Dreams really do come true

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2010, I dated this girl I really really liked in high school. After a few months of dating our relationship hit a bump and we broke up :|. Throughout the years we kept in contact on facebook messaging each other every now and then.

Well this past Sunday I had messaged her asking if I could borrow a clarinet for this concert at my old high school. She responded and told me to come pick it up. Monday morning I head over to her house. She invites me in and we start talking about video games, school, life etc etc. After about 2 hours of conversation she says "I have the clarinet and something else for you" she goes to her room and comes back with a box with a couple of Dreamcast games.

I offered to giver her cash for the games but refused and told me to take them. They are free for you.
Skies of Arcadia
Power Stone 2
Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi 2
Sonic Adventure 2
Space Channel 5
Gauntlet Legends
Grandia 2
Sonic Shuffle
And she gave me her cell number as well
Dreams really do come true
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