Dx store on eBay is a ripoff artist


I won an auction over 6 weeks ago on eBay from someone selling 2 16 gb micro sd cards
the strange thing was, after I won the items the seller reposted them again .but this time used an immage of the sd to msp adaptors and changed the text in the discription to "2 16 gb micro sd cards .... works great ! adaptors
the items were listed in the add i won as
"2 16 gb micro sd cards... works great "

at that point I was a little worried

(ps on my iPhone so srry for crappy typing)

well fast forward to 2 weeks after purchase
Still no item recived , and since the seller was in the USA In Milwaukee Wi
I was like WTF
contacted seller and he said items had not arrived probaly due to the inclimate weather(that seemed reasonable since we had been having a lot of ice all over the us )

I waited 2 more weeks and finaly filed a paypal claim
7 days later paypal refunded me my money

well now yesterday (a total of 6 weeks after purchase )
I recive a package from hong kong labled as coming from the dx store
I was like WTF I never orderd anything frpm the dx store(the eBay seller was under a diffrent name)

well I open up the package and there are 2 micro sd - msp adaptors

long story short if I didn't recive a refund from paypal I would have spent 24$ on 2 memory stick adaptors not sd cards like the auction claimed
i just purchased 3 of the sd - msp adaptors for 1.75 each a week before and had already recived thoes
so everyone needs to be wary of a seller on eBay selling 16 gb micro sd cards the seller is either the actual dx store
or some one els in the us trying to make a quick buck by using shady description of their items and then having dx store shipp to the end user

either wich way its pretty shady

on my pc now here is the item the seller relisted

and here is the original listing
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