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Recently, I've been making up fake advertisements for the Dreamcast, and I was wondering if any of you had an idea or two. But first, I'll share my ideas.

Keep in mind that I went for a humorous formula for these ideas. Enjoy!

Idea #1: Vengeful PlayStation
A guy goes up to his PlayStation with a game (any PS1 game you could think of). When he opens up the lid and is about to put the game in, the PlayStation quickly grows sharp teeth and latches onto the man's hand. The man screams in pain, shaking his arm all around. He accidentally whacks his arm across shelves, knocking down plates, cups and other materials. They all shatter onto the floor. Eventually, the screen abruptly cuts to a black screen. The next day, the guy is at work in his cubical. One of his buddies comes along and said, "Dude, what happened to your arm?" The guy says "PlayStation bit it." His friend then replies, "Should have bought a Dreamcast." His friend's Dreamcast then hops on his friend's shoulder, starts yipping like a puppy and starts licking his shoulder. He then walks away with his "pet" Dreamcast, and the PlayStation guy stares at it all the while. The screen cuts to a black screen with white text saying "$ony is overrated." "Say hello to the dream machine" fades in below it. After a few seconds, the text fades to a red swirl in the centre of the screen and "sega.com" in red at the bottom.

Idea #2: Controller Boxing
On a gray floor with a dark background, a Nintendo 64 controller and a Dreamcast controller are seen left and right respectively. An off-screen announcer says, "What happens when you leave these two pieces of machinery alone?" The two controllers are then seen in a boxing ring. The two controllers get up and start boxing each other. The N64 controller stands on the middle handle and uses the left and right handles for his arms. The Dreamcast controller uses its two handles for legs, and it has skinny clay arms attached to it. The N64 controller wears red boxing gloves, while the Dreamcast controller wears blue boxing gloves. They start boxing each other, punching themselves in their faces. The N64 controller accidentally keeps punching through the hole in Dreamcast's controller, but he finally lands a hit on the Dreamcast controller. The DC controller then falls onto the floor. And just before the N64 controller lands a "Nintendo Power Punch" on him, a giant hand picks up the Dreamcast controller. As the DC controller is being lifted, the clay arms fall off and the man turns his Dreamcast on to play it. And as usual, he has a good time! ;)

Idea #3: N64 on Steroids
A teenager goes over to a friend's house and brings his Dreamcast. While playing it, his friend comments on the Dreamcast's incredible graphics, saying stuff like "It's like N64 on steroids!" Behind them, a gigantic Nintendo 64 walks up behind them. The guy with the Dreamcast says, "Uhh.w-what's that?" His friend says, "Oh, that's my N64." The DC guy drops the controller out of his hands while staring at the beast of machinery. But to his surprise, the N64 picks up the Dreamcast and takes it away from them to play it for itself.

Oh, by the way, it drags the TV in too. :lol:

Idea #4: Adventures of the VMU
This is a commercial for the VMU memory card. Basically, a little VMU with arms and legs goes in an adventure in the jungle, swinging on vines, etc. Until it reaches a dead end. Apparently, it was all a fantasy and the VMU is actually hanging onto a light switch inside someone's house. The VMU accidentally slips off of the switch and falls into a VMU slot inside a Dreamcast controller. It appears that Sonic is about to play some Dreamcast! :D It then pans over to the television, showing off some Dreamcast games, and finally showing the VMU itself and the price. As the commercial comes to a close, the VMU (inside the controller) "sings" a "beep" version of the old Sega jingle: SEGA Jingle (Sonic the Hedgehog) - YouTube

Last Idea: Sexy Game
We see a shot of a slim teenager coming out of a game store, as she just purchased a Dreamcast game. We then see Sonic spying on her with binoculars behind the fence, using Tails as a boost. You'd think he'd be turned on by the woman, but he was turned on by the game she purchased. ;)
Near the end of the commercial, Amy Rose smacks Sonic on his butt with her purse. Sonic drops his binoculars and his cheeks blush as he looks at Amy and grins.

So those are my ideas. Do you have any? I'd like to hear 'em! :D

Thanks for reading,
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