DreamPSU - Dreamcast Replacement Power Supply

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Hey Everyone,

This is now available on Indiegogo, if your interested the link is below, please feel free to share.
DreamPSU - Making your Dreamcast cool again. | Indiegogo

So almost a year ago, I noticed that my dreamcast power supply was producing a lot of heat, and then i got my GDEMU and it got worse, from what i understand, it was due to an unloaded 12v line, so instead of trying to find away of fixing the original dreamcast power supply, i designed a 12VDC, drop in power supply for the console. It has drastically reduced the heat generated and is a fraction of the size (see pictures below), so fast forward to a while ago and i was talking to a friend and i mentioned i made a replacement, i never intended for anyone other than me to see or use it, but my friend asked flat out if im selling them, it had never even crossed my mind, but since then i have looked around and i couldn't find anything similar (if you know otherwise, please do tell me), but what i did find was people using pico psus and bodging them to it to connect to the dreamcast, so i figured i would look into and see if anyone would be interested in purchasing my new Power Supply, which leads me to here.
I have been using the power supply for a fair while now with multiple revisions over time, and i haven't come across any issues.

Here is some info about the power supply and some questions if anyone would like to answer.

The power supply is 48mm x 42mm (subject to change based on this thread).
It has all three 3.3v, 5v and 12v power lines so should work with GDRom drives and GDRom emulation devices.
Pin headers for both 5v and 12v have been included in case you wanted to add a custom fan or such.
it will use an external DC jack mounted to the back of the console with the white thing in the pictures below.
It would require a 12v 2-3amp power supply (dependent on if you use the GDRom drive or an emulation device.)
At the moment i'm not looking to include a wall wart power supply because of country differences, shipping costs ect ect, so that would have to be sourced locally by the purchaser.

Some questions:
Would you be interested in purchasing one? at the moment the expected price is going to be about £25 ($30-ish)
How would you feel, if this was to go ahead, about it being a "crowd funded" project? i.e you pre-order, i get them manufactured and then ship them out, so there would be a delay of between 1-3 months dependent on manufacturing speed ect ect. For this to actually become a purchasable item, i would have to get at least 150 pre-orders for it to be a viable project / adventure.
Are there any suggestions about design or features you would like (not that is many you can add to a power supply.)

Many thanks for your time,

PS. Sorry for the wall of text.
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