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I came across these promotional club events advertised on the old DreamArena website (viewed via archive.org). Seems to have taken place around the UK launch date in October 1999. I know Sega were the first to go into nightclubs (with the Saturn) but Sony had way more success in this area. Wonder if they should have even bothered to try again with the Dreamcast?

SEGA presents the Paul Oakenfield[sic] and Perfecto Dreamcast College Tour. The impressive line up of DJs includes Paul Oakenfield[sic], Dope Smugglaz and Jan Johnston (appearing on all dates) plus Dave Ralph, Parks and Wilson, John Graham (Quiver), Mark Lewis, Hernan Cattaneo......

Dreamcast Europe -

Dreamcast Europe

Dreamcast hooks up with Uptown Records to celebrate their 5th Birthday

Uptown Records has now been a major force in the UK dance scene for 5 years!! It seems like just yesterday that London's Soho saw the birth of Uptown Records, however 5 years later, they have attracted the regular custom of such luminaries as TuffJam, CJ Macintosh, Norman Jay, MJ Cole, Trevor Nelson, Danny Rampling as well as regular overseas visitors including Eric Morillo, Mousse T, Brian Tappert, DJ Sneak and DJ Disciple.

To celebrate, Dreamcast and the guys from Uptown have got together to throw a birthday party. Taking place at the end of this month at one of London's most prestigious venues, the all-star party will feature loads of Dreamcast pods including the incredible new-age racing game: Trickstyle. Plus one lucky punter will win a Dreamcast console there and then!!!

Dreamcast Europe -

MTV Lick Party 2000 in association with Dreamcast

Dance off all that turkey and stuffing with the first MTV LICK PARTY of the new year. Join host Trevor Nelson in dispersing those post-holiday blues, as the next MTV LICK PARTY storms into the new millennium in association with Dreamcast.

Together with your host Trevor Nelson, the LICK PARTY in Reading promises all the extra touches that make the parties the success that they are. From circus performers to Dreamcast pods, and of course the MTV cameras filming all the fun for Trevor Nelson's show THE LATE LICK on MTV.

TIME 10pm - 4am
DJ Trevor Nelson and Guests
PRICE £15 (plus booking fee) in advance.....

Dreamcast Europe -
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