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Various Achievements​

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints
A Badge of HonorAcquired a pawn badge.10
A House? In This Economy?Purchased a dwelling of your own.10
A Pawn of Many TalentsTaught your pawn a specialization.10
Across the BorderPassed through the gate at the border.10
Affinity and BeyondRaised a person's affinity to the maximum.10
An Eye for an EyePetrified a medusa.30
An In-Tents AdventureWent camping.10
Are We There Yet?Boarded the phantom oxcart.10
ArisenRegained your memories of receiving the Arisen's charge.10
Arrows and IncantationsChanged your vocation to magick archer.10
Back Where It All BeganReturned to Agamen Volcanic Island.10
Before Dawn BreaksDefeated the headless horseman.15
ClosureExperienced the end of the cycle.30
Cyclops AbridgedCrossed a cyclopean bridge.15
Dragon ForgedStrengthened a weapon in wyrmfire.10
Dragon's Dogma 2Witnessed the unmoored world.10
Dragon's DogmaObtained Dragon's Dogma.10
Duo DestiniesChanged your vocation to mystic spearhand.10
First Taste of FreedomEscaped the bonds of slavery.10
Full MarksFound a solution to every conundrum posed by the goddess of riddles.90
Getting a HeadAcquired a preserved medusa head.30
Gigantus, I Hardly Knew YeDefeated the gigantus in a short span of time.15
Harpy JoyrideSummoned a harpy, grabbed hold, and took flight.10
Hope You Brought a LanternReached Drabnir's Grotto.10
I'm InUsed illicit means to pass through the gate at the border.15
I, TalosHelped the gigantus walk again.10
Jack of All Trades, Master of... All TradesChanged your vocation to warfarer.10
Just a Stone's Throw AwayUsed a Ferrystone.10
Master of the MaistersAcquired every maister's teaching.90
Myrmecoleon DelightsEntered the rose chateau.10
Nobles' Night OutAttended a palace masquerade in formal raiment.10
Off with Its Head!Decapitated a medusa.15
One Speed OnlyBoarded an oxcart.10
PeaceBecame Sovran of Vernworth.10
Plenty Arisen to Go RoundWitnessed a brawl break out in your dwelling among your admirers.10
Quit Playing DeadRevived two pawns simultaneously.10
Reaper's ScornAccomplished a miracle for several people all at once.30
Roost of the DragonReached Dragonsbreath Tower.10
Seat of the ProxyArrived in Vernworth.10
The Barbecue-MaisterGrilled every type of meat during the night and day.10
The CollectorCollected 80 Seeker's Tokens.15
The GuardianLed the people to safety in the unmoored world.30
The HeroOvercame all the trials of the unmoored world.30
The PhilanthropistEarned the affections of 50 people.10
The RegriffiningTook flight on griffin wing a second time.10
The SaviorUsed a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.10
The SpecialistReached the maximum rank in a vocation.10
The TouristDiscovered 50 locations.10
The True ArisenEarned all other Dragon's Dogma 2 achievements.150
This'll Cure What Ails YeSoaked in the hot spring.10
Thought I'd Lost YouRestored the dead to life at a morgue or charnel house.10
To the Victor Go the SpoilsReclaimed your items from the scavenger who stole them from you.10
Trickster of the TradeChanged your vocation to trickster.10
VersatileChanged your vocation.10
Wish upon the RiftSet a pawn quest.10
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