 30F) maps.
Monster #1 - 3 NectarsRegister 10 monsters.
Monster #2 - 3 HamaosRegister 30 monsters.
Monster #3 - 3 SomasRegister 50 monsters.
Monster #4 - FormaldehydeRegister 80 monsters.
Monster #5 - 3 FormaldehydesRegister all monsters.
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