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Avoiding DOE enemies​

After entering a floor with a DOE on it, immediately use the staircase to return to the previous floor. Then, use the staircase on the floor next to where you began to have the DOE go two floors up.

Extra dungeons​

Accept the indicated request to access the corresponding dungeon.

DungeonHow to unlock
Animal TrailAccept the request "Monsters on the Animal Trail".
Mountain CleftAccept the request "Monsters at the Mountain Cleft".
Ravine ForkAccept the request "Monsters at the Ravine Fork".
Snowy CavernAccept the request "Task at the Snowy Cavern".

Guild Card emblems​

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding emblem. They will appear on your Guild Card to display your achievement to other players on StreetPass.

Amateur Archaeologist: Successfully complete the fifth Branch dungeon, "Crystalline Peak".
Aslarga's Agent: Successfully complete half of the requests from the Amber Restaurant (except for some exclusions).
Aslarga's Handyman: Successfully complete a few requests from the Amber Restaurant (except for some exclusions).
Aslarga's Hero: Successfully complete all requests from the Amber Restaurant (except for some exclusions).
Dragonlord: Successfully complete the tenth Branch dungeon, "Utopia".
Dungeon Consecrator: Successfully complete the eighth Branch dungeon, "Forest of Gates".
Eatery Remodeler: Upgrade the Eatery District once.
Eatery Renovator: Upgrade the Eatery District to the maximum level.
Emberman Conquerer: Successfully complete the twelfth Branch dungeon, "Champion's Hall".
Expert Collector: Record over 50% of the game's items at Stein Labs.
Expert Hunter: Record over 50% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs.
Fort Destroyer: Successfully complete the fourth Branch dungeon, "Haunted Woods".
Grudge Mediator: Successfully complete the seventh Branch dungeon, "Muspelheim".
Guild Remodeler: Upgrade the Guild District once.
Guild Renovator: Upgrade the Guild District to the maximum level.
Hotel Remodeler: Upgrade the Hotel District once.
Hotel Renovator: Upgrade the Hotel District to the maximum level.
Labyrinth Master: Successfully complete every mystery dungeon around Aslarga.
Market Remodeler: Upgrade the Market District once.
Market Renovator: Upgrade the Market District to the maximum level.
Master Collector: Record 100% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs.
Master Hunter: Record 100% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs.
Novice Collector: Record around 10% of the game's items at Stein Labs.
Novice Hunter: Record around 10% of the game's monsters at Stein Labs.
Officially Recognized: Successfully complete the first Branch dungeon, "Mysterious Labyrinth".
Resource Reclaimer: Successfully complete the second Branch dungeon, "Emerald Copse".
Two-Time Victor: Successfully complete the ninth Branch dungeon, "Equinox Garden".
Tyrant Sater: Successfully complete the eleventh Branch dungeon, "Phantom Depths".
VIP Savior: Successfully complete the third Branch dungeon, "Pristine Stream".
Yggdrasil Charter: Successfully complete the sixth Branch dungeon, "Torrential Ravine".

Music test​

Complete the pre-credits storyline and watch the credits. Return to Aslarga and enter Magan's house. Talk to him and report completing the seventh mission to receive a Music Box. You can now select "Options" at the main menu and choose to play the background music tracks. To get ten additional tracks, talk to Magan again after completing the twelfth mission to get the Music Disc as a reward.

Permanent STR stat gain​

Get a Sovereign to level 10 and put a point into Fire/Freeze/Shock arms. Cast the spell on a member of your party and it temporarily raises your STR by 3. Casting again will temporarily increase by 3 again, but permanently increase by 3 as well. This can be done until that party member has 999 STR.

Super Strength​

Have a Sovereign reach level 10 and spend a point into Fire/Freeze/Shock Arms. Cast that spell on a of party member and it temporarily raises your Strength by 3. Repeatedly cast it again to permanently increase the Strength by 3 as well as temporarily increase it by 3. Repeat the process until every party member has a 999 Strength.

Unparalyze Allies​

Want to remove paralysis without wasting item or TP? Simply walk into that character with the leader. They'll swap places, instantly removing the paralysis. Works at any time in the dungeon.
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