Dreamcast-like game recommendations for Xbox 360?

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Don't ask me why exactly, but I am likely to get a free xbox 360 in the near future from a friend. I don't know much about the game library for xbox 360 except for the most uber popular titles that I've seen advertised like Call of Duty. I'm not interested in FPS at all, and instead, am interested in games that are more like the DC library (fighters, racing, shmups, ... quirky Japanese arcade games, etc)

Basically, I'm not really interested in most American style games, and prefer quirky Japanese stuff. I've been out of touch with the modern gaming market, but I understand that in the US a lot has changed, especially with Microsoft being involved, and smaller quirky games and their smaller game studios are often shut out of developing these days - or quirky Japanese titles aren't picked up for localization as much anymore b/c they are seen as not appealing to a US/EU audience. Likewise, Japan is not the hugely dominant console software developer it was in the 90s/early 2000s anymore.

I know there are probably a lot of good indie games on xbox live, but let's keep any recommendations to actual discs I can buy at stores/amazon/ebay for now - I like to have a physical product that I can play in 10 years.

Any suggestions? I'm already looking at Wartech: Senko no Ronde, and maybe Import Tuner Challenge (Tokyo Xtreme Racer), as games that are evolutions of DC style games... Or maybe I should just accept the xbox 360 and then turn around and sell it and pick up rare DC games with the $$ :twisted:
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