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Duck Tales 2

Duck tales 2
Page 2

Thank You for selecting Duck Tales 2, the latest addition to Capcom's
library of Disney's titles. Following such hits as Darkwing Duck and
Duck Tales, Duck Tales 2 continues the tradition of action-packed family
oriented games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Duck Tales 2 features colorful state-of-the-art high resolution
graphics. We at Capcom are proud to bring you this thrilling new
addition to your video game library.
Page 3

Follow these suggestions to keep your DuckTales 2 Game Pak in perfect
operating condition.

1. DO NOT subject your Game Pak to extreme temperatures, either hot or
cold. Always store it at room temperature.
2. DO NOT touch the terminal connectors on your Game Pak. Keep it clean
and dust-free by always storing it in its protective plastic sleeve.
3. DO NOT try to disassemble your Game Pak.
4. DO NOT let your Game Pak come in contact with thinners, solvents,
benzene, alcohol, or any other strong cleaning agents that can
damage it.
Page 4

A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM CAPCOM...........................2

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS......................................3

GETTING STARTED.........................................5

THE LOST TREASURE OF McDUCK.............................6

CONTROLLING SCROOGE McDUCK..............................7

IT'S TREASURE TIME......................................9

THE ITEM STORE.........................................11

GYRO TO THE RESCUE.....................................13

SPECIAL ITEMS..........................................14

TREASURE HUNTING TIPS..................................15

WARRANTY INFORMATION...................................16

Page 5

1. Insert your DuckTales 2 Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment
System and turn it on.

2. Watch the story of the Lost Treasure of McDuck or press the A button
to skip to the title screen.

3. When the title screen appears, press the START button and three
difficulty levels will appear. (The difficulty level you choose will
determine how difficult the guardians of the treasures are to
defeat.) Press the control pad up or down to move the arrow next to
the difficulty level of your choice and press the A button.

4. The next screen is a map of the world with the locations of some of
the missing map pieces. Press the control pad up or down to select
the location you wish to visit and press the A button. Launchpad
will give you a quick description of the lost treasure you are
looking for and what type of enemies you may encounter. After he is
finished, he will ask you if you want to travel to that location.
Press the A button to say YES and Launchpad will speed you to fun
and adventure or press the B button to choose another exotic

5. To end the game at any time, simply turn your Nintendo Entertainment
System off and remove your Game Pak.
Page 6

"Uncle Scrooge, we found this piece of paper in the basement. It looks
like part of a treasure map. Look, it says, 'The Secret Treasure of
McDuck'. Great, Great Uncle Fergus must have torn the map into pieces
and hidden them all over the world!"

Well, spit on my spats, I'll bet you're right! It looks like we're off
on another treasure hunt, lads. Let's get crackin'!
Page 7

To do this: Do this:

Move Scrooge Right or Left Press the control pad Right or

Jump Up Press the A button.

Pogo Jump Press the A button to jump into
the air, and then Press and hold
the B button.

Grab A Rope Jump toward the rope and press Up
on the control pad.

A Golf Swing Stand to one side of a box or rock
and press against it using the
control pad until Scrooge wiggles
his tail. Then press the B button
to swing Scrooge's cane.
Page 8
To do this: Do this:

Pull a Metal Box or Switch Stand to one side of a box or rock
and press against it using the
control pad until Scrooge wiggles
his tail. Then press the B button
to swing Scrooge's cane. When the
cane attaches to the box, press
the control pad to pull the box
toward Scrooge.

To Pause the game and to Press the START button.
see the special adaptors
and items available.
Page 9

The six other pieces of the map to the Lost Treasure of McDuck are
scattered across the globe. Hidden in treasure chests and behind
secret walls, they will lead Scrooge to treasure if he's smart enough
to find them all.

As Scrooge makes his way through each land he will encounter lots of
creepy critters which will try to block in his way. Pogo jump on their
heads to bounce them off the screen, but don't let them touch Scrooge
or he will lose one ball of his health meter. If you let all of
Scrooge's health disappear, he will lose one of his chances. After
Scrooge loses all of his chances, the quest for the Lost Treasure of
McDuck will be over.
Page 10

Each of the strange and mysterious lands Scrooge visits has an ancient
and valuable treasure that is guarded by a Treasure Keeper. If Scrooge
is lucky enough to find the Hall of the Treasure Keeper, he can earn
the treasure by pogo jumping off his head until he disappears. If he is
successful, Sscrooge will earn the special treasure and then zoom back
to Duckberg for his next adventure.
Page 11

Every time Scrooge returns to Duckberg, he drops off his loot at the
Money Bin and then heads for the Item Store where he can spend some of
his hard-earned cash.

When Scrooge appears in the store, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, or RIGHT on
the control pad to move the arrow next to the item you wish to purchase
and press the A button. Huey will give you a description of the item
and ask if you wish to purchase it. After you are finished buying
items, simply move the arrow next to EXIT and press the A button to
leave the store.
Page 12

Good Mojo Doll: Pick up this item and Scrooge will earn another chance
to find the treasure.

Continue Globe: Allows Scrooge to continue the game after all his
chances are gone.

Piece of the Map: A piece of the map to the Lost Treasure of McDuck.

Safe: Stores Scrooge's money in a safe during a stage and prevents it
from being lost.

Extra Energy: Adds an extra ball to Scrooge's Health Meter. (Maximum
2 extra.)

Cake: The cake restores all of Scrooge's health. Scrooge carries this
item until needed. It can be used at any time during the game by
pressing the START button. When the game pauses, push up on the
control pad until the cake appears and then press the SELECT
button to use the cake.
Page 13

Flintheart Glomgold will stop at nothing to get the treasure for
himself, but Scrooge has an ace up his sleeve. His ingenious inventor
Gyro, has created three special adaptors for Scrooge's cane.

Hammer Adaptor: This adaptor increases the power of Scrooge's golf

Iron Adaptor: This adaptor increases the power of Scrooge's pogo jump.

Power Adaptor: This adaptor increases Scrooge's pulling power.

Each of these special adaptors will give Scrooge the boost in power
needed to get by some tricky traps. But before Scrooge can use the
adaptors, he must search high and low for Gyro.

Once Scrooge fins him, Gyro will give him one of the special adaptors.
Press the START button at any time to see which adaptors you have

(Note: The special adaptors are automatically used when needed. You do
not need to select them.)
Page 14

Ice Cream: This kit restores 1 ball of Scrooge's health.

Cake: This kit restores all of Scrooge's health.

Good Mojo Doll: Pick up this item and Scrooge will earn another chance
to find the treasure.

Large Diamond: Adds 50,000 dollars to Scrooge's account.

Medium Diamond: Adds 10,000 dollars to Scrooge's account.

Small Diamond: Adds 1,000 dollars to Scrooge's account.
Page 15

1. Some of the treasure keepers cannot be defeated by pogo jumping on
their head. Try using another of Scrooge's abilities.

2. Many pieces of the map are hidden behind fake walls. Be sure to
check every nook and cranny.

3. Use your cane to pull on objects, flowers and switches and see what

4. If you talk to Launchpad, you will re-appear next to him if Scrooge
doesn't finish the stage.

5. Scrooge can jump and do a golf swing to get rid of high rocks and
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