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So I recently found this list compiled by pcwzrd13 which lists Dreamcast games which are supposidly compatible with Dreamshell and the settings needed to run them:
DreamShell IDE Compatibility List - Google Sheets

Buttttt when I run GDI files from my SD card using the suggested settings they rarely boot. Is this because the SD card has different compatibility to the HDD?

Additionally, I've followed the steps in the guide to making .iso and they rarely boot either. I can download other people's .iso and play them with no problems.

Can someone advice me how to get the games on that list running from SD?
RegionDS VersionLoader Req.FormatLoader MemoryOptionsNotes
102 Dalmations
NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
18 WheelerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cff4800DMA
4 Wheel ThunderNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMANo music. Freezes with CDDA.
4x4 EvolutionNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDA | ASYNC 16Freezes when going online.
AeroWingsNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
AeroWings 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneBlack screen when starting game.
Airforce DeltaNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Alien Front OnlineNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Alone in the Dark: The New NightmareNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cf80000DMAFreezes or black screen upon starting game.
ArmadaNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Army Men: Sarge's HeroesNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Atari Anniversary EditionNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Bang! Gunship EliteNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA | CDDA
Bangai-ONTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneSound messed up with CDDA.
Blue StingerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Bomberman OnlineNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Bust-A-Move 4NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDA
Buzz Lightyear of Star CommandNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Caesars Palace 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Cannon SpikeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
CarrierNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
CentipedeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Championship SurferNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneWon't boot.
Charge 'n BlastNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Chicken RunNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
ChuChu Rocket!NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
Coaster WorksNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDANo music.
Confidential MissionNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Conflict ZoneNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe0000None
Crazy TaxiNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe0000None
Crazy Taxi 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
D2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Daytona USANTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Dead or Alive 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Death Crimson OXNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Deep FighterNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cff4800CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
Demolition Racer: No ExitNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Dino CrisisNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneSlight stutter in cutscenes.
Disney's DinosaurNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cf80000None
Disney's Magical Racing TourNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Donald Duck: Goin' QuackersNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cf80000None
Draconus: Cult of the WyrmNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Dragon Riders: Chronicles of PernNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
DreamstudioNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000
Ducati World Racing ChallengeNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Dynamite CopNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe0000None
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the FutureNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
ECW Anarchy RulzNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneOccasional screen flicker.
ECW Hardcore RevolutionNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneOccasional screen flicker.
EGG: Elemental Gimmick GearNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
ESPN International Track & FieldNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
ESPN NBA 2NightNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004800None
Evil Dead: Hail to the KingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Evolution 2: Far Off PromiseNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Evolution: World of the Sacred DeviceNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
ExpendableNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
F1 World Grand PrixNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1. There's a glitch where the car engine sound still plays after exiting race.
F355 ChallengeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe0000DMA
Fatal Fury - Mark of the WolvesNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Fighting Force 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Flag to FlagNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Dreamcast resets with CDDA.
Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, TheNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000NoneGet GDI here.
Floigan Bros.NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Frogger 2 - Swampy's RevengeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneOpening cutscene stutters slightly.
Fur FightersNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Gauntlet LegendsNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
GigaWingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
GigaWing 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Grand Theft Auto 2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Grandia IINTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cff0000None
Grinch, TheNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000None
Guilty Gear XNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000NoneNo music. In-game music distorted with CDDA.
Gunbird 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Gundam Side Story 0079NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Half-LifeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
HeadhunterPALRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Heavy Metal: GeomatrixNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
HellgatePALRC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000DMAGet GDI here.
Hidden & DangerousNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
House of the Dead 2, TheNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Hoyle CasinoNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Hydro ThunderNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDANot playable in VGA. Music slightly distorted.
IllbleedNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
IncomingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cf80000NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Industrial Spy: Operation EspionageNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Internet Game PackNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Iron AcesNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Jet Grind RadioNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000None
JoJo's Bizarre AdvantureNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Kao the KangarooNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
King of Fighters: Dream Match '99NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
King of Fighters: EvolutionNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100None
KISS Psycho CircusNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDA
Last Blade 2: Heart of the SamuraiNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneWon't boot.
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Looney Tunes Space RaceNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
MagForce RacingNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Mars MatrixNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Marvel vs. CapcomNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Marvel vs. Capcom 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMXNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA | ASYNC 16
Max Steel: Covert MissionsNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Maxen XNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMASome music doesn't work. Buggy audio with CDDA and crashes occasionally.
Maximum PoolNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA
Metropolis Street RacerNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 1NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol. 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA | CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
Millennium Racer: Y2K FightersNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Monaco Grand PrixNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000NoneNo music. Dreamcast resets with CDDA.
Monaco Grand Prix On-LinePALRC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000NoneNo music. Dreamcast resets with CDDA.
Mortal Kombat GoldNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
Mr. DrillerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Ms. Pac-Man: Maze MadnessNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDAMusic doesn't always play.
MTV Sports SkateboardingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Namco MuseumNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
NBA 2KNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NBA 2K1NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NBA 2K2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NBA HoopzNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
NBA ShowtimeNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NCAA College Football 2K2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Nettou GolfNTSC-JRC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Next Tetris, TheNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA | CDDA
NFL 2KNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NFL 2K1NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NFL 2K2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NFL Blitz 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneWon't boot.
NFL Blitz 2001NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NFL Quarterback Club 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
NFL Quarterback Club 2001NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
NHL 2KNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
NHL 2K2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Nightmare Creatures IINTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMANo music. Won't boot with CDDA. Audio stutters in cutscenes.
Omikron: The Nomad SoulNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100None
Ooga BoogaNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
OuttriggerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cff6000None
Panzer FrontNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
PBA Tour Bowling 2001NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMAGet GDI here.
PenPen TriIcelonNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Phantasy Star OnlineNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Phantasy Star Online v.2NTSC-URC4CDI | OPT GDI0x8cef8000NoneBug: Unable to heal or revive other players when playing online.
Planet RingPALRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
PlanetWeb 3.0NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000DMA
Plasma SwordNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000CDDA
POD SpeedZoneNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100ASYNC 16No music. Freezes with CDDA.
Pop'n MusicNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Power StoneNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Power Stone 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Prince of Persia: Arabian NightsNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Pro Yakyu Team de Asobou!NTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Project JusticeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Propeller ArenaNTSC-URC4CDI0x8cfd0000None
Psychic Force 2012NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000DMA
Q*bertNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDAIntro movie stutters. Music crackles after a while.
Quake III ArenaNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Railroad Tycoon IINTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDACutscenes stutter.
Rainbow SixNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000DMA
Rainbow Six: Rogue SpearNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDA
Rayman 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000None
Razor Freestyle ScooterNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Re-VoltNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100None
Record of Lodoss WarNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Red Dog: Superior FirepowerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Reel Fishing WildNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDAMusic stutters slightly.
Rent-A-Hero No. 1NTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000
Resident Evil 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMACutscenes don't play properly if not using Loader 0.7.x.
Resident Evil 3: NemesisNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Resident Evil: Code VeronicaNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Ring: Terror's Realm, TheNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Rippin' RidersNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000CDDAFreezes if Start is pressed during intro.
RoadstersNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Rune JadeNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA
Samba de AmigoNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cf80000None
San Francisco Rush 2049NTSC-URC4ISO0x8cfe8000NoneInstructions on how to create a DreamShell ISO can be found here.
SeamanNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004800DMA
Sega Bass FishingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000None
Sega Bass Fishing 2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Sega Marine FishingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Sega Rally 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDA
Sega Smashpack Vol. 1NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music in some games and on menu. Freezes with CDDA.
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000PALRC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Seventh Cross EvolutionNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Shadow ManNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe0000None
ShenmueNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Shenmue IIPALRC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000None
Silent ScopeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
SilverNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Skies of ArcadiaNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Slave ZeroNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Sno-Cross Championship RacingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000DMA | CDDA
Soldier of FortuneNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100None
Sonic AdventureNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA
Sonic Adventure 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Sonic ShuffleNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Soul CaliburNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Soul FighterNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
South Park RallyNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
South Park: Chef's Luv ShackNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Space Channel 5NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Spawn: In the Demon's HandNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Spec Ops II: Omega SquadNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Can't shoot gun with CDDA.
Speed DevilsNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMANo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Speed Devils OnlineNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000CDDA
Spider-ManNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Spirit of Speed 1937NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDAAudio stutters in opening movie.
Sports JamNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000None
Star Wars: DemolitionNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Star Wars: Episode I: Jedi Power BattlesNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Star Wars: Episode I: RacerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
StarlancerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Street Fighter Alpha 3NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Street Fighter III - 3rd StrikeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneSlight audio stutter at Character Select.
Street Fighter III - Double ImpactNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneSlight audio stutter at Character Select.
Striker Pro 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Stunt GPNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDAMusic skips.
Stupid InvadersNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Super Magnetic NeoNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Super RunaboutNTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8ce00000None
Surf Rocket RacersNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Suzuki Alstare Extreme RacingNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' RageNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NonePress Start during black screens while loading the game or they will stay black.
Sydney 2000NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDAMenu music doesn't play.
Tech RomancerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Tee Off GolfNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Tennis 2K2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Test Drive 6NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000ASYNC 2
Test Drive Le MansNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Test Drive V-RallyNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Time StalkersNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
TNN Motorsports: Hardcore HeatNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Toejam & Earl IIINTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000NoneGet GDI here.
Tokyo Bus GuideNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Tokyo Xtreme RacerNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Tomb Raider ChroniclesNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA | CDDA
Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMAAudio stutters during cutscenes.
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100DMA
Toy CommanderNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Glitches out with CDDA.
Toy RacerPALRC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Glitches out with CDDA.
Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the RescueNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cff0000None
TrickStyleNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Typing of the Dead, TheNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe8000ASYNC 2
Unreal TournamentNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneNo music. Freezes with CDDA.
Urban ChaosNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
Vanishing PointNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Vigilante 8: 2nd OffenseNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDACDDA only works with Loader 0.6.1 beta GCC 7.1.
Virtua Athlete 2KNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100None
Virtua Fighter 3tbNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cff4800None
Virtua Striker 2NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8cfe0000None
Virtua TennisNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Virtual-On: Oratario TangramNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100CDDA
Visual ParkNTSC-JRC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Wacky RacesNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
Wetrix+NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c000100NoneNo music. Won't boot with CDDA.
Who Wants to Beat Up a MillionaireNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMAIntro movie stutters.
Wild MetalNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
World Series Baseball 2K1NTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000None
World Series Baseball 2K2NTSC-URC40.7.xOPT GDI0x8c004000None
Worms ArmageddonNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA | CDDA
Worms World PartyNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA | CDDA
WWF AttitudeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneOccasional screen flicker.
WWF Royal RumbleNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000NoneOpening cutscene stutters slightly.
Xtreme SportsNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000CDDAMusic skips.
Zombie RevengeNTSC-URC4OPT GDI0x8c004000DMA
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