Dynamite Duke

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final kaoss

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1 BJWA-AA5W Invincibility
2 AJBT-AAG2 Start on stage 2
3 ANBT-AAG2 Start on stage 3
4 ATBT-AAG2 Start on stage 4
5 AYBT-AAG2 Start on stage 5
6 A2BT-AAG2 Start on stage 6
7 A6BT-AAG2 Start on stage 7
8 F31T-BJ1W + AB1T-AA96 Each D pick-up worth
2 dynamite punches
9 F31T-BT1W + AB1T-AA96 Each D pick-up worth
4 dynamite punches
10 F31T-B21W + AB1T-AA96 Each D pick-up worth
6 dynamite punches
11 F31T-BA1W + AB1T-AA96 Each D pick-up worth
8 dynamite punches
12 AJWA-AA20 Infinite dynamite punches
13 NTBT-AAH0 Begin each stage with 100
rounds of ammo
14 9JBT-AAH0 Begin each stage with 250
rounds of ammo
15 72BT-AEH0 Begin each stage with 750
rounds of ammo
16 66BT-AGH0 Begin each stage with 999
rounds of ammo
17 AJYT-AA6A Infinite machine gun ammo
18 ATNA-AA2A Keep ammo when advancing
to next stage
19 BK2A-AAAN 4-bullet box worth 10 rounds
20 DF2A-AAAN 4-bullet box worth 25 rounds
21 NV2A-AAAN 4-bullet box worth 100 rounds
22 CV2A-AAA0 8-bullet box worth 20 rounds
23 GK2A-AAA0 8-bullet box worth 50 rounds
24 3B2A-AAA0 8-bullet box worth 200 rounds
25 WB2A-ACA0 8-bullet box worth 400 rounds
26 GK2A-AACC Full-auto weapon carries 50 rounds
27 NV2A-AACC Full-auto weapon carries 100 rounds
28 8V2A-ACCC Full-auto weapon carries 500 rounds
29 BTYA-AA9N Full-auto weapon lasts until next stage
30 CB2A-AAE8 Magnum pistol carries 15 rounds
31 GP2A-AAE8 Magnum pistol carries 50 rounds
32 NZ2A-AAE8 Magnum pistol carries 100 rounds
33 3F2A-AAE8 Magnum pistol carries 200 rounds
34 G2YT-AA3J Magnum pistol lasts until next stage
35 A32A-AAF4 Bazooka carries 5 rounds
36 CZ2A-AAF4 Bazooka carries 20 rounds
37 GP2A-AAF4 Bazooka carries 50 rounds
38 NZ2A-AAF4 Bazooka carries 100 rounds
39 CJYT-AA4N Bazooka lasts until next stage
40 BB2A-AABG Flak jacket less protective
41 EB2A-AABG Flak jacket more protective
42 NV2A-AABG Flak jacket much more protective
43 BB2A-AAC0 First aid restores 1 bar of life gauge
44 FB2A-AAC0 First aid restores 5 bars of life gauge
45 JB2A-AAC0 First aid restores life gauge to full
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