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Not entirely sure where to put it or if it deserves its own topic. Maybe i missed a topic somewhere.
Searched a bit and there was some talk about some repros here already: Dreamcast repro vs official release - Dreamcast-Talk.com

I came across the seller "CoastlineGames" offering a Witching Hour (my game) rip off (which i feel bad for on seeing the price), Volgarr and other homebrew games for Dreamcast. He/She also offers plenty of funny cartridges.

Volgarr The Viking Custom Sega Dreamcast Game.
This item is unavailable

The whole Dreamcast catalogue
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I know this method of making money is as old as copying the first C64 tape or video bootlegs. I seen plenty of reproduced company made games and "20 games in 1" collections. Screwing over indies is low. Life as an indie dev is already hard enough. Not that the world is coming to love 'n peace and we are start living in utopia tomorrow :lol:

Anyone been in such situation before and is there anything that can be done at all?
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