Dreamcast analog thumbgrips for sale on Ebay

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Ever since I got the Dreamcast at launch I was forever trying to find/make a thumb grip for the analog stick as my finger would easily slide of which would effect my accuracy within games. This was a common issue amoungst my friends aswell.

A few years ago I bought these thumb grips from Ebay which are designed for the Wii
Wii Nunchuk Controller Thumb Grips Caps4stix Nunchuck | eBay
They fit perfectly onto the analog stick of the Dreamcast and dramatically improve the performance of the analog stick. You can now confidently move the analog stick with precision without the effort of trying to prevent your finger from slipping. I have them on all 4 of my controllers and they are yet to show any signs of wear.

In my opinion these are a must have for all Dreamcast owners

At £1.94 (free p&p) for a pair you have nothing to lose.

DC thumbstick.jpg
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