[ Dreamcast GD-ROM Stops Spinning | No Laser ] Which Resistor, Chip or Capacitor to Replace?

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Hi. I had a PAL Dreamcast given to me by a friend. I played a music CD, fell asleep and left it playing (I think the repeat was pressed) the music overnight. The GD-ROM spindle doesn't spin nor does the laser move or light up but it does power up normally and boots to the Dreamcast menu.

I then bought a defective Dremcast but working GD-ROM which I replaced it with but after a few hours (in a span of days to a week), the same thing happened. It stopped spinning, no laser but power up ok and gets to the menu.

I'm not sure if it's the old heatpad in the GD-ROM or the board in the unit or the unit's outputting more power to cause the GD-ROM to fail twice. If it's the GD-ROM, which chip, resistor, transistor, capacitor or any of those small board component should be replaced to revive it. If the mainboard is the culprit, outputting too much power, which chip, resistor... (same as the in the last sentence)?

Thank you. If there's a link that successfully revived the GD-ROM and/or the main board (stopped destroying the GD-ROM) by replacing one or a few of those small subcomponents, that link or site would be most welcome. It's can be technical but I'm comfortable with technical things.

Thank you. Have a great upcoming weekend/sunday.

God bless, Rev. 21:4
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