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Pretty easy fix: DREAMCAST pot adjustment (DISC READ ERROR FIX) - YouTube

SKIP DIRECTLY TO 15 MINUTES in. I cover some other issues and details but it's your call, Don't bitch about a long video just skip ahead or suffer !!!!!!!

READ OR DIE! : OK not REALLY but here is the deal, EVERYTHING suggested in this video has been successful for ME. If you attempt any of the fixes in the video or linked to in the video description obviously you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY. If you break it or make your problem WORSE then SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP, nobody twisted your arm. I make NO CLAIMS for reliability or success should you attempt these fixes.

OK because of a couple replies in my last video ( 3 DREAMCAST's inside & out, do YOU have an rev 0?. ) 3 DREAMCAST's inside & out, do YOU have an rev 0?. - YouTube
It seems some of you have DREAMCASTS that cannot read discs.
NOW let's be clear, IF YOUR DREAMCAST POWERS on but the DISC does not move AT ALL then THIS will not help you. If your DREAMCAST powers on but you seem to have any of the following problem's :

1. Disc spins but game does not load.
2. Disc spins but DREMACAST goes to CD player.
3. DISC spins but loads game only half the time.
4. Disc spins but once loaded it seems to have
a lot of trouble (audio glitches, stuttering framerate etc)
5. Loads Audio CD's fine but does not play games.
6. Loads Games fine but does not play Audio CD.
7. Plays Retail games fine but does not load CDr Backups
8. Loads CDr backups BUT will no longer load retail games!

If your discs are definitely clean and scratch free and your lens is also clean yet you encounter any of the above issues THIS video may help you. Your problem may simply be that you need to do a LASER CALIBRATION, also known as a "POT" adjustment

a couple good tutorials:
Dreamcast Cd Reading Issue Repair: 8 Steps
Little console hacker's corner: SEGA Dreamcast Laser Calibration Guide

You may find more or better results by Googling terms such as:
"Dreamcast pot adjustment" "Dreamcast laser calibration" etc.

Dead Controller port fix:
How to Repair a Dreamcast With Dead Controller Ports: 8 Steps

Reset issue fix:
mmmonkey Dreamcast Common Fixes
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