DUX 1.5, your thoughts on this new game for the DC

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So I finally beat DUX 1.5 last night and I for one thought it was one of the best games developed for the DC in a long time. While walking around as a simple update to bug fixes IMO it is a new game. The soundtrack better suits the game and the game play has been balanced out. My only gripe is there is no difficulty setting as I managed to finally beat it with no continues last night and it wasn't that hard truth be told once one figures out the system and bullet soaking it is a walk in the park. Here is looking for ReDUX as I think it will be simply amazing. The Hellwig brothers are doing a fantastic job keeping out beloved system alive still. Between HuCast and NG:Dev team this has been the best year I can recall in years for the Dreamcast. Not to mention Sturmwind which I am now playing as it is another impressive feat for our "dead" systems. So what are your thoughts about this title?
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