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Hello guys, I'm new here, but not to Dreamcast online. I made two tribute videos 3 years ago and thought that I'd share them with you. I have two videos: Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB -DEC 2006 [Dreamcast] and Phantasy Star Online Tribute: FEB-APR 2007 [Dreamcast] (HD). The HD vid is uploading as I write this. While the 2006 vid is still on YouTube channel I *will* be removing it & re-mixing it in HD/5.1 sound as I did with the "2007 Tribute" video.

In fact if YouTube/Google hadn't muted my video because of copyright issues I never would've been inspired to do the HD re-mix - so I'm glad I got caught LOL! Of course, it took them nearly three years...

Here is my YouTube channel. I uploaded the 2007 Tribute yesterday, but was shocked to see that it didn't upload as an HD video (or even high quality), just standard format - even though it was widescreen format (864x720). Then I read YouTube's HD format specification and it has to be 1280x720 to be considered HD. So I loaded up Vegas Pro and re-rendered it in 1280x720. Once I see how the new vid looks online I'll go ahead and work on the 2006 Tribute. You can still see that one.

Thanks and enjoy! Hi, RadkinDC!!

PS: These were from the PAL/e region coded PSO version 2. I had got anither Dreamcast off eBay for 50$ so I could set it up to play on the UK servers. That DC started rebooting in Dec. 2006. I played it for a bit in Fe 2007, but then mostly in March-April 2007 so i could be online for when the UK servers were shutdown. Occasionally my DC would reboot. Feh! It was used, plus I got a game and bunch of other stuff with it (controllers, 4X VMU,).

sorry i write so much.. :lol:
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