Dreamcast Cases with covers?

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Anybody knows where you can get Dreamcast CD cases with covers from? Or somebody who creates replica's? I found out that K-mart sells the dreamcast Jewel CD cases, but I still need covers or booklets

The guy who Adam showcased in that video about custom CD cases said he only does custom stuff, doesn't like to do replica's.

I would really like to have some nice looking cases, and I currently don't have a printer on me...so yeah.

Funny story, I have MVC 1 the game, but no case. So I walk into the play n trade store, and there is a MVC game case staring me in the face...so I ask if I could buy the case only, and he says you have to buy the game, even though the game will probably just sit there. 40 bucks just to get a case wasn't worth in IMO, especially since I have the real game....yea, I was pissed leaving that store lol
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