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  • Cheat Codes
Start up the game. When you are in a small tunnel, go to the left and keep going until the screen stops. Then a password screen will come up, then you could enter any of the following codes:

WEFIDNMP-The Undercaves (Level 1)
JUFQVIAB-The Vents (Level 2)
HPZTVIAR-Lagoon (Level 3)
BDDBVRLF-Open Ocean (Level 4)
PZGQXRLY-Ice Zone (Level 5)
ACQLXRLC-Hard Water (Level 6)
YQAIXRLF (if incorrect, try IQAIXRLF)-Cold Water (Level 7)
TNMLURLZ-Island Zone (Level 8)
PNZSURLZ-Deep Water (Level 9)
SSHUQQLC-Marble Sea (Level 10)
GGCYQQLD-The Library (Level 11)
ZQTPQQLO-Deep City (Level 12)
KXABRQL-City Forever (Level 13)
PHYAUNLM-Jurassic Beach (Level 14)
FMREUNLE-Pteronodon (Level 15)
ACMIUNLO-Dragon Beach (Level 16)
ZOGMUNLX-Trilobite (Level 17)
QMAQUNLK-Dark Water (Level 18)
ARFAKWLE-Deep Water (Level 19
BQUIGPLZ-City Forever (Level 20
BDCFKMLS-The Tube (Level 21) | [Sent by EthanMoore]
  • How to go to level 22
When you start the game, when you are in this small tunnel, go to the left and keep going until the screen stops. This will come up with a password screen. then enter the following code, NJJCKMLO. If you have put in the code in correctly, then it will say Welcome To The Machine. | [Sent by EthanMoore]
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