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Long time no see guys.

I've had a bit of a bad time recently, have been away from my apartment due to stressful paternal reasons. Sorry for not harassing and spamming as much ;)

The summer is around the bend, and I pray that I can stay in one spot this time so I can venture back online with my pso characters. I hate walking in and seeing a layer of dust settling on my sega systems and controllers. Whats the point of having such an extravagant system and game collection if they are allowed to just gather dust?

Macabre! and Lust both need some online game play time. I believe I have a few mags to finish up.

Also, like previously posted Kotobukiya / APSY Racaseal figures, there have been a few more released (a yellow, white, and blue), as well as a strange Diecast Racaseal made to look like Eleanor, which I believe is being called "Soul of Chogokin" (made by bandai maybe?).

I have a fun pile of these models waiting to be built - I did modify the black Racaseal to look like my Lust, but have not built the others. Tempted to leave them unbuilt, but also a Racaseal army sounds fun...
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