Dreamcast starts reading disc then stops

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here is what you need to do:

Open up your dreamcast until you have your dreamcast gd-rom visible. remove the cables that go from the gd-rom to the motherboard. they are behind 2 black clips. you need to get these cables from under those clips so it is exposed. then move the actual lens all the way upwards if it isn't already. you can do this with hand, it won't break.

now you can tilt the gd-rom drive freely, you don't need to remove any screws here.


the one diode or whatever it's called that in the circle needs to be screwed tighter or loser, clockwise means the gd-rom will speed up. anti clockwise means the gd-rom will slow down.

if I were you I'd first try and speed it up first. keep in mind! only move it SLIGHTLY. like 1 tenth of a 360 turn and then keep testing it.

it should work
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